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Devil May Cry V PS4/XBOX & Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice $35 @ Target


Great games on sale now!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - PS4 XBOX This is cheapest ever, and first time ever on special since releasing. I doubt it may drop to $28 during Prime Day in July :D

Devil May Cry V - PS4


Same Prices at Amazon AU:

Sekiro XB1 Expired

Devil May Cry 5 XB1/PS4 Expired

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  • +3

    Sekiro Xbox also $35 @ Amazon :)

    And so is DMC5

  • +1

    Wow! Crazy good prices. Sekiro is amazing well worth it but only if you enjoy a challenge (some parts were very difficult for me). I just purchased DMC 5 a few weeks ago from amazon for $50 something, but still haven't got around to playing it.

    • Contact them, they may refund the different for you.

      • Haha nah.. It was more than 3 weeks ago now, if it was a few days then I would have a go.

      • lol worth a try but very unlikely even if u bought a day b4.
        u have to order at the cheap price and return the expensive one withn a month or so.
        amazon pays for the postage - click arrived too late.
        i guess they want ti discourage price matching even if it costs them a bit of postagee.
        personallyi think its stupid and a pain but thats their policy..

    • -2

      I played dmc5 it sucks

        • +15

          Sorry, I missed the part where people asked for your opinion on his opinion?

          Open and public forum buddy. People can post as they please, even if their comments are lacking substance.

      • Why does it suck? I think I will like it from what I have seen anyways. But just curious what you thought was not so good about it?

        • +4

          Alright ozbargin review time.

          • Around a 10 hour game, expect you to repeat in higher difficulties
          • Although they have a decent moveset, you'll pretty much button mash the same move to progress through the game.
          • one of the character called V, your hand will get tired from mashing triangle.
          • story is ok
          • the scenery is boring, 2 places either broken city streets or hell where everything is slimy and red.

          Others can add their opinion to help but yea the above made me not like it at all.

          • +1

            @Bryanalves: It's not really an issue with the game itself, it's just you don't realise you're not really the target DMC audience. I had the same problem with DMC 4 ten years ago - you think you'll love it cos it's an action/RPG with slick moves and tight controls.

            As Bryan mentions though this aspect dries up quick esp when you're incentivised to finish levels as quickly as possible. I feel like the franchise is more for people who are into sonic/racing games and are used to replaying stages to beat their pb 🤷‍♂️

  • Man I was just about to buy Sekiro for $80. Great deal.

  • +1

    Wondering if I just bite the bullet and play this on PS4. I've been waiting forever for a cheap version on PC but it's always so expensive…

    • Yeah same but I'm gonna keep waiting. Love my FromSoft games and using my Steam Controller.

    • Seeing as Activision is the publisher I wouldn't count on any meaningful price drops or discounts for the PC version unless you find a cheap retail copy somewhere.

    • +2

      If your PC is good enough to run it at 60fps definitely play it on there. I remember playing dark souls 3 on PS4 then later playing it on PC and it was so much more enjoyable with a good frame rate.

      Sekiro isn't too demanding either. I get solid 60fps at 1080 with settings maxxed an a 1060 card.

      • Or use uncapped FPS

      • Should be. I have a pretty beefy setup that runs most things well in 3440x1440.

        You're right, these kinda games are way better at 60+fps.

    • I kinda regret not buying the physical PC edition when it was cheaper at launch. The only place left with physical copy stock is EB Games selling at $90 RRP. But then again, I have so many other games I should get through before buying more.

  • So cheap! Was waiting for the price for Sekiro to drop.

    Thanks OP!

  • Wow great deal

  • +3

    Waiting for Resident Evil 2 to get a discount

    • I bought it second hand for $40 a month ago, like new, Gumtree… another option!

  • Were these advertised anywhere? any other good deals?

    • Many other games are on special as well, but the price is normal or you can find cheaper elsewhere.

  • Not my style of games, but damn these are good deals. Won't be this cheap again for a long while!

  • Hot dang, that's a cheap price. Paid the digital tax a week or two ago, unfortunately :/

  • +1

    Can I ask how 'soulsy' Sekiro actually is, because every time I've tried a soulslike game I've wanted to like it but have ended up hating it. Nioh was the closest I came to enjoying one, but even then I couldn't devote the time to 'gitting gud' enough to get past the first boss.

    • If you don't like the other Souls games then you'll hate Sekiro. It's very similar but harder

      • I've heard the exact opposite. In fact yours is the first review I've seen that says it's harder and I'm a frequent reader of /r/DarkSouls.

        • I have heard some say it's harder some say it's easier. I love the souls games and it could be due to the amount of time I put into each other game (completed each at least 3 times including NGP), but I found this harder.

          I think this also comes down to play style. I found Bloodborne a lot harder at first too as I'm usually a sword and board guy.

