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Waterford "London" Desktop Bar. >50% off. $9,995 (Was $20,995). David Jones in-Store Only


This BARGAIN was tucked away near the lifts on Level 4 at David Jones, Market Street, Sydney.

A bit of digging on the interwebs suggests this might be the cheapest price in the world at the moment. In the UK, they sell for around GBP10,500 and Stateside for around USD11,000. And this is genuine Aussie stock, so you don't have to fap about with mains power and/or plug conversions (mains power needed for the illuminated crystal side panels).

General product information here: http://www.waterford.com/london-desktop-bar

The Waterford "London" desktop includes:

  • 4 x leather coasters (a nice upgrade from the cardboard ones borrowed from the local RSL)
  • 1 x 33cm square metal drink tray with leather insert (doubles as a lapdesk for your notebook)
  • 1 x London Square Decanter (will easy hold a bottle of Aldi whisky)
  • 1 x London Round Decanter (and this for your Jack Daniels)
  • 2 x London Tumblers/DOFs (perfect for bourbon and Coke)
  • 2 x London Hi-Balls (Milo and milk has never looked classier!)

EDIT - Six (6) units in stock at 1.20pm 20Mar16
EDIT - Three (3) units in stock at 5.45pm 24Mar16

EDIT - Additional photos here http://pursuitist.com/waterford-london-desktop-bar-illuminat…

EDIT - further discount hacks:

HT @sp00ker "Stack with 10% off DJs gift cards via entertainment book. You'll need 2 subscriptions though, since each subscription can only buy 5k worth of cards."

HT @neilpatrickharris "Don't forget to get 10% off DJ gift cards using AGL rewards for those without entertainment book."

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David Jones

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  • +40

    Is there a list of "largest discounts" on OzBargain? $11k is pretty large

    • +3

      Would be trumped by a number of those discounted new car buys that pop up from time-to-time.

        • +19

          on ozbargain?

        • +18


          Indeed. Wouldn't meet positing guidelines (minimum number of items available).

        • +60


          Six (6).

          I took the time to ask. The least you could have done was read the original post before you reported it.

      • +1
        • BARGAIN-A-RAMA!

        • +2

          Makes me wonder how this is a bargain, if that was considered a joke post.

        • -1

          @Martijn: It appears she brought the lulz.

    • +2

      This might be a bigger discount, in terms of dollars:


      Percentage wise, there's plenty of posts that are 90% off …

      • +2

        Yep, deals like that would easily beat the paltry savings on offer here.

    • A suitable word would be luxury

    • +4

      I had an bargain saving over a billion dollars, But mods deemed it a joke and removed my post

  • +31

    Even after 50% discount, that kind of money is enough for next two decades of my personal liquor budget

  • +7

    So why would I pay 10K for some decanters and coasters?

    • +94

      Because they don't want to pay almost $21K for the same thing? Derp.

    • +32

      Because they already have a thermomix

    • +1

      Because they need something to compliment that leather lounge in their upper Manhattan office suite?

    • +8

      Because it has a boring wooden box (mdf?) they fit in, looks like a genuine Ikea design, with a mirror at the back, and use of the word 'London' a lot adds $19,000 easily.
      I'm passing cause I already have a tool box that looks better to me.

    • +1

      Because your apartment smells of rich Mahogany, and you have many leather bound books.

  • +1

    I'd love someone else to buy this so I can drink scotch out of it!

    • +23

      If 10,000 OzBargainers each chipped in just $5.50 each, then I'll get one of the Waterford bars and a bottle of grog for us to share.

      • +2

        and that would be 'licking' good for every single drop eahc 😏

        • Hell yeah!

      • +1

        You take paypal?

        • ;-)

      • $40k profit….

        • +22

          How do you figure that?

          1 x Waterford Bar = $9,995
          1 x The Balvenie 50yr Scotch Whisky 700mL = $45,000

          = $54,995

          10,000 x $5.50 = $55,000

          The leftover $5.00 will be donated to a drug and alcohol research.

        • +2

          @OzDJ_: Wow $45000 bottle!? So every drop of that whisky would cost about $3!

        • @dejavu66:
          $5 for a London crystal eyedropper.

        • @OzDJ_: Ha. Sorry, didn't notice the price of the whiskey

        • +2

          @antt: All good. $45K for a bottle of anything (even unicorn tears) borders on unbelievable.

  • +3

    Haha nice writeup ozdj! I approve.

    • +3

      Thanks mate ;-) LOL levels have been low around here this year.

        • +2

          You get that on the big jobs.

        • +1

          Well aren't you a sourpuss, Utopian? Lighten up a bit, mate!

      • +1

        edit: wrong thread!

  • +15

    Queue the "thanks bought 5" comments.

    • +4

      If someone claims they bought 10, denounce the comment as shenanigans (there are/were only six in stock). Besides, no one man or woman can handle that much bargain in their life.

