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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4+64GB Global Version US$179.9/ A$261.35,Sabbat E12 BT5.0 TWS Earphones US$49.6/A$72, Shipped+More @GearVita


1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4G Smartphone 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Global Version 6.3 inch SD660 (Blue) - US$179.9/ AU$261.35, Shipped

Coupon Code: BlueRN7


2. Sabbat E12 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones - US$49.6/ AU$72, Shipped

Coupon Code: SAE12

3. UMIDIGI A5 PRO 4G Smartphone 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Global Version - US$99.48/ AU$144.52, Shipped

Coupon Code: A5ProAU
Note: pre-order until June 30th


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  • Is the price GST included or do you charge extra for the RN7

  • price went up to $386 +$11 del AUD and showing restocking now

  • The redmi 7 note black is AUD$258.11 here (and 5% cash back from shopback.com)…


  • With the Note 7 price, it's better to buy UMIDIGI F1. I just switched from Xiaomi fan to UMIDIGI fan a few months ago.

    • for simply the hardware yes, but note that umidigi has an awful track record with software updates. so dont expect any timely software updates (if you get them at all) and also because it uses mediatek CPU, those rarely have active developer communities so likelyhood of custom roms such as lineage and pixel experience is low.

      you get what you pay for.

      i would much rather spend the extra for a note 7, because at the very least you will get xiaomi to support it for a few years and there is already an active custom developer community

      • After having two redmi notes, they are great phones, but I never really thought they were well supported. Yes, updates came out, but they were pretty much invisible. The updates they release tend to make things worse.

        They might have a good dev community if you get one with a snapdragon, but if you get one with a mediatek chip then you're pretty much screwed.

        On that note, as the owner of an F1 now, the only thing I don't like about it so far is that it has a mediatek chip - so rooting is pretty much out, and there are no builds of the google camera app port. Otherwise it's pretty much perfect.

        • How's the screen on the f1? Looking at f1 and k20, I do want that amoled screen but other than that not too fussed atm, f1 almost half the price

          • @kirbycake: It's good. I don't see a huge difference between phone screens now. They used to come in very varying colour and contrast ability, but they all seem similar to me for the last few years.

            One thing I have noticed with the F1 is that the brightness doesn't go very low. I often prop my phone up on my bedside table to watch something, and the brightness is pretty bright on the F1 - even on the lowest setting.

    • Even the Umidigi A5 Pro currently on offer for around $143 should be seriously considered. In recent times Umidigi has been producing a much improved product and frequent os updates are not the end all for most.

      • it depends, if you value security updates. i mean sure i dont think there has been a ground breaking security bug/exploit, but its a peace of mind thing i guess.

    • If you get the umidigi f1 for close to $200 it's a great phone - highly recommend it. Without sales it's closer to $300 though which makes it less impressive for the reasons @admirance stated

  • You still have NOT sent out the QCY T3 from the last order and you are not responding to any enquiries.



      Sorry for your waiting. Please send me your order number, I check it for you.


  • Any deals for the redmi note 7 pro?

  • Hey are we gonna get any deals on the Redmi K20 Pro?

  • Hi Gearvita, I'm thinking of getting the UMIDIGI A5 PRO for a relative in New Zealand who just need a basic phone, can you confirm whether you'll ship to New Zealand (Auckland)?
    Also, you mentioned pre-order until June 30th, what is this exactly means? if i order today when is it going to be shipped and how long would it takes to reach New Zealand (Auckland)? Thanks!



      We ship to New Zealand. The product will be sent out on July 1st probably if you order it, and the shipping time depends on the shipping way, please check the details on the product page of our website.