          Sekiro does get easier later on when you unlock some new abilities and learn the subtle nuances of the combat.

        • +1

          I think the reason that there’s no real consensus as to whether it’s easier or harder is because it’s different in ways that would either benefit or hinder players, depending on their strengths/weaknesses and preferences.

          It’s faster than Dark Souls (closer to Bloodborne) but it’s also stricter. The posture mechanic is very timing-based and the combat is not as open-ended as DS/BB. If you struggle with parrying, you’ll have a bad time with Sekiro. If you’re great at them, a lot of it will be a cakewalk.

        • I've been playing them ever since Demon's Souls. Sekiro is by far and away the hardest of them all. The reason it's harder is there are no crutches. There's no summons, no NPCs, no ability to level up. You have to figure out hwo to beat each boss and there are no assists. If you can't figure it out, you're going to simply hit a wall. It's very similar to old NES games. It's uncompromising.

          • @thord: Yes but the moment you shed your DS/BB skills and start afresh, sekiro ends up being fairly easy.

            Huge hurdle in learning how to parry, but once that's downpat it's fairly smooth sailing.

            Funnily enough I can parry much better in BB now having played it, when my muscle memory isn't making me transform my weapons.

    • +5

      You probably won't like Sekiro if you couldn't get past the first boss of Nioh.

      I beat the first boss in Nioh and then put it down. However, I got the platinum for Sekiro.

      Sekiro has soul-based currency, bonfires and a similar structure to Souls' environments where you progress and find a shortcut at the end for backtracking.

      Combat revolves around dodging and blocking. It's almost like a rhythm game where you predict what the enemy will do next, block/dodge and then counter hard when the enemy exhausts their stamina. You have ninja tools as well but all of them are only useful against certain enemies.

      The game itself doesn't have much replay value. There are two main branching paths towards the end where you fight different bosses. Apart from that, the story is pretty meh.

      The game is at its best when you master dodging and blocking. It's just satisfying completely shutting down a boss and not letting them get a hit in because you know what's going to happen. Problem is, you'll be dying a lot to get that level beforehand though.

      • I did the same with Nioh, I didn't like the first boss. It seemed more luck or grinding your stats than skill to beat it. I prefer Souls/BB.

      • Wasn't a fan of nioh. Great combat let down by repetitive enemies, cheap ai, bland level design and incomprehensible story. It doesn't have the polish the souls games have.

    • +1

      It's way more intuitive and 'fairer' than Soulsborne games. Excellent tutorials, amazing attention to detail and you don't end up having bullshit deaths like in Soulsborne games - if you die you just need to git gud!

      Give it a try, it's great fun.

    • +2

      One of the main reasons people find Sekiro harder than SoulsBorne is because they’re still playing with a play style suitable for those games. That will get you smacked down very fast in this game. You’ll get away with it for the first few bosses but one boss in particular about a third of the way through is the true ‘are you playing this game correctly? Let’s test that’ challenge. If you’ve adapted to the way the game wants you to play it, you’ll beat him. If you’re still playing the game like a Souls game you’ll get your ass handed to you. He took me about 4 hours to beat and he forces you to #getgood but once it all clicked, it was so rewarding. I also played it to completion and got the shiny Platinum trophy.

      It’s a great game, similar but different to the SoulsBorne games. Nioh is another obvious comparison but this has much more depth to it than Nioh. I personally found it easier than some of the Souls titles, but to each their own. The controls are fair but tight, your timing must be precise. It’s absolutely worth checking out.

    • Having played Souls series, BB, Nioh and Sekiro I would say Nioh and Sekiro are tied for top spot followed by BB then finally Souls

      Souls' formula got a bit stale for me towards the end

  • Oooh. Might buy DMC for PS4, considering its like $65 on pc. Both 60fps

  • +2

    No stock anywhere near me for Target but once again Amazon prime saves the day

    • Should be available free click and collect, or if you have Shipster it's free shipping with Target.

      • Has shipster ended yet? I got their email saying they were ending it a while ago and I just tried to buy DMC through target and it isn't giving me the free shipping option like it used to for shipster.

  • Bought sekiro Xbox Amazon still has stock. Remember Shopback too

  • +2

    C'mon Amazon, I want Sekiro on PS4!

    • Me too!

      • +1

        Just got it, PS4 price is now in Amazon.

        • Thanks for the heads up, just got it too along with a couple of PS4 exclusives I haven't played yet (The Last of Us Remastered $17, Uncharted Collection $17, Uncharted 4 $17)

  • Thanks, never played this type of game but seeing all the hype I've been wanting to give it a go. Good price and can on sell or trade in if I don't like it. Would prefer PC but should look ok on the 1X.

  • Out of stock in most stores. Can get JB Hifi or eb games to price match?

    • can always walk or make few phone calls, no?

