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[PC] Valve Complete Pack (22 Games) $10.23 @ Steam


Great Price for this bundle. Enjoy :)


  1. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
  2. Day of Defeat: Source
  3. Team Fortress Classic
  4. Day of Defeat
  5. Deathmatch Classic
  6. Half-Life: Opposing Force
  7. Ricochet
  8. Half-Life
  9. Half-Life: Blue Shift
  10. Half-Life 2
  11. Counter-Strike: Source
  12. Half-Life 1: Source
  13. Half-Life 2: Episode One
  14. Portal
  15. Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  16. Left 4 Dead
  17. Left 4 Dead 2
  18. Portal 2
  19. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Also Available For Free to Play)
  20. Team Fortress 2 (Also Available For Free to Play)
  21. Dota 2 (Also Available For Free to Play)
  22. The Lab (Also Available For Free to Play)

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  • +34 votes

    Damn, they left out HL2:Episode 3 from the Trilogy.

  • I had most of these games except team fortress 2 and so it showed up as free. So for those that have most of the items then it might be worth their while to click on the link to see if you could get some of these games for free.

    A$ 0.00Individual price of the 1 items you don't already have:
    55% Bundle discount:
    A$ 0.00 Your cost:

    • +13 votes

      That's because TF2 became free-to-play back in 2011. It's powered by costume purchases and keys and crates and I don't really know because I stopped playing it at about the same time.

    • sorry mate nope, TF2’s been free for a couple years now.

    • I thought TF2 had shut down.
      (This is a joke).

  • +1 vote

    Valve makes games now?

    • +11 votes

      used to*

      • Well to be fair they did just make that card game that no one wanted.

        I know that's what I'd be doing if I could print money using something called Half Life 3 but I'm a stupidhead.

        • Gabe said he'd never make HL3. There's so much expectation for it that anything they deliver isn't going to be enough. So instead, they focus all their energy into an online market for games which is how they're printing money now.

        • There have been a number of leaks pointing to a Half-Life: VR game which hopefully will come out before too long.

    • 2 or 3 full scale vr games in development, just released underlords and continue to update their big games (except tf2 :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      but nah man, keep those shitty reddit memes up

  • I'm not really a fan of CS so haven't kept up with all its trials and tribulations but isn't this actually a decent price for CSGO?

    • CS:GO isn't included

      • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Also Available For Free to Play)

        I guess it is?

        • I assume Zak is referring to the paid version not being included. You need the proper version to play with somewhat less hackers, mic spammers, and screeching 10 year olds. F2P is garbage, there's no stakes in getting banned and the playerbase is less interesting to talk/bant with. Don't get me wrong, all these issues exist in the paid version too, but you get a better hit rate.

    • CS:GO is F2P

      • Yeah but there's something where paid players get better matchmaking I thought?

        • Yes.
          I have 2k hours in CSGO and let me tell you that you must pay for prime. Before it was F2P prime was just an authentication status you'd get when you would pair your phone number with your account. It stopped a lot of the cheating and griefing (something that's still a problem with CS and even more so now that it's F2P). I don't know if prime is included with this, but if it is then I absolutely recommend buying it without question.
          For a new player, not having prime could potentially mean getting unlucky and facing a cheater which can sour your opinion about the game and make you quit. Which is a shame because CS is by far my favourite multiplayer game.

  • The games also appear to be available at the same cost individually if you don't want everything.

  • No Half Life 3, no deal.


  • Black Mesa (almost complete) is down to $11.60 for those wanting to play the original Half Life upgraded.

  • $3.25 to purchase the missing valve games I didn't have, not too bad ;)

  • So the last non-free game they made was in 2011. Wow. Kind of embarrassing how small their complete works are. Many entries are just mods not even made by them, or originated as such.

  • Not really in to all of those games. I bought Portal and Portal 2 for $2.20.

  • Day of Defeat ROCKS !