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Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid Until 19th August 2019)


Various offers, pretty much the usual ones.

Valid from the 25th of June untill the 19th of August 2019.

Phone is fine to use these vouchers, most of the time I order they don't even ask for the voucher.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's

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  • +31 votes

    Pretty much everything jacked up in price again, not even really worth it anymore compared to the stunner deals.

    • +71 votes

      What do you expect?
      Hungry "Jacks"

    • What’s the stunner deals?

    • Too be frank I am getting sick of the stunner deal, I have eaten so many times.
      Sometimes I don't wanna eat that drumstick.

      • To*

      • You can always ask to change the drumstick to a small sundae (no extra $) :)

        • Really, that's great. Never knew that was an option after they changed it to a drumstick.

          • @Mibo: Apparently according to a store rep below, Sundae's will now cost an extra $1 :(

            Edit: Indeed is an extra $1, just confirmed via app. That sucks.

        • Went in today to try.

          Price when up 50c plus there is small print, sundae is extra $1 and Storm extra $2

          Hungry Jacks is looking at Ozbargain.

          I tried a different sauce (added to existing).

      • To mix things up i ask for no sauce and mustard on the burger, then get BBQ sauce with my nuggets and dump that on the burger. Now a BBQ whopper meal. Alos an extra dollar gets you a storm instead of drumstick. So those two changes makes it a pretty different meal. Or for another dollar make a bbq bacon whopper

      • I upgrade to a storm for only $1 more

      • Thanks I will give that a go, changing the meal slightly.

    • +3 votes

      Yeah, shame the stunner prices are being jacked up tomorrow. Nobody working at HJ likes the prices going up, except corporate.

      • What are the new prices on the stunner deals? I checked the app and theyre the same as always

        • +2 votes

          I was sure it was today, but at least at my store have signs ready to go up. iirc it's like $6.45 or something. But a sundae will be an extra buck.

      • I can't find the $5 whopper jr SML meal in app? Where is it?

        edit: It's in the Offers tab. One-time use only! :(
        (I just bought it)

  • Thank you my fellow frugal friend.

  • +16 votes

    Not even worth using vouchers now.

  • Phone is fine

  • Happy to see the vegan burgers on there but that price is disappointing

    • It's not too bad

      • Yeah I know. It's just the cheap whoppers from the past few months set a tough mark to beat.

        At least it's on there though!!!

        • Vegan foods are usually more expensive so can't complain about a burger for less than $5.

          • @first in line: For plant based meat alternatives I agree (e.g. beyond meat burgers)… but not for a vegetable pattie. Some vegans/vegetarians will be content seeing a voucher specifically for them but the whoppers at 8.45 could always be substituted for vegan/veggie option so this is actually a hidden price increase!!

            Still at least they sell a vegan/vegetarian option!

            • @Chocobros: Anyone know why plant based meats are so expensive? From the ingredients list it seems like it should be cheaper, not more expensive to produce. Is it the R&D costs?

              Went to Coles to have a look and Beyond Meat was $53 per kg which is more expensive than fillet steak.

              • @Xastros: This is just speculation but:

                I think some of the cost is R&D and some is that the companies just want to make a lot of money. Also plant based meats are seen as a niche product in it's infancy so they have a need to generate high profit in the initial stages from fewer sales to make it worthwhile. Also the lack of competition for other similar products helps keep the price up. Finally a big contributor is that some of the products are from overseas e.g. beyond meat burgers from America and so shipping and (maybe special) handling are required.

                From what i have heard; in the UK there are a plethora of different plant based meat options and so the price isn't too bad in general (and beyond meat supposedly opened a factory in the uk probably to cut costs so that they are able to compete with other options).

            • @Chocobros: Agreed on the price increase. That was the first thing I thought when I saw it. However, hopefully now HJ's stop trying to skimp out on actually providing two Vegan Cheeseburgers by reducing the amount of patties from 2 to 1 (which was my experience when ordering via subbing out the Whoppers). I note that there is still a 'Flame-Grilled Whopper' that states 'may be substituted for a Vegan Cheeseburger' for $8.45… so unsure what will happen when I next try to order?

        • That vege patty is wet and tasteless. I've tried it twice at my local Hungry Fats. Clould my local just be bad?

          • @Loopholio: It is really hit and miss. One i had at the airport was amazing. but some other locations has been average and one or two wet and tasteless.

            Try another location :)

    • Vegan burger has been on there previously, under the whopper deal. The whopper could be substituted to vegan cheeseburger.

      The 2vegan cheeseburger explicit deal is now $9.95, while the 2whopper(which could be substituted to vegan cheeseburger) is $8.45.

      • This doesnt make any sense to me. The 2 whoopers are cheaper to switch arent they?? Did they some how mess this up or is it more directed to the mass unaware of the substitution

        • its just to trick people since they put the vegan at the top and put the other on the bottom and in tiny ass print rofl

        • People are actually supposed to be unable to trade the whopper in the voucher into vegan cheese burger, but they f-ed up, since nobody wanted to buy or touch the vegan if they can't buy it on a voucher.

          Many complaints unto the restaurant and they allow it to continue till this day.