    • +4

      why should i do that when i have the great ozbargain community here at my fingertips?

      • so where's this ozbargain community you were referring to 5 hours and 23 mins ago?

  • Awesome deal, thanks!

  • Can someone find a deal on samurai showdown plz

    • am looking for it now as we speak. wait for it

      • +3

        The suspense is killing me

  • Nice - great deal.

    Combined with shipster for free shipping and redemption of fly buys for $20 - $50 for both - bargain indeed!

  • Noice ordered both and realised I had $20 flybuy credits available bringing it down to $50 total!!! thanks OP!

  • This is great, I was seriously considering buying Sekiro last weekend (went with The Division 2 instead) and I'm glad I waited!

    Unfortunately I couldn't get Amazon to price match but I'm more than happy to trek out to a bricks-and-mortar retailer for this price

  • Bought Sekiro through Target for free delivery with Shipster and DMC 5 with Amazon.

    A few more games for the pile of shame… :D

  • +1

    Nice deal but holding off anything Amazon related till Prime day. pretending I have no money right now.

    • I really doubt amazon will have better prices than these ones.

      But who knows.

  • Sekiro is a great game and well worth this price. I got about halfway through and sold my copy, though. It requires so much time and patience (I don't have much of either) so I figured I could play through three games in my backlog in the same time.

    I'm hooked on Assassin's Creed Odyssey now, but I'll get back to Sekiro one day.

  • +6

    But I told myself that I would finish all of my games before buying more….

    • +1

      Rookie mistake :p

  • Bought both, couldn't resist lol

  • I am looking for a Ace Combat 7. Anyone know of any deals ?

  • +4

    Sekiro is now live on Amazon. Bought both for 70 + cashback

  • JB Hifi does price matching. I just got Sekiro XboX One at Pitt Street :)

    • +1

      Great deal, just matched at JB nth syd!

      • Then spend the weekend playing it and sell it or swap for other games \o/

    • +1

      I tried a pm with amazon a week ago nd was told "we have to add shipping" so i told em to stick it lol

      • Price matching has to be in-store. I am that guy that once I find an electronic, games, etc. I cannot wait for the delivery lol
        I just showed to them Target website and voila. Online is just to find something cheaper and find an in-store willing to match haha

        • +4

          I am that guy usually try to get it online. I cannot get stores to price match and I realized the truth from my wife. "You are not good looking, so they don't give you price match. But I still love you honey.". Thanks wife….

          • @akte: LMAO hahaha

          • @akte: Take home message. Akte is not good looking enough for price matching but enough to get married. Smh

            • @aka nioh: Well…. Nah….
              I still want to live in harmony, so no comment.

              • @akte: Im glad the big burly bloke didnt find my big burly blokeness attractive.

  • Wow drastic price drop on Sekiro, I wonder why.

    Might get that game. Thx OP.

    • Target seems to have some crazy promotion from time to time.
      JB is selling for $79 while EB Games $99 and $77 pre. Yeahh Nahhh

      • Most NSW Target stores has sold out. Got it from Amazon instead, same price for PS4 ver.

  • Thanks op, price matched at JB HiFi

  • Looks out of stock on Amazon.

    Link goes to Mighty Ape for $79.

    Actually you can still find it sold by Amazon for $35, but it says it ships in 1-2 months

  • +6

    Sekiro is false advertising. You most definitely won't die just twice

  • Sekiro for $35….sold!

  • Wow ordered Sekiro with Target 2 hours ago and it's already been shipped… was not expecting that!

  • Bummer. DMC out of stock on Amazon

  • DMC V is back but temporarily out of stock for Ps4/Xbone.

    Hurry up!!

  • Grabbed them both. Even cheaper than what it’s going for on marketplace. Thanks!

  • Hi ty for the epic price on sekiro mate, just an fyi that your links come back as $90 plus for ps4 and Xbox one x of sekiro but if you scroll down a little you will see new from $35 for each.

    Amazon shows temporarily out of stock but let me put through an order at $35 at 12.30am today so if people think it's out still can order for original deal price.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, got both of em from JBHIFI for $55 using a $15 voucher in between, had a boost juice while i waited for my sms and then my email which took about 4 mins for each.

    Just love how jb.hifi will.enthusiastically try NOT. To price match, it was pulling teeth and took 15 mins to get the price match on these games. We will not price match amazon. We will not price match sim cards. I thought jb hifi was not a franchise so if people can price match amazon at other stores it should be the same for all stores not pot luck. Also jb hifi lowest price my ass. Everything ive bought from them was a price match. Dunno how they are the 7th largest electronic retailer. Knowledgable staff my ass in that article, which also mention low prices (try double and more in this case for the games). They didnt even know what a belong sim card was.

  • +1

    Sekiro delivered already, Amazon just killed weekend plans.

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