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Apple AU 7% Cashback Uncapped (Was 1.5%) @ Cashrewards


Hi OzB family. Andrew from Cashrewards here. I'm proud to say I've personally negotiated with Apple global heads for an incredible 7% cashback on almost everything via the Apple online Store.

It’s a once in a blue moon offer from Apple. For once TA took a back seat on this one!

Only exclusions are New AirPods, Bose, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap, iTunes, Shipping, and Apple Developer Programs.

All purchases from Apple Store for Education (https://www.cashrewards.com.au/apple-store-for-education) are also included in this promotion.

Also, please note that tracking for Apple takes up to 48 hours to hit your account. Ensure your last click before purchasing from the Apple Store is from Cashrewards.

Make the most of it, as you're unlikely to see this sort of rate again for Apple. Increase ends 11:59pm AEST Friday June 21. All the best.

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  • Wow, congrats! That’s a great discount for Apple, particularly combined with education discounts!

  • Friday June 19???

  • Is this also valid for the apple refurbished?

  • Where is TA??

  • Exclusive to Apple:

    iPhone Trade Up Program: trade in your current smartphone and you could get credit to use towards the purchase of a new iPhone.
    Free standard shipping on all orders.
    Free iPad and iPod engraving.
    Order online and pick up at an Apple Store or collect at a Pick-up Point.
    A full range of accessories, including Apple exclusives, specially created for Mac, iPad, iPod, and iPhone.
    Apple Certified Refurbished Products.
    Community Q&A.
    Mac customisation.
    Concierge Service.
    Education Store on Mac computers and selected accessories.

  • I don’t seem to be getting the education discount by going through the education store. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Off topic but if you want a laugh about the recent price announcement of the Apple monitor stand. https://youtu.be/58VJ6v54KU4

  • Tempted to get the LG 4K monitor…

  • +11 votes

    I would never recommend using Cashrewards to shop the Apple site. I did when I purchased an expensive item, it tracked with no issues but when it reached the due date it was “declined”. I didn’t use any coupon code, didn’t return my item, followed all the rules 100% and it was declined. Cashrewards wouldn’t help out at all and simply said that Apple won’t pay, so neither will we. I haven’t used CR since and have been much happier with ShopBack. Their app is incredible, things track so quickly and they always pay up.

    • +14 votes

      I would like to check your claims as there’s obviously a reason Apple rejected it. I can assure you Apple doesn’t decline arbitrarily. And it makes no difference which cashback site you used - if Apple declined, the end result would have been the same.

      Please turn on private messaging in your settings and PM me the associated ticket number (or post in a comment here). I will gladly report the findings here for transparency. Thanks.

      PS did you exchange or change any part of the order? That includes changing a product colour etc at in-store pickup.

    • I agree, I’m also now only with shopback for that reason. Not an apple but another store.

    • This happened to me too but with a different store. Their "customer cashback guarantee" is a bit misleading. Shopback has always tracked my purchases with no issues.

    • This happened to me as well but with Lenovo. I used Cash rewards to purchase a laptop and it tracked ok but then someone from Cash rewards email to me say we will not pay the cash back (works out to be $50!) because Lenovo was having a sale at that time.

    • That also happened to me on a high value transaction. Not with Apple but still Cashrewards. Investigation went nowhere.

  • What's worth buying on the Apple store that you can't get cheaper elsewhere? Education discount maybe?

  • Nice negotiation 7 % Andrew for anything that can’t be sourced cheaper elsewhere lol ?

  • Perfect timing. Wanted to upgrade my home imac last night but held off. Additional 7% in cashback! Thanks mate

  • Ah, just purchased Mac mini yesterday with 1.5% cashback… sigh..

  • Great to combine with the Amex offer if you got it https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/458012

  • cool wish this was active last week when I spent 3k on a new MacBook Pro !

  • Any idea if there are any gotcha's ordering from the education store without being a student? It doesnt check for anything. After 7% cashback, new MacBook Pro for $3550 is pretty good deal especially with the 8 core intel core i7


  • Is the new Powerbeats pro a part of it?

  • For anyone who bought anything a few days ago, I think apple has a 30 day full refund policy. Just return it and buy it again :)

  • How strict are they in checking Education discounts? Seems I can order a custom configured MacBook Pro without any checks

    • Same question? I dont know why i have been downvoted. If Apple isnt serious about checking, its an indirect discount.