      • It's different picure what I see. New vegan burger look like have 2 veggie patty.

        • There are two vegan burger options: The Vegan Cheeseburger, which has two potato/veg patties and the Kinda Meat Burger, which has a "plant-based protein patty". The latter has changed its recipe since the trial earlier this year (now a little moister, I would say). The former started life with one patty (and vegan cheese as an option) but has been a double patty for a while.

      • thanks for pointing this out, saves $1.50 not bad

    • Do 2 for 8.45 whopper, substitute Vegan CB

      • Wait, you're right. How dumb is that? It's a separate offer at a higher price.

    • 20 cents more. Not too bad

  • Changes:

    $2 Pancakes

    Belgian Chocolate Lava Cake - $3
    Vegan Cheeseburgers - 2 for $9.95

    Price Change:
    BBQ Cheeseburger, chips, drink +10c
    2 Whopper Junior, 2 small chips +30c
    2 Tendercrisp +50c
    2 Whoppers +20c
    2 Bacon Deluxe +30c
    2 small whopper meals +50c
    2 small tendercrisp meals +50c

    Pretty much everything went up. Personally hurting over the 2 whopper jnr and 2 chips, that was always a great cheap lunch (since I only drink water/coffee/booze).

    edit: Maybe I should look at the huge image up first. Whopper jnr, chips + drink for $5 isn't gone, however it is now app only.

    • edit: Maybe I should look at the huge image up first. Whopper jnr, chips + drink for $5 isn't gone, however it is now app only.

      And now one per customer

      • yeah, sticking to my two whopper jnrs and two chips, then filling up the water bottle at work. $4.35 more for 2 small cokes wasn't worth it before, no different now it's $4.05.

        Plus my office has a sparkling water tap. Which is just ridiculous in this economy, but I can fill my water bottle with that and go get a HJ (which, depending on how you use that acronym, was normal in the 1980's economy with the receptionist named Rhonda who wanted to go far in the company).

    • lunch


      • It took me a month to reply to this because I've basically been on a bender the entire time, but what's so unusual about that???

  • Can you use phone?

  • Better call JACK

  • 2 whopper jnr and 2 small chips still pretty decent value however if u add on 2 bucks and go to subway on a sub of the day with chicken classic or strips - its arguably a superior meal (better vegetables and higher quality meat)

  • Anyone tried the new onion rings? It sucks!!! Bring back the crumbed!!!

    • Yea they suck. And they are battered!!

    • Crumbed onion rings are gross. Battered or gtfo

    • Different strokes, different folks. These are my favourite onion rings at the moment. Maybe my local HJ has an onion ring lover manning the deep fryer. Always crispy with real onions.

      • Fair enough must be my local, but I found that it was really slushy with oil when you bite in. Was it the same for you?

        • Nope, mine have been crispy with no extra oil residue. I haven't had a bad lot, yet, since they've changed to battered. I go to the Minchinbury NSW store, if you ever visit the western suburbs of Sydney. :)

  • Glad to see Jack has been around.

  • Just want to add my dissatisfaction for the price jacking.

  • Thanks, has anyone had any issues with redeeming when using a phone?

  • Still pretty good. Price increase is normal. Support. Always get free stuff from shake n win. Hope they don't go bankrupt.

  • They keep increase the price. I love the deal with two flame grilled whoppers for $7.95 last year till this April. Then April to June they are $8.25. Now it is $8.45

    • The 2 Small Whopper Meals were $10.95, then $11.45 and now $11.95. Still good value but the price increase sucks…

  • If my favourite meal gets another increase on the next set of coupons, this will be the last upvote HJ's coupons get from me and possibly the last time I buy my favourite meal since Domino's is now cheaper.

  • Any reviews on the avo wrap?

  • In the last few months, the HJ near work and near home has dropped substantially in quality so much so that it's been taken out of rotation. Price jacks only help it stay out. Hardly going to pay more for it.

    Ps. Should be called "Price Jacks".

  • Used to be 2 burgers for $5.00!!
    Rather eat 1 x Grill’d for the same price as 2 Jacks’

  • Grrrr prices going up again, rising quicker than inflation.

  • Could someone confirm we may still take Two Vegan Cheeseburgurs using the $8.45 deal, substituting the Whoppers with a Vegan Cheeseburger? This is found to have many fights at the local store- as it is many people put up an argument when they're not given what they asked for in the first place.

    • I was told a while ago that you could substitute the patty on a whopper for a veggie patty, but each time I try it, they charge something ridiculous to 'upgrade' to a veggie patty.

      Nice to see the vegan burgers finally added to the coupons, but I don't think I can squeeze in two of them in one visit.

      • Going with partner. Always used to take the 2 for $8.25, after they stopped the 2 Xtra Long Chicken Burger for $5.95 (and $6.25 later)

    • I always get two veggie whoppers or vegan cheeseburgers by saying "two __ burgers using the voucher".
      If they argue, you can point out it clearly says it can be substituted. I haven't had to do this though.

  • Any reviews on the lava cake? Does it lava or does it come out more like cake?

    • Only tried it once, was super dry and lacking sauce. 3/10, as opposed to Domino's which I rate 8/10.