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Maxx Trunks/Boxer Shorts - 4 Pairs for $20 (Free C&C for Orders over $20, Free Delivery for Orders over $80) @ Target


These Maxx boxers are normally $8 per pair

4 for $20

At least 10 patterns/styles on offer.

(Free click collect orders over $20, free delivery for orders over $80)

Credit to Baldur - free shipping if you have Shipster for orders over $25.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    actually over 25$ can get you free shipping if you have shipster.


    I'd been wearing maxx underwear for 15+ yrs until just recently. They have changed their sizing. I don't wear trunks often but found them loose and unsupportive in my regular size.

    The briefs which I wear daily were always a tad loose but comfortable and supportive. I have just purchased a few multi packs in my regular size and they are now that tight and restrictive I can't wear them. My body shape/weight hasn't changed in that time.

    I could go up to the next size but don't want to risk wasting more $$ and can't figure why you'd mess with size. Design/materials yes, but size is size! Now to find an alternative.


      The 7 pair multipack briefs are different from the single pairs, as commented by skwashd above.

      It is possible thats the cause of the issues.

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