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Living edge 15% off Storewide e.g. Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size B $1,338.75 + Delivery


Not a deal for everyone and slightly more expensive than previous deal in December.

15% off storewide
size B $1,338.75
Size C $1,411

+$60 delivery for sydney

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Living Edge

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    Go for it. Herman Miller chair is one of the best investments you can make especially if you spend 8 hours a day on it

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      I've had mine for about 7 years and I love it. No regrets.

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    Thanks OP, bought 10.

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      Can i have one?

    • You bought 10 and got 10 votes, should’ve bought more.

    • My work bought 200 😂

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    From someone who was very prepared to drop $1500 on a decent office chair, may I suggest people at least test drive the Steelcase Leap.

    More adjustments, and much more comfortable and supportive.

    I'm heavy set, so I would have gone for the Aeron C size (according to their chart)… but I'm very glad I test drove both in their respective showrooms.

    I'm all for paying top dollar for something like a mattress or chair where I know I'll be in it for hours and hours every day. But as much as the Herman Miller's have a stellar reputation, they aren't always the bees knees when it comes to office chairs. And believe me I looked at everything.

    But the Steelcase Leap on your short list and compare.

    • Agree that you should try before you buy if possible for these chairs. You are going to spend alot of time in them and want it to last. I can say the Aerons are great and the warranty 11years is backed by they come to you service in Melbourne at least that I know of. Our 8 year old chair needed 1 of the padded arms replaced. Service guy came and replaced both arms with new ones. Just make sure you keep your paperwork for claim purposes.

      • Aeron is handled by the dealer Living Edge - Leap is handled directly by Steelcase.

    • +1 Steelcase Leap

    • They seem to cost even more

      • Nope, less than half.

        • A link would be nice.

          • @SamR: No link. Big heavy office chairs typically aren't something I'd click and buy online without trying.

            Depends on where you live. Hit up your local office furniture shops.
            The bigger ones will have them in stock and available to try (even in your own home over the weekend).

    • Where would you buy one in Sydney?

    • Steelcase Leap V2 (5 years old or less) can be bought second hand on gumtree for about $200. Not a bad chair, but I still find myself fidgeting and slouching after a while. Really hard to find a good office chair, i've tried many. This is one of the better ones for sure but still not perfect. Also I think they are made in Malaysia now, whilst HM is still made in USA.

  • By the way was looking at other stuff on the living edge site. This is nice. Not the price, but great retro inspired design DAB radio


  • The Apple of chairs

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      No, the apple of chairs would mean everybody has one. This is more the surface book 2 of chairs

  • Is this good for shorter people

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      Ladders will be better, and cheaper

    • Size A and B are good.

  • Damn Ozbargain….upgraded my chair…lol

  • Was doing a office refurb and one of the guys said he didn't like the color of this chair and gave it to me for free.

    By God the chair is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on. And in summer you don't get a sweaty back or butt. Definitely worth the buy

  • It seems expired. But Aeron B is $2010 so I don't know how it was ever $1339 with only 15% off?

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