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I6 Sport 4HP Treadmill with Wi-Fi (Extended Warranty & Perth Metro Bespoke Delivery Included) $2899 (Was $3099) @ i FEEL FiT


Light commercial 4HP treadmill with 10 year limited warranty and bespoke delivery included.

Interactive treadmill with 10" tablet, WIFI & bluetooth.

20kmh top speed, 20% incline, 4HP continuous motor.

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  • Bespoke delivery?

  • Bespoke warranty as well :p return to base at customers cost…


      Following distance diagnostics, a part requiring on-site testing may be returned and replaced as required :p
      Warranty includes 10 year motor, 10 year frame and 2 year components

    • Australian consumer law would disagree with their terms, and takes precedence. If it is unreasonable to easily post, the seller is liable to arrange collection.

      They are also liable to cover labour costs, although their terms try to exclude themselves.

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    Timed delivery, call on route, weekend options (no additional charge), not just kerbside but assistance into your property. Applies to Perth metro area.

  • I Feel Fit.

    Name checks out with the corner the treadmill will go along with my intent to use it.

  • Can you show evidence of where it was ever really $3099? Or how you came up with that number? Have you ever sold one at that price?

    OzBargain isn't your Facebook feed.

    • Fair point, i researched this reasonably well, and basically for those specs, there isn't really any alternatives, sure you can buy something similar from AliExpress, but by the time you pay shipping it's still significantly more expensive for something that has no warranty coverage inside Australia, basically most models in this price range (or the advertised deal) are much smaller/lower featured etc than this. the original price seems inflated, although to be fair, it's in the realm of what other brands charge for similar specifications — so take that as you will.

      And as posted below, i know this because I've actually bought one.


        How are you finding it? Interesting things for me are cushioning and quietness

        • To be honest, it seems about normal to me, ie. i've used ones in gyms before, and seems about the same, certainly not silent, but also not loud, about normal?

  • For all treadmill deliveries there must be at least two persons available to provide physical assistance to the delivery driver.

    So $200 for delivery and I need a third person to help.

    • I'm not sure if you looked at the specs, but it's 155kg, and significantly large box "Packaged (cm): 225 x 97 x 53.5 (L x W x H)" if you were just moving the box around sure you'd use a big trolley and it'd be fine, but when you have to actually unpack and move stuff outside of the box it's not going to be easy with just 1 person, so i guess that's why they suggest that.

      How do i know?, well I've got one.

      • For $200 delivery I wouldn't expect to be required to find someone else to help with delivery, that's their job.

  • Took me a second glance when I saw the thumbnail.

  • can you buy this brand in melbourne?

  • If I absolutely had to buy something with a screen!


    Would email and ask when new stock is coming in


      For anyone wanting to know what to look for or needing help comparing the specifications of treadmills, feel free to get in touch. Obviously, most people know that a continuous HP rating is the more reliable measure of the motor power, not merely the peak rating. But, we can help you with some less obvious considerations such as the RPM at which the HP rating was measured or the significance of the weight of the treadmill.

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