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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S 10000mAh $17.39 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay (Also 15% off Storewide)


Greetings everyone, Gearbite are a part of the 15% off Selected Sellers starting at 10AM today and are starting off with a cracking deal on this power bank! This is the cheapest price it's been for non-plus members from what I can tell, a cracking price on this power bank.

There's heaps of stock available currently for this power bank, make sure to apply the coupon "PELICAN" after 10AM to get the price in the title :)

This sale applies for 15% off all items with no minimum spend on their store, so have a look around as there's some awesome other deals available! They will be also dropping some of their cheaper items to their historical lows I believe, so keep an eye out :)

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As always, enjoy :)

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  • These are great. Also gearbite have great customer service.

  • dont think gearbite got a tracking for these right? remember from last purchase it just came in the normal envelope.

  • How do these compare to the pro edition?

    • from reading online the Pro edition only have one USB output.
      Pro edition is 93% conversion
      2s is 90% conversion

      No idea about weight as the 2s spec dont list weight

  • Cracking!

  • Works great with my s8, highly recommend.

  • does this charge pixel 2s? I dont see the support for PD

  • Anyone know the weight of these? I own the older one and wondering the weight difference. Couldn't see it on the listing. Thanks.

    • It's surprisingly a bit heavier than the old version.

      • Any chance you could weigh it and post on here? I have a cygnett one that seems pretty heavy, compared to my old fat xiaomi 5000mAh one. Tempted to buy this, but only if lighter.

        • My older Xiaomi 10k is 203g, this one is reportedly 230g.

          • @Dan83: I'm ideally looking more for a 5k-7k one that is a lot lighter for hiking. Any suggestions? I think the Xiaomi 5k is around 150g but I'm going off memory, so could be well off.

            Lol not trying to respond to myself here but oh well…

            • @Dan83: Haha, thanks. 27g isn't too much on top. Just weighed my old one and it's 203g on the dot.

              My cygnett one is a monster 355g, though it is 17000mAh (7.5x charge apparently), i dont feel like that is necessary unless you are on the wilderness for more than a day and with a couple friends who all need their phones charged.

              Buying this, thanks OP!

              Sorry, no suggestions from me on a 150g recommendation, but hopefully someone else responds.

              • @Bargainbeth: Is your old one also the 10K one, like mine? Just wondering, as not sure why you would get this one, as it's heavier (as weight seems to also be important for you). I can see it allows two things to charge at once which is nice.

                • @Dan83: Oh mine is around 5000mah I'm pretty sure.. I bought it roughly 5-6 years ago. I don't use it too much but from memory it charged my phone about 4x before running out.

                  I thought 25g was a decent weight for the addition of an extra 5000mah, as the cygnett one that is 17k is 355g. this one is slimmer than my old xiaomi.

                  But you're right lol, I should double check the actual mAh before buying this one 😂.

                  Edit: seems like mine is 10400, so this would be a downgrade in mAh, just thinner. You saved me $17!

                  • @Bargainbeth: I have most of the Xiaomi range power banks over the years including the older 10000mAh Power Bank 2, this one,

                    the older 5000mAh as well as a newer model ZMI 5000mAh that is super light with QC. For portability or just a day out

                    I loved my old 5000mAh, but this newer one is great. I got it on a deal from ebay for around $24


                    • @ozhunter68: Wow, you're a real devotee of xiaomi. Can I ask why you got the newer 10k one if it's slightly heavier than the older one?

                      I'm not really sold on the only major benefit of this over their old 10400mAh one being the thinner design. That being said, it's because I don't remember being mad at the older one charging slow or anything like that; I think merely having a power bank was already a godsend for me.

                      5000mAh is a bit small for me. If I'm on holidays I don't want to charge it daily. I only have one charging block so having one I need to charge every 1-2 days isn't too convenient.

  • Does this have output from USB C?

  • Does anyone know if this powerbank can fast charge an s10+. I'm finding it really hard to find something that'll fast charge it

    • Yeah it does, supports QC 3.0. Really good powerbank, i lost mine recently so definitely buying another one for my s10.

    • It probably will fast charge it (at 9V). Technically, this powerbank only supports only 1 aspect of QC 3: higher current than QC 2 so it is just enough to be claimed QC 3. I generally don't consider it as true QC3 as it is still basically 5V, 9V and 12V. The 6-7V high current QC3 charging is not supported (based on the specs).

      That said, Samsung continues to include the dated travel adapter with the phone, which uses Samsung AFC. The issue is further complicated between Exynos (the version we get here) and Snapdragon versions. Technically, for Exynos to use QC3 (or QC4), Samsung would need to license the technology from Qualcomm. I don't have a S10, but when I connected my S9 Plus (Exynos version) to a QC3 charger, it would only operate in QC2/9V mode (I checked it with a USB meter). What I found is that there was no advantage of using a QC3 charger on it compared to the 15W Samsung fast travel charger (Samsung AFC).

      I have an older version of Xiaomi powerbank. For that one, I found that while it does support QC2 (well, and 1 of the QC3 features - the least useful one), it doesn't do QC2 in pass through mode (i.e. when you are charging the powerbank and also having the powerbank charging your phones at the same time, it only operates on 5V mode).

  • Is this the cheapest it’s been?

  • What are the dimensions of this?

    (yes, I know they are 3-D)

  • Had a quick check and can't find anyone doing silicone protective sleeves specifically for 2S? Is physical size same as the 2(non S)?

  • Getting an issue saying the code cant be applied to this item?

  • Don’t buy from them. I bought a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner from their eBay store less than a year ago, when I asked to claim the one year warranty they promised. They simply don’t respond and it’s still not resolved. If you don’t want to waste $300 odd dollars, don’t buy Xiaomi with them


      Please let me know your detail with oz message, i will check for you. If under 12 months, you should cover by warranty.

