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[Prime] Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse $45.18 + Free Shipping @ Amazon US via Amazon AU Global


Logitech M570 available for $45.18 free delivery with Prime international (limited time). Not often found at this price nowadays. Much better value than the next model up in my opinion.

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  • Been looking into the mx ergo due to occasional wrist issue from work, the m570 is tempting at this price.

    • I found the M570 too small. Mx Ergo much better.

    • It solved my wrist pain. Been using it for a few years now. Can highly recommend it.
      It used to cost half as much though…..

      • Thanks for both your feedback - i've got a smallish hand (no issue with using a standard lenovo mouse at work) so taken the plunge especially with Amazon's return policy.

  • Anyone know if this is any good? I haven't used a trackball mouse for years and then only for work. Is this usable for gaming?

    • for gaming I wouldn't use a trackball. I use this at work and it's fantastic. I've had one for 3+ years now.

      • Ever thought about upgrading to the Ergo - wondering if the Ergo is worth double the cost of this.

        • I'm thinking of moving to Ergo - mainly for the bluetooth connection to my Surface instead of using the single USB port for the trackball

          • +1

            @otter-raptor: I totally agree with you. I'm sick of plugging in and out of my USB Unifying Receiver on my Surface Book 2.

        • The M570 seems to be a lot less reliable than the MX Ergo, mine is unusable after a year due to tracking issues (Logitech are replacing it with an Ergo) and it seems quite common for them to fail. YMMV of course though plus $45 is a great price especially just to try out a trackball.

          • @Captain-Danke:

            The M570 seems to be a lot less reliable than the MX Ergo

            YMMV - I have used my M570 daily for maybe 8 years (as well as two of the corded version before that which died when cats ate the cables) and never had an issue. Just need to pop the ball out and wipe the three contact/track points every month or so.

        • if you value the following then go for it:

          1. Capability to connect 2 devices and to switch over by just a click of button
          2. Bluetooth connectivity to eliminate the chance of occupying a usb port for unifying receiver
          3. more aggressive resting angle of the palm

          In my opinion it's worthwhile. Jb Hifi is selling for 99 now.
          I found the current RRP at 149 is ridiculous though as less than 2 years ago it was 129.

          • @siuol: That is the one thing that makes me want to use the Ergo - i can connect to my MPB via bluetooth and use the receiver on my work desktop.

            Is annoying as you can't try this out in store as no store has them on display and is willing to open it (understandable). I am in WA if anyone knows of an ergo or 570 on display to try :)

            Might just have to take leap of faith and see if I like trackball (and in this case the thumb trackball).

            Also have seen people complain their M570 not being as reliable but $45 + 7% cashback is a good price! I've been waiting for the Ergo to go below $85 again.

            update just bought it anyway figure Amazon has 30 days return policy

            • +1

              @RaihaX: Jb hifi and Harvey Norman with larger floor space should have demo unit available. I have seen them quite often in Sydney.

              Some of my M570s been around for years and none of them have issues. Particularly the one I have been using in office for 7 years give or take and I am a heavy clicker.

              It might take a day or 2 to get used to a trackball. For myself I have not spent a penny on a mouse since I bought my first m570

              • @siuol: Yeah tried at my local HN and JB maybe the staff at these stores are not very friendly - they said there is no demo unit as no one buys a trackball so there is no point in having a demo unit. Refuse to open it unless i paid for it first which is dumb…

                Anyway looking forward to the M570 - worst case I will return it and get the Ergo if I really enjoy trackball and want the additional features of the Ergo.

        • The Logitech MX Ergo is definitely worth doubling the price. I have 2 myself, one at home and the other at work. I have been using trackball all my life from the Logitech Trackman Marble FX to the Trackman Wheel than the Wireless Trackball M570 and now MX Ergo.

          If you are new to using a trackball and didn't want to spend too much then go for the M570. For my experience, I would rather use the Trackman Wheel than the M570. Both of my M570s are dead, but my Trackman Wheel still works perfectly.

          The MX Ergo is a much much better built and if you find the Precision Mode, Flow Technology, 2 devices connectivity and Bluetooth connection useful like myself than don't even waste your time on the M570.

          Precision Mode - Great for graphics application (photoshop, illustrator, gimp, coral etc)
          Flow Technology - Moving files between 2 computers simultaneously.
          2 Devices Connectivity - Switching between 2 computers.
          Bluetooth Connectivity - If your other computer has Bluetooth (Eg. MS Surface Book 2)

  • +2

    Oh FFS… I'd gladly buy this wired. Why do you need a wireless mouse that doesn't physically need to move on your desk?

    Still tempted :) Great bargain

    • Saves a USB port?
      The single AA battery has lasted me over 2 years, daily use at work.

      • I have this but the battery seems to run out within days, maybe I am supposed to turn it off all the time?

        • +1

          Nope. You have a dud battery or dud mouse.

          • @ChiMot: Yes @caleb2003, @ChiMot is right you do have a dud one, get it replace. I use mine at work every day and the battery last for 2-3 months. (Edit: Sorry I was referring to my Ergo)

        • I turn mine off when not in use, but it is still switched on for 40hrs/week. So yours definitely has an issue, unless you are using dodgy batteries.

    • +1

      Elecom does have similar product comes with a wire. Similar price to m570 on Amazon too

  • +3

    I have one I think the same but bought second hand for just $25 very good condition. Yes this is good mouse. And prevent people in the office to put their dirty hands on your mouse. They got shocked when seeing this mouse.

    • +5

      I have a guest mouse on the desk just for the others

  • I find when gaming using a trackball is more enjoyable than traditional mouse. The fastest aiming and moving around the game world is much, much more precise.

  • +3

    imagine if you got 1 left & 1 right hand version on 2 computers…. you're like driving a spacecraft lol

  • Paid double the price for the MX Ergo and I love that, always take it to work. Very tempted to buy this for home, but from memory the scroll wheel on this model doesn't click left and right like on the Ergo, which is super useful in excel when your spreadsheet has too many or too wide columns to fit screen.

  • According to camel this is a higher price than the new standard price?

    • Not when you take shipping into account

  • Much better value than the next model up in my opinion.

    I know this is not a new post, so value of this would now be questionable, but would be good if you could qualify why. Even more so after having read other comments here which suggest the Ergo is probably worth the money.

    • If having the ability to connect 2 devices at the same time and bluetooth connectivity is important to you, then the Ergo might be worth the extra money. In my case, these points aren't important so why would I pay double the cost for a model that does essentially the same thing?