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Wipertech Aeroflex Wiper Blades for Toyota Cars (Front Pair) $25 Delivered -


Wipertech AeroFlex Wiper Blades for Toyota Cars (front pair) $25 Delivered

High performance, premium-quality wiper blades that are durable and deliver superior performance, safety and comfort.

Wipertech wiper blades are specifically designed for your particular vehicle and are easy to fit. They simply fit right out of the box, and no tools are required.

They are backed by Australia's most comprehensive wiper blade warranty which not only covers structural damage but also wear and tear.

Upgrade your wiper blades today and enjoy perfect, streak-free vision and a quieter drive. No more annoying squeaks and smears.


  • Durable: High quality, precision-cut, single-piece, frameless construction with no moving parts or exposed metal components.
  • Clear vision: 100% Natural rubber blade with specially formulated graphite and Teflon coating ensures a clean, consistent wipe.
  • Lower noise: Aerodynamic shape designed to reduce wind noise and blade lift-off at high driving speeds.
  • Better visibility: Sleek and smooth design that delivers less obstruction to the driver’s field of vision.
  • Designed for your car: No messy or bulky multi-fit adapters, simply fits right out of the box and no tools are required.
  • 1 Year warranty: Real, full-blown warranty that covers wear and tear.

Need rear wipers?

This coupon will also apply a discount to:

  • Front pair and rear wiper blade kit, for Toyota Cars: $35 Delivered
  • Rear wiper blade only, for Toyota Cars: $19 Delivered


  • To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "toyotawipers" at the cart page, before going through checkout.
  • Max 1 set of front wipers per customer. You can purchase more than 1 set, but the discount will only apply to 1.

High-performance wiper blades that fit your car perfectly, Guaranteed.

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  • wow, thats a good price.. unfortunately for me, i replaced my wiper blades at supercarauto on the weekend!!!

  • +4

    Can you do anything for nissan wipers?

    • +4

      +1 for Nissan noted, we'll have a few more deals over Winter 🌧 stay tuned!

      • +9

        Just a site wide deal and be done.

        • +2

          AFAIK these are all "standard" wipers. so as long as you can find a toyota one that is the same length and attachment, should work on the Nissan? assuming i got that right, guess they're only promoting one model (the best selling model in AU) to increase site visibility and hoping for a few full price sales on other models (which might be the same wiper!) while at it. fair enough i guess.

      • +1

        Over winter is no good, most people buy new wipers at the start of winter.

  • +26


    Now I need to buy a Toyota to fit them to :)

    • +4

      Get yourself one of the new Supra.

      • +1

        makes sense, wiper upgrade by this deal will sure make it more affordable ;-)

        • +3

          Well, unlike Whirlpooleans, OzBargainers are typically on $200k average annual salary. Dropping some cash into a $75-$100k car is peanuts!

          • +3

            @moo: How did you come up with those stats?

            • @Mel-waukee: (his/her salary plus his/her mate's salary) / 2

              i think

          • +1

            @moo: are you talking about high-end investment vehicle

            • @helloeatty: He's not it's just a mid-range car. It's the sort of car you use to visit your garage that stores you investment cars.

      • Should fit on the new Z4?

        • Possibly. Mechanically they are the same, but I'm not sure about the body and accessories?

  • nooo i only just bought myself and the wife a pair couple months ago for the camry and the corolla

  • +7

    I bought wipers from these guys and haven't been that impressed with them. I'd compare these to standard wiper refiles with regards to their action and longevity.

    • No issues so far for my cx5… factory ones were perfect, these seem as good in Normal operation, but only been a few months. Originals lasted over 3 yrs so hopefully these can do..

    • Same. Purchased them at full price for my car and my wife's car and they weren't that great. Too expensive for how they performed IMO.

    • @Dalton thats surprising because you could potentially buy originals for slightly more AFAIK although I didnt ask recently.

      I am keen to give these a try though.

    • What's the state of your windscreen like? Most of the time it requires a good buff/clean to accommodate the smooth operating of wiper blades.

      • +1

        I think I've given these a fair chance. I bought Bosch Aero-Fit wipers for my wife's car, and after four years, they're still performing extremely well. My Wipertech wipers are less than a year old and make a lot of noise and generally perform poorly.

        I keep my windscreen cleaner than my wife does her's.

        Go Bosch (Aero-Fit, not Eco).

        • I use Bosch Aerotwins on my car and can't fault them. Got a set of the Wipertechs last November but still haven't put them on as the Aerotwins are still fine after 3 years.

          • @yippy: Wow 3 years is pretty good. I'll definitely get them when the Wipertech ones go. Cheers

        • Thanks for your feedback. If they are same quality as Supercheap, its a bit dearer. Can you advise where did you get your Bosch ones?

  • +1

    Any future discount for Hyundai owners?

    • +4

      You could get creative and buy the compatible Toyota ones
      Hint: Corolla and Elantra/i30 often are the same - double check first!

      • Hmm good idea, I’ll check it right now

  • Toyota again?! I bought these for my wifes Toyota and ive been waiting for this same deal for my holden.

    Are you going to do one for Holdens soon?

    • +2

      More deals coming up now it's hit Winter ❅ Stay tuned! I've added a +1 for Holden

      • Can you please give another +1 for Holden?. I just bought a pair for my wife's Toyota Corolla but need a pair for my Holden Commodore to replace the crappy Uniwipers I recently bought.

        • Noted! Thanks jdg

          • @wipertech: Hi how do I get the Holden deal? Do I add holdenwipers?
            These wipers are more expensive than OEM.

    • Any comments on quality? Are you happy with the purchase?