      • I have successfully got in touch with you guys via Facebook message this morning. Bryan from Gearbite was quite helpful and I have successfully posted the item for warranty. I was told that my previous message was blocked by eBay because I left my person email there. Anyway, looking positive now.

    • I'm with you - my vacuum bought Sept 2018 has been unable to charge for months - sent it away and they returned it having replaced a wheel FFS! What about the charging issue? My gripe from above:

      'Gearbite have appalling customer service. I am currently going back and forth with them to get my Xiaomi S50 Roborock gen2 repaired or replaced or refunded (!) but getting nowhere. Took countless emails, ozbargain messages, ebay threats to get them to just send me a return label, and then they completely ignored my issues (s50 not charging - vacuum or charger faulty) and proceeded to tell me that all that was wrong with the vacuum was a wheel! They won't give you a phone number to call or bother giving you a call despite numerous requests. A joke.

      GEARBITE - I have sent you further enquiries, please give me a call.'

  • Is this a smaller version of https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Power-Bank-2C-20000mAh-Quick-External-Phone-Portable-Battery-Charger/183335139884?hash=item2aafa03a2c:g:gP8AAOSwnZFdECN7:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3165!AU!-1 ?

  • Time to step up shopro.

  • Does anyone know if this can be charged and discharged at the same time? Thanks in advance

    • Yes, it does support passthrough. However, I don't have this particular version. I have an older model, that model, when running in passthrough mode, only charges phones and tablets at 5V (with 5V/2A being the max). Basically, no QC2 device charging in passthrough mode.

      While I hope this version supports device charging in QC2/3 mode when running passthrough setup, at this price point, I would rather assume it has the same limitation (i.e. charging devices at 5V when operating in passthrough mode).

      • Thanks mate

        • I have tested it, refer to my test report further down. In short, QC2 only. In passthrough mode, QC2 is disabled - you are left with 5V on both ports. The two ports slightly behave differently, with the outer port supports slightly higher current.

  • can you carry these on planes in your hand luaggage (not checked in) without customs going nuts?

  • Dont need one yet, but got one anyway.

    These upvotes temp people to buy on impulse

  • I'm not sure if these are real.

    I've looked on taobao for the pricing of these and the only one I can see that is genuine stock wouldn't make gearbite any profit.

    However, I did notice something really seriously out of the norm, a lot of comments, particular ones around 57 yuan; have buyers who are reporting it as genuine product after checking on the website when clearly it can't be, as they also allow you to customise the logo. This price is abnormally cheap compared to official channels.

    I wonder if gearbite is sourcing it from a similar source.

    Has anyone broken one of these open?

    • Hi there, I can confirm that these are genuine products from Xiaomi and come with an authentication sticker which can be used to verify on the official mi.com website.

      I would imagine that Gearbite are close to, if not, making a loss on these at this price.

      • Yeah, but the fake ones for around A$12 also pass this same test.

        If you read the Chinese comments on taobao you'll notice suspiciously cheap power banks pass the genuine test. I'm not sure how exactly they are able to do that.

        The difference between the chip inside it (needs to be US made by some company I can't remember on the top of my head) and also the batteries need to Panasonic or other. We really need to get someone to open one of these up to take a look. Then again each batch might be from a different supplier.

  • Great deal! Would've gotten it if the charging port is USB-C!

    • 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro has charging port USB-C, we have to wait for this product until there is some solid discount.

  • question does the black metal finish chip easily? I might go silver otherwise..?

    • Can't say as the ones I bought previously (non-S) have silicone sleeves (as above discussion) and they aren't damaged at all. The black does look really nice but with the white version it's easier to find the ports in low light.

  • What's the difference between this and the "new" version for $25.95 / $22.06 w 15% off?

  • Can it charge Mac Laptops?

  • Thanks. Just purchased 3!

  • Finally decided to buy one. Thanks OP!

  • Test Report:

    Tests conducted using YZXstudio ZY1276

    In standard device charging only mode (USB-A ports are being used; micro-USB not plugged in - i.e. charging other devices and not charging powerbank):

    Note: Inner USB-A port refers to the port closer to the middle

    Inner USB-A port Outer USB-A port
    Apple 5V Mode 5V 2.1A 5V 2.4A
    Samsung 5V 2A Mode Not Supported Supported
    BC 1.2 DCP 5V 1.5A 1.5A
    QuickCharge 2 5V 9V 12V 5V 9V 12V
    QuickCharge 3 Not detected Not detected
    Samsung 9V AFC Not Supported Not Supported
    Huawei FCP/SCP Not Supported Not Supported

    In passthrough mode (USB-A port(s) in used and micro-USB port also in used - i.e. charging the powerbank AND using it to charge devices)

    Inner USB-A port Outer USB-A port
    Apple 5V Mode 5V 2.1A 5V 2.4A
    Samsung 5V 2A Mode Not Supported Supported
    BC 1.2 DCP 5V 1.5A 1.5A
    QuickCharge 2 Not Supported Not Supported
    QuickCharge 3 Not detected Not detected
    Samsung 9V AFC Not Supported Not Supported
    Huawei FCP/SCP Not Supported Not Supported

    Conclusion: As expected, in passthrough, you can only get 5V output. I am a bit surprised the two USB-A ports behave slightly differently. Don't get too upset about QC3 not being supported, because based on the specs, at best it would only support QC3 in high current (which isn't what QC3 is really about). It was expected that it would behave like a QC2 charger at best anyway.

  • Has anyone received their item yet?

    Ordered this but hasnt arrived

    Have ebay message him but no reply

    Is this a scam?

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