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Herman Miller Chairs: e.g. Mirra 2 $1095 (Was $1290) and Sayl $625 (Was $790) Sydney Pickup or + Delivery @ Living Edge


Updated description after people provided before prices - thanks.

Some great bargains at Living Edge on Herman Miller chairs. These do not come on sale very often and are the cheapest I have seen for these models (there are different variations on each chair - the below ones have essentially all optional extras). Yes, they are still expensive. They do have 12 year warranties and are IMO worth it if you spend all day at a computer screen.

Shipping is $60 in Sydney or free pickup in Alexandria warehouse.

Here are some examples:
Mirra 2($1095)


Aeron Size B($1250)

Not many stores in Australia sell these. The compare prices above are pulled from badbacks.com.au because I couldn't find the 'before' price on LivingEdge - e.g. for the Aeron.

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  • Looks like the Aeron Size C also marked down somewhat at $1350.

    The Embody appears to be $200 off (was $1850 the other day, now $1650).

    • The Embody appears to be $200 off (was $1850 the other day, now $1650).

      Pity they're only selling one variation. If I'm going to drop that much coin, I'd want to have the colour I'm after.

  • 12 year or month warranty?

  • Looks like the original price of the Aeron is $1,495.00

  • Not impressed with the sayl design. We have them at work (or similar). If you've got buttons on your pants/dresses and you move back into the chair, you get snagged. Pull hard enough and your clothes are done! They have an insert made to resolve it but they just cause other problems.

    • Damn your work sounds pretty posh to have these!

      • Those are actually considered mid range chairs in the office industry.

        • Offices are willing to buy chairs for stupid high prices apparently. Went to a shop looking for a chair and found some very mediocre chairs we have at work selling for $150-$200 AUD.

          • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Employee health and wellbeing > suing or complaining to them for back problems.

            All larger companies have no problems paying $500-$1000 for chairs because it's an investment into the employee - and the more comfy a chair the less the issues (and probably the less getting up lol).

            These chairs have millions of R&D that go into it, so it makes sense. And 12 year warranties are obviously built into good chairs.

            • @jubbing: These specific chairs were not good. Hard back and bottom, came for something like $200. Any decent chairs were north of $250.

              Went to cheap as chips and picked up a pretty good chair for myself for $100~

              Companies selling office stuff overcharge because companies are fine witb throwing out the cash. Good for them, but a pain in the arse for me (where I live, was practically only office equipment chairs to buy, bar that cheap as chips one I found).

              The one from cheap as chips is definitely better then the one I have at work if you're curious

    • I have a sayl as a workchair and wear pants with buttons. Never got snagged. Not saying others won't have a problem but perhaps it's dependent on the individual.

    • We also have the Sayl design at work and while snagging doesn't occur (for me at least) they're just not comfortable enough (or adjustable enough). When you're paying hundreds for a chair, you expect something epic and they're a big let down.

    • +2 votes

      The Mirra 2's at work have claimed so very many buttons off the back of my (and others) suit pants. :( It became a running gag about having temporary buttons on new pants..

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    Just wanted to post my experience with my Herman Miller Aeron chair. Have had the chair for over 11 years. Absolutely love the chair, no issues with hydraulics in all this time.

    3 years ago the seat portion developed a crack at the back which caused it to lift up when I was sitting. I contacted Living Edge and sent some photos of the problem, which they then forwarded onto the US. Within a month and under warranty the seat had arrived from the US and Living Edge sent someone to my home and fixed it on the spot for an 8 year old chair at the time.

    Love the chair and love the service and warranty that come with it.

    • Wow…the price is worth it.

    • I swear I contacted Living Edge before about a noise issue with my Aeron that I purchased from them but I didn't hear anything back :/ This was a couple of years ago though, maybe the email lost itself

      I've now got a soft area on the padded arm rest from where I usually put my elbow, not sure if that's a warranty issue. Chair is about 5-6 years old

    • Sitting on no name brand office chair I've had for the last 18 years, had not a single problem. Cost about $50 at the time.

      • If you have back issues like I do you'd notice the difference. I got by fine with a standard office chair, then buggered up my back and needed something more supportive and with mesh material

    • While self employed 15 years ago my wife bought a Humanscale Freedom chair for me as business expense as I spent hours in the evening gaming on PC and would have back issues. It didnt work out for me and gave me neck ache so she kept it and bought a HM Aeron which I have had ever since and has travelled with us as we moved. Sitting in it now I can say mesh is best as just more comfortable and easy to clean, no "smells" and food/drink stains like cloth etc.

      Ridiculous price when you look at what it is but only when you have had it for so long does it value make some sense.
      Oldest teenage daughter now steals it from my desk in our den as she prefers over her racing chair

      • i had a laminectomy a few months ago and purchased a humanscale freedom chair. its been great for my back. i like the auto tilt and neck support when i lean back. one thing i found is that you can adjust the tilt stiffness by using an allen key in the hole under the seat. you can also adjust the thigh support by pulling the seat out if you have long legs.

  • I bought Aeron B for $1350 last year on sale, so this is a great price. The chair saves me from years of back pain. It enables me to sit properly meaning less visits to the chiro.

  • Now the key is how to get the corporate HR to get one for you at work.

    • +13 votes

      If you have to ask, you won’t get.

      • This might seem weak, but I purchased my own and have been using it are work for 2 years. Yes it would have been nice if hr granted my request. I don't regret it at all though, because my quality of life has improved, while my colleagues continue to complain.