  • Ordered a set for the Hilux, thanks

  • +1

    Ordered! Thanks OP needed these

  • +1

    Ordered a pair from Wipertech for 3 different makes over the last 2 years and nothing but praises for this company from order to deliver to installation. Recently bought a pair for a bimmer but the driver side had a light smear. Sent a message to Wipertech and they sent a new driver side wiper within a week, no questions asked.

  • +2

    Any deals for Mazda?

    • +1

      +1 for Mazda noted ⛈stay tuned for more deals in the coming months!

  • How long do you expect this deal to be available for?

    • The deal expiry is in the deal information.

  • +2

    Do these work on a mazda 3??

  • +2

    Any deals for Koenigsegg?

    • +1

      Depending on which model. CCX or CCXR?

      • Agera R. This car chews through the wiper blades

        • +2

          Yea travelling at Mach-1 speed will probably shred through the wiper blades. Have you considered maybe using RainX instead?

  • +1

    Add a +1 for Ford please!

    • another + for Ford, although I am using these and felt factory ones lasted longer, they are squeaking and not wiping whole screen, plus jumping only after a year use, but for $25 i'll give them a try once more.

      • +1 noted! Thanks ablqadir

      • Ooh thanks for the feedback. They sound like the oem ones on my focus then, they wipe okay but they're sooooo loud!

    • Noted! Thanks CVonC

    • Just search the site for your model to find what size blades you have. Then search through the Toyota range until you match the same ones. I just did this for my 2014 Territory and the same blades in Toyota turned out to be a Coaster. Both drivers/passenger blades are 550mm in length.

      I did this for my old Kia sorento and they fitted perfect.

      Good luck

      • +1

        good idea, i did about 50 searches the wiper arm seems very similar on almost all toyota's different models, which is not compatible with my ford focus unfortunately

        • Your focus is an MK3?

  • +1

    Have a look into silicone wipers. They last at least twice as long as rubber wipers and cost roughly the same or only a little bit more. There’s a reason why auto parts stores don’t carry them because a huge portion of their sales come from rubber wipers which are designed to wear out. Do some research for yourself but here is a quick article

    • Any goto sites which has decent quality silicone wipers?

      • I’m currently using PIAA which are made in Japan. You can buy them off Amazon.

    • +2

      The article you linked to doesn't seem to support your claim?

      Most wipers perform well for about six to nine months, whether they are rubber or silicone. Although silicone wipers are touted to perform better, tests by Consumer Reports found that there was no consistency of better performance by them after that time period.

  • +4

    The Michelin windscreen wipers are $30 for a pair at Costco and have been amazing

    • Do you know whether they are silicone or rubber wipers?

  • Thanks got one! :)

  • Do you have the rear wiper for the zre182r? It's 200mm in length. I can't find it anywhere in the internet.

    • Mornando, thanks for your question. It's on our product development list; ETA is +6 months, unfortunately. It's a unique part, only fitted to the ZRE182R, and we need to develop tooling etc. I've messaged you with more info, for now we can offer the front pair. Hope this helps!

  • +1

    How about 2009 Volkswagen Jetta ?

    • +1 noted for VW, I've also messaged you ShinyDiamond!

  • +2

    Honda civic pls!

    • +1 noted for Honda, thanks kevin2516!

      • Honda odyssey please

  • No rear wipers listed for Toyota corolla (12-18) hatch?

    • Thanks for the q Merlin, see my reply above ⏫ ETA is +6 months sorry

  • Thanks OP for the generous sale. Worked out perfectly my current ones snapped the other day lol

  • differences between these wipers and michelin wipers?
    I'm not 100% on the size of my wipers, but I am getting conflicting sizes between your website and other stores. Corolla 2001 E110

  • +1

    A deal for a 2010 VW Tiguan would be appreciated?

  • +1 for the rear wiper set for the ZRE182R. I’ve been waiting for these to show up but couldn’t pass up on the offer for the front ones in the meantime :)

    • Do you know of any other brand that stocks it? I've tried SCA and autobarn and Repco. Was going to go to Costco to check out the Michelin catalogue.

      • No luck here also, last time I ended up paying the premium for the Toyota ones alongside a service. Let us know if you have any luck at Costco.

    • Noted, thanks chromentry

  • any for honda civics? lol

  • +1

    Does with work for Lexus?

  • +1

    Any deals on VW Golf MK6?

  • Bold post after the last wiper deal became a nightmare :P

    • What nightmare? Do tell…

      • +1

        server down, server up, server changed, delayed shipments, shipments from asia not AU stock, shipment delays, paypal refunds, promised 2nd sets free in 12 months, all sorts.

        • That was uniwiper…? It is a different company?

          • @moo: Yeah?
            I didn't mean to imply wipertech or I would have this "this deal" or "this crowd's deal", but I can see how it could have been taken that way.
            That said, on face value there are a lot of similarities between the two.

    • Wow how did I miss that. Wonder if those wipers are any good, like aerotwin good?

      • I have bought 2 already. One for Kia and one for Honda. Using it for 2 months already. It is good value compared to buying from Honda. Hopefully it last longer.

  • Awesome , ordered myself some straight away

  • Thanks

  • -1

    Hi is it 1 pair per transaction or 1 per person? I tried to get a pair for my dad and applied the discount on another sale and it went through? . Just curious ty once again

  • Deal for Lamborghini pls

  • Hi, Any deal on 2012 Holden Cruze? need a pair now Thanks

  • +2

    Does this include lexus ?

  • Any deals for motorbikes? My Honda cbf250 needs a new pair

  • +1

    If you’re not buying Aerotwin wipers you’re doing it wrong.

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