      Hi dinob7. The checks will come after buying the product. There will be a follow-up email from Apple asking for student/staff ID for verification. If the verification fails, the product will not be shipped, the charge on the card refunded, and cashback voided.

      • Can confirm I bought multiple items on Apple’s Educational website - some online deliveries and other store pick ups - without any ID check. I have proof of study, but they never asked (maybe luck of the draw?)

  • Dang, just splurged on a new XS Max last week. Oh well, maybe it's time to replace my 6 y.o MBP

  • Does the Cashback covers EPP (employee purchase program)? Thanks.

  • This came just in time to update my 2012 to a 2018 Mac mini.
    I've been waiting and was spewing I missed the Goodguys/Office works deal - but this is better cause I could custom configure the 6 core i7.
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

  • Is it just me or the Cashrewards website is down?

  • So, I can expect to receive a 7% cashback on an Apple Watch Series 4? What about an iPhone XS Max?
    This is a pretty good deal.

  • Way better than eBay deals, 7% off $2300 iPhone XS max.

  • Hey Andrew, any guidance if Apple gift card purchases count to cashback? : )

  • Ensure your last click before purchasing from the Apple Store is from Cashrewards.

    I am just double checking that Safari should be okay to use, as I want to pay by Apple Pay.

    I have double checked that all sorts of privacy settings are turned off. All cookies are allowed. Cross-site tracking is allowed.
    Also, there are no AdBlock extension or the likes. VPN is switched off.

    Anything else to watch out for? I would hate to lodge missing cashback requests, as knowing Apple they would probably take forever to get back.


      Hi there. You seem to have taken all necessary precautions :)

      Cross-site tracking is allowed.

      Thanks for raising this. So others are aware, please ensure 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' is OFF. It's a major issue for affiliates when using Safari on any mobile devices and/or desktops. It's a known cookie killer and can cause tracking failures. Thanks.

      • I have also found certain VPN providers to mangle up tracking data. At least that was my experience for a cashback not tracking on a browser setup which had worked previously.

        With regard to Safari, the two settings [Prevent cross-site tracking, Block all cookies] to double check is within the Privacy tab (of Preferences). They must both be unticked.

        • Any good VPN will cause cashback issues because they're doing exactly what they're designed to do: Prevent others from tracking you!

          If the tracking cookies, session tracking etc. is being blocked by your VPN, then the affiliate network and Cashrewards will be unable to see your transaction resulting in… no cashback!

  • Anything on the refurb store worth buying regarding MacBook or iPads?

  • I Have a problem. Because the Mac mini I ordered is customised my credit card status is "pending" and won't go through until Monday. Will I still get the 7% reward or do I need to cancel this order and just go with an off the shelf model?

  • are certified apple refurbished products included???

  • @tightarse The 7% cash back is still active for Apple Education Store (past midnight).

    Is this intentional? Will the 7% cash back be honoured for purchases (via the Apple Education Store) after 21 June 2019?

  • Hi Andrew - I made the purchase on the 20 June for a Macbook Pro. No pending or tracking email from Cashrewards yet. How are Apple at backpaying if for some reason this sale didn't track properly?


    Hi Felix2016, no need to worry Apple tracks only after the goods are shipped, leave it a few days and let us know if any issue.

    • Just curious. If the tracking messes up, and Apple denies the referral from Cashrewards, do you wear the cost of honouring a customer's claim? That could be a big loss if the purchase is a $10K iMac. :(


        We certainly hope it doesn’t come to that. If tracking fails for whatever reason, we lodge a claim on your behalf with Apple. They then review the claim via their analytics etc and will be able to tell us whether the sale was attributed to CR or not. If it was, they pay on the claim which is great for us and for the member. If not, they will be able to hopefully tell us why and which partner received your sales commission. This is why last click is key to all cashback transactions, else your sale can and will be attributed elsewhere. We then need to review each case on an individual basis. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the clarification to Felix2016, I also have received no email or tracking info from Cashrewards yet. Ordered iMac on the 21st and is due to be delivered on Friday.

  • Hi andrew, will this deal be back any time soon?

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