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QUSUP 5-Port 60W USB Wall Charger with Type-C PD 60W $35.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ QUSUP Amazon AU


Found this deal this morning whilst browsing for another power hub to bring on travels and has QC3.0 for faster charging of phones/tablets as well as PD for laptops.

USB Outputs include:
1 x 60W PD USB C
1 x QC 3.0 capable USB Type A
3 x Regular 2.4A USB Type A

This is great for travelling as it has universal voltage and saves you bringing several adapter's as you can bring this and the appropriate figure 8 cables for your country of travel and charge all your phone's, tablets and laptops

Only downsides compared to others are that it is a max of 60W output across all USB ports so you technically cannot charge your laptop and phone together(Or it will charge at a slightly lower rate-Although one of the reviews seemed to suggest that it is capable of outputting more than 60W)

Combined with todays Shopback 12% cashback takes this to ~$32.

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  • Looks good… Anyone have any reason not to buy?

    • Been using this exact one for a month now. Charges my work laptop well and doesn't seem to get too hot or make any sounds. I would get it again if I needed another.

  • Thanks OP. Was waiting for a 45W+ PD AND QC3 so today for this price this hit the spot. Bought!

  • Never heard of the brand before and can't find any details on them.

    Anyone here familiar with them?

    Edit: Price also doesn't seem to be a bargain, as per camelcamelcamel

  • I've been looking for a MacBook Pro charger to keep with me while out of the office or travelling. If I don't have any other devices connected would this be suitable to charge it (slower speed is ok)?

  • I would say get a decent brand, otherwise you will be replacing within a year, when each port slowly die

    Anker https://www.amazon.com.au/Anker-Charger-Powerport-Delivery-M...
    RAVPower https://www.amazon.com.au/RAVPower-Charger-Charging-Station-...

    • I had the anker, pd port died, stopped fast charging. Amazon replaced it though so reasonably good.

    • This one has QC 3.0, that's what would make it better over Anker and RAVPower.

      If you don't need QC 3.0, this Bototek non-OzBargain known one is cheaper at Amazon AU AUD$29.99:

      It is also USD$29.99 at Amazon, so it's probably a pricing error.


      I've had a few 5-port BlitzWolf's going for a while now without a hiccup.

    • I have the Anker one. Barely charges my MacBook Pro 13" coz the USB-C port only charges up to 30W so I'm now looking for another one.

  • Does this have the Australian Safety tick of approval?

  • Does this fast charge pixel 2xl?

  • Is the ac adapter grounded? Does anyone know?

    • Figure 8 cable…

      • In case Bimo doesn't understand what you're implying… a figure 8 cable only has two wires in it, so no it wouldn't be grounded. However all products like this should be double insulated and therefore not require one.

        • Thank you. I had the kogan, and it causes vibration to the lenovo laptop because it is not grounded.

  • +2 votes

    Camel says this has been $35.99 for months.

  • Anyone know a good spot to buy international plug figure 8 cables? Going overseas so this would be a great addition to the suitcase but not sure where the best place to find the plugs are

    • You'll be fine with just a regular country adapter for $5. Brand doesn't matter, all they do is change the shape of the pins.

      • You could do that, but often a bit wobbly and sometimes even unstable.

        This is one of the reasons to get a charger like this with a figure 8 cable, so you can easily and cheaply just have one to suit

        the country your going to. A simple two straight prong US/Asia style figure 8 cable should be able to be picked up for not much

        more than $5 anyway. Keeps it safe and stable.

        • Appreciate the info guys!

        • Good point. Some travel adapters are really poorly made and can be loose.

          Ones that aren't loose though will function the same as if an 8 pin plug for that country was being used directly.

          That said, 8 pin plugs are incredibly easy to get unintentionally, I have ones for 3 different types of plugs other than Australia and China, as they came bundled with other things.

          • @BradleyDS2: Yes, the Figure 8 type plug leads are often included with various regular type electrical goods,

            but there are similar that are a little different with one end being a bit larger or smaller than the other

            ( sometimes with trimmers or shavers etc. ), so have a good look at it first before you try to force it on.

            • @ozhunter68: Yeah, don't know why shavers do that.

              Mine are standard figure 8 cables, mainly from importing external hard drives, xiaomi products, led strips etc.

  • Any recommendations on where to get European figure 8?

    • Try ebay.

      • I bought a cheap cable from Aliexpress and it lasted 1 day. The plastic insulation was intact, but the internal wiring must've broken after I folded it to take up less room (tested continuity with a multimeter).

        If I were to do it again, I'd just purchase a figure 8 after I arrive in the country I'm visiting (from their equivalent Dollar King or grocery store).

  • This will be on sale tomorrow morning at Amazon.

  • Hi guys, i received mine today and found my packaging seal already broken. Upon testing it to charge a pixel phone and iphone 6s (tried both QC3.0 port and regular port), i found that while charging and using the phone, if i use my finger to scroll up or down the screen and hold my finger on the screen after scrolling, the screen starts to "flicker" up and down. I then switch to my trusty blitzwolf again trying on both usb ports and it does not happen. Can i please get some feedback from others if they theirs are the same or i have a faulty unit? Appreciate the feedback.