  • Must be decent Chairs to have that price tag.

    • You'd think so, but the Sayl in my experience is waaaaay overpriced for what you get.

    • This chair is not x5 better than any $200 chair, only good if you use it for office as it's suites everyone as it's fully customersable and comes with long term service.
      But if you can find a comfortable chair that is comfortable for you, this is not any better.

      Having for home use is waste of money.

      • Having for home use is waste of money.

        Not really. Ofcourse, your personal circumstance may vary.

        I spend a substantial amount of time at my desk (also work from home a couple of times during the week), so for me it makes sense to have a top quality chair at my desk.

        For me (and most of my cohort) it has been a good investment.

        • I wouldn't call it a quality chair, its a purpose based chair, comes with awesome service. I'm using for work, handle broken apart few times. But they fix it super fast.

          • @boomramada: Possibly because the work chairs tend to be abused tremendously, especially when you have "hot desking".

            My personal Mirra is still going strong (only been about 3 years, so that is to be expected). I'd definitely call them a quality chair though.

  • For those who may find it a little pricey, the ergohuman range is also on sale at Temple & Webster. I picked up the Ergohuman V2 deluxe the other day on Ebay with the 10% off for $512 + delivery.


  • My butt isn’t worth that much

    • Don't worry, get a few connections, work on your own personal brand, develop some techniques, get in great shape, and in no time till have people throwing that sorta money at your arse.

    • Get a 2nd hand one from gumtree/eBay/office furniture recyclers they go for under $300 and are great chairs.

    • You're selling your but cheap

  • I am reading this while sitting on my $5 ikea chair. /smh

  • January two years ago $300 cheaper at Living Edge for the Aeron B. Inflation 15% PA.

  • I have the Mirra 2 which is great chair for me as I mostly work from home. Well worth the money.

  • I strained my back pretty bad at squash after about a year of use using the DXRacer type R with 'lumbar' support. I kept using the DX Racer for about another 2 years, but it never got any better. Eventually I gave up and was about to purchase a new Mirra chair, but found one on gumtree for about $350, included a mesh back

    After replacing the DXRacer with the Mirra, I didn't noticed much difference at first, but I can say 6 months on, that lingering back pain I was dealing with is wayyyyyy better. The lumbar cushion on the DX Racer is a joke, it protrudes so much, it does damage! The cair before the DXRacer was a 'Vorso Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair' which offered very little in lumbar support. In short I would have no objection to recommending a Mirra chair. I don't think you should put a price on health. I wish I made the investment earlier tbh.

    • Just replaced the lumbar on my AKRacing (which seems to be better compared to other brands) with https://www.amazon.com.au/Lower-Back-Lumbar-Support-Pillow/d... it feels so much more ergonomic. Time will tell whether there is a significant improvement.

      I tried a second hand Mirra 1 but it didn't feel right for me.

      • That does look much better to be honest… maybe that would've done the trick, not sure… but I didn't want to risk it anymore. I'm very happy with the herman miller mirra. Don't think I'll ever take another chance on it again either.

    • Those racing seats are all rip offs, a race seat isn't designed for a desk seating position and isn't at all ergonomic. Dxracer just pays twitch streamers to promote their chairs and sells them for insane markup.

      • +1 vote

        Yeah, I really don't get the whole "streamers in fake racing seats" thing.
        They look shit… and also uncomfortable.

        • I couldn't justify a Herman Miller so ended up with a DXRacer and it's really comfortable for me.

  • I'd recommend the Steelcase Think over the Aeron.

    I have a Think and Aeron and the Aeron collects dust now.

  • When will the deal expire and how big is the box if I get it from the warehouse?

    • I picked this up on my mazda cx-3. No problem. It comes in two separate boxes and assembly is simple.

  • My 5 year old $30 IKEA chair is still going strong.

  • This will go well with my stand up desk.

  • I need help choosing between the Aeron and the Mirra 2.
    Could anyone give some advice?
    I'm 6.2" 90kgs

    • I recommend trying both in store if you can and see which you prefer. I have the Aeron and love it.

    • I've always preferred the Aeron over the Mirra. It's a bit of a personal choice though. Definetely worth sitting in each and getting a feel for how your body shape works with them.

      I got the Aeron remastered ~ 12 months ago, very happy with it. Was $995 at the time without arms and I find the arms get in the way with my desk set up, so was happy with it at the time price wise.

      Was $995 without arms ~12 months ago +/-:

      • +1 vote

        Aeron remastered is incredible.

        I would rank as follows:

        Aeron remastered
        Mirra 2

        But even the Mirra is fantastic.

        • It's one of those things that you have to try unfortunately.
          Our work has mirras, aerons and regular chairs.
          I would pick Mirra first over the aeron.
          And I chose to use a regular chair over the aeron too.
          Everybody's posture is different

  • The locking mechanism on the handles on my aeron tend to come loose overtime. Have to always press it to snap it back to place again. So annoying.

    • +3 votes

      Work that 12 warranty man

      • Already past it lol

        • Do you still have your original receipt and are you the original owner? If so I’ll send you a PM with whom I spoke to 3 years ago if they still work at LivingEdge and they may still be able to help you. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Thanks OP. You can check out the Living Edge Aeron original pricelist via Google Cache

  • My cat loves to scratch chairs, so im reluctant for these.
    My mate bought one a few years ago, need to see what he thinks.

  • What is the max weight on this chairs. Couldn't find on their website.