    • +3

      Right, like the predictable super-funny condom deal comment:
      "have they got extra-large?"

  • +18

    illuminated crystal side panels

    Oh thank god, for a minute there I was struggling to justify the original list price.

    • +1

      The lamps are user-replaceable, too, so that helps keep down the total cost of ownership. You're welcome. BUY NAOW!

  • +10

    Wait I'm still struggling to find out what this does? I mean I already bought one for the ozbargain buy now think later code but what do I do with this thing

    • +50

      You dress up in a tuxedo, invite several ladies to your home, serve drinks out of this bar and Netflix + chill.

      • Comments like this are why OzBargain needs to allow multiple user up-votes per comment, not just one ;-)

      • +2

        Netflix? Wouldn't you have your own cinema room?

        • +17

          Of course not, you're already broke from spending all your money on the tuxedo, car hire, the desktop bar and a box of condoms.

        • @scrimshaw: I think the gal would appreciate a $10,000 cinema room than a $10,000 box with cups.

        • +1


          With the frequent lifetime supply of condom deals which pop up here I can't see how OP would be broke over buying a couple of boxes of them.

        • +10


          But my wifes box and cups cost $10k

        • @31mop: that's a cheap wife box

        • @31mop:

          Wow, that is a bargain!

      • -2

        I already have 6 ladies at home. What to do?

      • I reckon if you can afford this, then Netflix wouldn't cut the mustard, try PRIMA

        • wow…. its a whole other world isnt it.

        • @Gravy: Who says the rich cant have everything!

  • +6

    How many boxes of wine does this thing hold please?

  • +2

    Description made me laugh - doesn't happen often enough :)

    • +7

      This one is special, it has real leather coasters I need to have real leather as everything else in my house is real leather!
      Oh OP are these real leather coasters?

      • +3

        As real as the cow/horse/buffalo/baby seal they were cut from, yes.

      • +6

        Then you'll have to pay for it with leatherbound pound£.

        • +4

          not enough fans of black books here

    • +6

      Was is really necessary to Neg vote this deal just because of your opinion? A bargain, is a bargain…

      • +2

        There's one in every crowd. Just report the comment and select the inappropriate neg reason. guidelines are here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:voting_guidelines

      • -3

        Why have a neg vote option at all.
        I think this is an ugly bar, and really wouldn't pay $50 for such a hideous thing.
        What is the likely manufacture cost? $1000?
        This doesn't make sense to me and I'm downvoting too.

  • does anyone know whether these are regular or lead free crystal?

    • +4

      I thought the proper way of making crystal needed lead… For 10 grand they should be poisenious…

      • +1

        there are newer techniques that substitute the lead for other less toxic compounds like zinc oxide or potassium oxide.
        for 10 grand they probably should at least come with a liqourland giftcard.

    • +12

      Unleaded, E10.

      • That's terrible. I would expect anything in it to be at least E45.

    • +1

      Damnit man, if I am paying $10K for something there damn well BETTER be lead in it! I am not paying to have things taken OUT!

      • +1

        I've got some nice Chinese paint you may be interested in kind sir.

    • Not sure about lead free but certainly gluten free and probably free range.

  • +1

    haha i like your comments to the included items

  • +36

    Thanks OP just bought none

    • +3

      Ummm….cheers? ;-)

    • +1


    • LOL

  • +2

    Someone just had to report it….

    • +4

      wish we could report the reporter

      • +4

        The reporter is still hurting after his recent BestJet "deal" was almost negged into oblivion. #OzBargainButtHurt

  • +6

    Oz bargain bar:

    Go to local store, borrow 15 milk creates for bar 6 for 3 chairs.

    Go to reject shop and buy zip ties and tie together. $2

    Get free foam from goodguys for seat top, zip tie on.

    Go to opshop and buy glasses $3 max.

    Buy jd and burbon $90 for 2 1ltr.

    $95 bar with alcohol. Lol

    • Now that should be a deal.

    • JD is top shelf for the OzBargainer bar. Should be Nelson county.

    • +2

      oh lah di dah, look at Captain Moneybags with his $90/2lt liquor.

      2 kg of sugar: $1.80 at Coles (or $0 if you snatch 500 little packs from maccas)
      Pack of bakers yeast: $2.30 at Coles (or $0 if you go prison style and use mouldy bread/your nasty ex girlfriend)
      10l of water: $0.023 (or free from the park/maccas toilets/rain)
      Power to run your still for ~6hrs: $4.06 (or free if you have an extension cord and a neighbour with outdoor powerpoints)

      That should net you around 2 litres of 40% spirit for $0 - $8.20

      • Hahaha that was great, you made mynight sir! Have a jar of Vegemite ;) rofl

        • +1

          it was the yeast he could do

  • Pffffff….

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