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Hey All,

I purchased one of these a few weeks ago as i'm trying to set up a home studio for close-up portraits and whatnot, thought it was pretty decent as i used some Amazon Credit from some cancelled orders to go towards it, Works pretty well & the GF uses it for doing her makeup too (have put it on a gorilla tripod at times) to it sits on the desk, and have been using it with an Xiaomi Powerbank to make it portable

It has a holder for the phone, but i haven't tested it yet.

I saw some other photography equipment get posted the last few nights and saw they performed well, so i thought i'd reach out and see if they can give me a promo code to post on Ozbargain, and they did (Tried to ask for a nice Ozbargain code but didn't get one) so it's just a generic one they had made.

Some specs from the Amazon Listing

【Dimmable Ring Light】3 colors lighting mode: white, warm yellow, and warm white. Each lighting mode has 11 adjustable brightness to choose from, meet all your needs in different circumstances. It is the perfect dimmable daytime lighting to take away all the unflattering shadows!

【Adjustable Tripod Stand】Extendable from 17.5 inches to 51.0 inches, just lock it at desired length for your preferred use, you can stand it on the floor or just put onto your table for your convenience. (BONUS! The tripod stand itself can be used as a selfie stick and phone tripod, there are more applications you would like to explore with this multifunctional tool!)

【Multi-Functions】2-in-1 design combines the phone holder and selfie ring light together, it is a professional tool for creating live videos/recording with smartphone or computer. Perfect extra light for make-up, live streaming, lay flat, selfie photos, filming, video recording, online teaching, dark scenery vlogging etc.

【USB Powered】Works with most devices that support USB port, like laptop, PC, power bank, USB charger, AC adapter, and etc. Easy control on cord to power on/off or switch to the lighting mode you prefer

In the box i had the following:

1x Ring Light

1x Tripod stand

1x Pole Mount Phone Holder

1x Bluetooth Remote Control

1x Tripod Mount Phone Holder

1x User manual

I checked the specs of the one i own and it is 8W and the Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K

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    Would it be ideal for Youtube video production? I'm a beginner so I don't know whether I should be getting an LED ring light like this, or light boxes x2. Don't wan't to get both as I'm not serious about it I guess..

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      I'd say possibly, I'm not sure - It brings me enough light when i'm messing around with it taking portraits of friends / family, you do get that "ring" effect in the eyes that you see some youtubers get.

      If you're only starting out and don't want to dish out the extra $50-100 for a large one like 18" or so i'd say yes (not sure how much they are) i'd say it'd probably be more than enough if you aren't very serious into it.

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      Yes, it's ideal for youtube video production. You may search its review on Youtube.


        I was looking at a review by the channel Geeky Nerdy Techy, and the ambient light function which makes the light a warm orange color seems to be so nice! Will cop this one I reckon. Thanks for the help


    Would it be ideal for Youtube video production?

    No it's barely adequate IME with streaming although I do use a darkened room so the experience with room lighting may be different. It's probably suitable if you just want to talk to the camera without using a (computer) screen though.

    Something like this is far more suitable:

    https://www.amazon.com.au/Neewer-Dimmable-Bi-Color-Video-Lig... with


    It's a bunch of money and you can get cheaper CFL light boxes however each CFL will use about 45W for example and you will use two minimum so that's 90W. The LED banks use 28W maximum and they will be nowhere near maximum for streaming.

    This is "ideal for the money using the cheapest option" not ideal.


    How many lumens does this push out at maximum brightness?


    Thanks OP! I needed something like this and it's a good price so ordered one.


    This code will become invalid at 1:00 PM today.


      Shame, I just got around to making the purchase today (well, I didn't purchase given the deal has expired). Anyhow, I'll mark the deal as expired.

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