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GST Refunded in Uruguay on Car Hire and Restaurant Meals if Paid with Foreign Debit or Credit Card


I am in Montevideo for a few days and have discovered that the GST (iVA in local parlance) is automatically refunded if you pay car hire or restaurant meals with a non-Uruguayan debit or credit card. It is targeted at Argentinian visitors but we all get to benefit. The refund works out to be about 18% on restaurant meals and around 9% on car hire.

The link says benefits expired in April but they were extended.

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  • Targeted… To those in Uruguay. ;) Thanks op

  • Well it's about time!

    /Broden on/

    Do they do CashRewards?

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    Thanks. I'll book the next flight there to take advantage of the discount

  • Not niche enough, needs to be more specific…

  • Seriously…

  • Thanks. Got 5

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    Lunch sorted.

  • sharing is caring (excepting BO and STD) :)
    so, whats great about Uruguay? Would you live/retire there?

    • It’s mini Argentina but safer (just avoid the old town part in Montevideo at night and exercise common sense - like what we do here) Great asados (bbq meat) and nice wines.

  • anyone from Uruguay here? what's interesting there?

    • Been there once. Day trip to Colonia from Argentina in a Ferry.
      If you like meat, they do cook really nice bbq, however not sure it’s every one’s cup of tea to eat brain, blood sausages, tongue etc.

    • Montevideo is reasonably nice, much like a mini Buenos Aires if you've been before - beautiful architecture, good food, nice beach/coastal waterfront, bohemian neighbourhoods, albeit a little gritty in parts and clogged with busses everywhere.

      Better to move along the coast for something different altogether. Whether it's the history of Colonia, the ritz of Punta del Este (basically, a luxury resort town), or the seclusion and serenity of La Paloma or Cabo Polonio (beachside hamlets).

  • I heard there is a little Chinese shop in the Asian quarter of Casablanca that offers free cookies on arrival. PM for details.

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  • OK. I don't think this is a "bargain". 9% discount on hire car or 18% on a restaurant on the other side of the planet. I wouldn't consider these discounts to be a bargain even if they would be available in Australia.

  • The summary from Lonely Planet sums it up pretty well, https://www.lonelyplanet.com/uruguay/montevideo, it's culture is it's attraction, I couchsurfed there with locals and loved every bit of it, I was there during the march for the "disappeared", almost 200 people who "vanished" during the last dictatorship, it was incredibly moving! They're progressive with social policies, first country to legalise marijuana, same sex marriage and abortion both legal and properly legislated, there are still some human rights stains on their record, but no more than ours that's for sure, I'd go back in a heartbeat, I still miss our mate' sessions!

  • (profanity) this is a niche post, even by ozbargain standards

  • bargain. im heading there now for this.

  • Thanks OP, also doing a day trip to Colonia from Argentina in a few months. Few extra dollars for pisco sours. Is this automatically applied or will I need to ask them in Spanish?

    • Hola amigo, quita el IVA por favor, soy un jodido turista.

      There, done.

      PS. It's automatic, as per OP, with a non-Uruguayan debit/credit card.

  • this is recurrent. AFAIK they always did that in certain times of the year. Montevideo and Buenos Aires (Arg) are nice cities to visit. you can also jump to Bariloche and surroundings for some 🎿 ing

  • This deal appears tailored for an Uber Eats delivery

  • Is phone fine?

  • Just had breakfast for two at a local restaurant here in Montevideo - 565 pesos less 101.88 = 463.12 pesos. I swear even the food tastes better when you are paying 18% less for it. I paid with my no FX fee ING Visa card like a true Ozbargainer (Urbargainer?).

    • Spent a few days in Punta del Este a large number of years ago, an hour or so up the road. Rich mans paradise, with a billion dollars of cruisers parked at the marina at any given time. Worth a visit, even for a day. The Monte Carlo of South America. Bloody expensive, so the 18% off might take the sting out of your spend.

  • Saying this is a bargain because you need to pay to travel to Uruguay to take advantage of the bargain is like saying a discounted app is not a bargain because you need to buy a smartphone first.

    • It’s niche, yes, but it will help some people. Personally, I’ve been deciding between Uruguay, Argentina and Costa Rica to spend a month or two. This post comes at a good time now that I know I can save 18% on living expenses. There are other considerations of course, but it’s something serious for me to take into account.

  • Hey guys, I just stumbled on an incredibly cheap restaurant in Yonsa. The menu is brilliant and the servings are more than any one person could possibly eat. What’s more, it’s conveniently located just across the road from the train station. You can’t miss it. Highly recommended. Check it out if or when you’re passing through.

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