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Google Home Mini 10,000 Points (Was 14,000 Points) @ Telstra Plus Rewards


If you got 10,000 joining bonus points for signing up to Telstra Plus, you can basically get a free Google Home Mini as it is now on special for 10,000 points, until Sep 30 2019. Normally costs 14,000 points to redeem.

Offer extended to 29 October 2019.

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    Nice, but I can't actually get in to the shop (keep getting "Unfortunately
    an error has occurred" having tried 3 different browsers) - have you managed to get in and get the Mini?

  • Managed to get one. THANKS OP

  • Good find.

  • +1

    I have 11900 points shown on plus home page, but when I click the google mini, my points changed to 210. So I am not able to redeem it.

    • +2

      You must have an old account somewhere that the 11900 points is connected to.
      Same thing happened to me, try and remember the other logins you have had or try telstra chat

    • Did you manage to work around this? Having same issue and Telstra chat are useless. How can I see over 10k points UNTIL checkout ugh.

  • Good deal but I think I’ll save my points for something more worthwhile. Gave my previous mini from Spotify to my friend.

    • I’m thinking along similar lines. I’ve got one Mini and haven’t used it yet, do I really need another?

      • +1

        I’ve got one Mini and haven’t used it yet, do I really need another?

        I put my two in the same room, so they keep each other company when we are not home.

        • Do they talk to each other like Furbies?

  • Got all the way to the end then error

    "We are unable to proceed with your request at this time. Please try again later, or chat with us using the chat button below."

    "We apologise for any inconvenience."

    • +1

      Despite the error, I just got a order confirmation email

      • +1

        Same here. After clicking Submit, the next page got stuck on loading forever. I went and check my email and found the order confirmation email.

      • Damn, got the error but no email, guess I’ll have to try again later.

    • "We apologise for any inconvenience."

      That's nice of them.

  • +2

    I signed up as soon as the program was released and I didn't get 10k points… Was there a special link or something?

    • +1

      I think the requirement was being a customer for 5 years prior, to get the 10k


      Seems you should have gotten at least 1k though?

      • Ah ok, that makes sense then, thanks.

      • +4

        Nope. I was a customer for 1 year and got the 10,000 points. You needed to pre register that is all.

        • Same here, joined a year ago.
          It is like a gift that keep giving (gh minis). I got one when i joined and now another one.

          • @maiuspala: Telstra is weird. Me and my partner both joined Telstra a year ago on the same plan (Google Pixel 2XL deal - $59/mth 24mth contract). I received 10k Telstra Plus pts, she got 1k.
            I guess these points are given out randomly.

        • I pre-registered and have been a member for ~2 years.. only got 1k :(

        • It's not my requirement, it's what Telstra said. What they did is obviously different.

          Kinds sucks for those 5+ to not get anything better

      • Signed up end of 2017 and got 10k points.

        Hadn't been with Telstra at all prior.

  • +4

    Redeemed! Would take me years to redeem anything worthwhile, so might as well grab this.

  • What’s a point worth (Or how many points = $1/$100)?

    • A $30 recharge gave me 300 points.

      • Cheers, I meant the other way, I.e. how much is 10,000 points worth? (Maybe $33)

        • less than $18 cos google home mini lowest price was $18 when joining spotify

        • 10 points for every $1, so, $1000.

          • +1

            @Weezaveli: They’re after what a point is worth, not the earn rate.

  • +1

    Anyone else getting "We're sorry, but we’re currently experiencing a technical issue. Please try again later" when they try to enter the store or click on a product to redeem?

    • +1

      Logging in on a mobile gives you a blank white screen. A complete fail across the board. Doesn't give you much faith in the tech of Telstra, does it?

  • Thanks op, got mine :)

  • thx got one

  • +1

    What a rip….you will be able to buy one for $660 in a few weeks…

    "Galaxy S10e 128GB with JBL Headset"

    "75,000pts + $660"

    • +2

      Yeah I saw a whole bunch of Points plus pay - here I was thinking this rewards program might not completely suck like most others!

  • +4

    Good deal, there must be a massive surplus of these as they seem to be on special/given away/promotional freebies or more than likely Google is getting even richer of all the data they are collecting and selling

    • It’s the second one.

    • +4

      Definitely the second one. Voice is going to be huge, and it's a battle between Google, Apple and Amazon as to who can get as many devices in as many homes as possible to win the voice wars which will set them up for the next few decades. So their plan would be to give as many of these away for free as possible, but without people being able to "broden" the deals, hence deals like this.

    • +6

      Google are playing the long game with these devices. They're practically giving them away to companies to use as promotional incentives, and getting them into as many houses as possible. The digital assistant that has the most deployed devices will have a massive advantage during the next wave of voice-assisted devices and services.

      And of course, people who use the Google Assistant are more likely to buy into other parts of the Google ecosystem, including music, movies etc.

      • So is Amazon with Alexa devices. US residents got 3rd gen echo dots for basically nothing with all the different promos they had over there. I ended up getting 2 myself when living there.

  • Got one. Planning on leaving Telstra NBN in November so this is a nice parting gift :)

  • Cheers jujube32, thanks to you I’ve finally succumbed to the temptation of Google and let their mini spy into my home.

    I don’t want to have this thing listening all the time so I’m trying to think of a solution that saves us from manually switching it on and off.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap non-cloud based sound controlled power board / switch to be able to turn the mini on and off when needed?

    • +2

      use a smart power plug, you can then power on/off remotely

      • +2

        lol, I’m guessing I could switch on the smart power plug via smartphone and then have the mini power off the smart plug by voice command.

    • +1

      Cheaper to buy some aluminum foil and fashion yourself a hat. Seriously though, only one part of the Google mini is listening 24/7 - that's the microprocesser designed specifically to listen out for the key phrases "Ok Google" or "Hey Google". Only after that has been triggered is a connection made to Google where the data goes through to their servers (which you can review in My Activity".

  • +1

    Jeez do I really need a 7th :/

    Unlikely I'll ever earn enough points to get anything decent..

  • Redemption process hung at the very last step, but got a confirmation email from Telstra so here's hoping!

  • +2

    I've got enough for this but already have got 3 for free through other things haha. Don't really need it but having a look there's nothing else even remotely attainable. I get like 1500 points a month, so will take years before I could get anything decent.

    • Yeah I agree when it's a screen protector vs a google mini for similar points I say get your screen protectors off ebay and stock up on these lovely little wiretaps.

      That's not to say telstra wont use this program to drop stock of other items like tablets when they go out of date by lowing their points substantially, it's just not likely that anything else as useful will become as low as this. The earn rate is silly low.

      Now what to do with them… every room in the house is now bugged with these things including the garage
      only annoying thing is it now takes a fair wait to start music when I select "home" group because it has to line up every speaker.

  • +3

    Points expire three years from the date of earning.

  • Worked, thanks

  • How long does it take for the 10k bonus points to appear in our account?

    • You should have already gotten the 10K points last month.

      • I only just signed up today.

        • +2
          1. Customers will be able to see their points in the Telstra 24x7® App or through My Account post 14 May 2019 (if enrolled prior to 13 May 2019) or up to 4 days from enrolment (if enrolled post 14 May 2019).
  • The reason these are 'free' almost every two weeks is because YOU are the target. Do not let them spy on you willingly.

    • They're brainwashed idiots participating in a spending incentive program, why bother?

      • This is one of the few occasions where I agree with you.

    • +1

      Do you use Facebook? Google Maps? YouTube? If so, they're already 'spying' on you. Every time you use one of these monetarily free services, you're paying in eyeballs, clicks, or user data. That's the deal. Smart speakers are just another exchange of data for convenience.

      • -3

        I don't use any social media, yes I understand how all these other services work. There is a big difference between Google knowing where I drove and Google actively listening to me and my family talk and then targeting adds at us.

        • +1

          This is technically infeasible. While what you say to the device is absolutely collected and used by Google, there is absolutely no technical evidence of an ongoing stream of data to Google, and if you don't think people have looked for proof to fuel this paranoia you're kidding yourself

  • -1

    What's the direct link for the Google home mini. Keep getting an error

  • +1

    Thanks now I got 2 free Google mini in one day. One from Google one account and one from Telstra reward.

  • +1

    Wow, looks like I get two free google home mini's that I dont need today

    today is a weird day . (and thanks :) )

  • +1

    Got one. Was not sure about using the points on this, but really couldn't see me getting enough points to get anything else decent

  • Thanks. This is my 3rd free Google home mini :)

  • +1

    I had to contact Telstra as my points were still not showing… Hope there's some stock left when they eventually do. Apparently it is a really common issue with the Gold tier customers (5yrs +)

  • +1

    Thanks, OP! Got a second to accompany my free one from Spotify.

  • Are you able to select another colour? Or is it only the chalk colour?

  • Thanks, got one

  • Aargh I was rotating through their prepaid SIM but did not bother signing up to an account :(

  • Ordered! Cheers OP.

  • Ordered one, thanks OP.

    It's been a good day, got two Google Home Minis for free. Love Ozbargain.

  • Anyone know what’s the cheapest way I could open a Telstra Plus Rewards account?

  • Can join until 29Jun to qualify for the bonus points.

  • Sweet. Redeemed my points. Considering I’m on a $29 a month plan, I’m never gonna get enough points to get something decent.

  • +2

    Weird when they asked full ID details at the last step to complete the check out.

    • yeah and it says "CREDIT ASSESSMENT" or some sort?
      so weird. Kinda makes me not want to use the points hahahah

  • +1

    Logged in and got one using an old Telstra ADSL account that I cancelled ages ago. Seems that the account login is still valid without any services active.

  • +1

    Delivered a day later, not bad.

  • +4

    For those playing at home (and getting the "Unfortunately an error has occurred" screen), it turns out you need an active Telstra service to get this deal.

    I just activated a $2 sim against my old inactive account, and it worked straight away!

    Cheers OP :)

    • How did you do this out of curiosity? If I log in with old account details (which on the Plus page shows 10,000pts), it takes me to my most recent account (which has 450pts).

      Have to get a person on chat to activate it against the old account number?

      • +1

        Bought a sim from Coles, then went to the link below, and logged in:


        I entered the SIM serial number and confirmed identity etc, then within about 20 minutes it was activated and appeared against my account as an active service:


        I then logged in to Telstra Plus, and it allowed me to proceed to the store and get the Mini (whereas before it would throw an error).

        • With the old inactive account you reactivated, did you had this old account for more than 5 years to get the 10000 pts?

          • +1

            @ilovefullprice: Yeah I've had that account for over 5 years, but only had an active service against it (on and off with different prepaid services) for a total of about 6 months in that time.

  • +1

    got one thank you. no idea what to do with this one. once you have one in the toilet i'm not sure there is anywhere left lol

  • Anyone still waiting to get their bonus points added for joining ?

    • Took about 3 days for my to show up after joining on Wednesday.

      • Mine showed up today :)

  • Thanks OP. just had points come through tonight, bought one.

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