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Miniware TS80 Soldering Iron (More Package) TS-F29 $99.00 (Was $134.95) + Shipping (Free over $120) @ Phaser Fpv


A decent soldering iron without having to wait for overseas shipping.

This model comes with a chisel tip.

The "more" package comes with the required USB-C charger and cable (will need adapter).

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      20 less TS?

      Looks like this has 3.5mm quick change tips (incompatible with the 100) and needs a QC3.0 power supply? Found a comparison here

      The 100 you linked seems like a decent deal for $75 from AU warehouse though. Kinda tempted to get one now.


        This one looks to have changeable tips as well just with an allen key

        I dont think the DC or usb plug makes a huge difference to me personality as there will always be a powerpoint close by


          Yeh the TS100 (gearbest or banggood) does have interchangeable tips, just the 80 uses a 3.5mm connector where as the 100 needs to loosen a screw to release it. Not a huge issue I don't think. Can't see when you'd need to be changing tips that often in such a rush, just means need to carry an allen key with the extra tip..


        The comparison makes it hard to decide hey, they are very similar


          Also found the "upgrade" TS100 on Amazon AU for ~$65 (dropshipped)

          Don't think there is a lot of difference vs original, different colour and grounding cable included, comes with the finer TS-I tip instead of the TS-B2.

          Still need to find your own PS, though good chance have a spare laptop PS lying around somewhere.

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      Some say it performs better (despite the lower wattage rating), but then all those that own the TS100 seem to talk bad about the TS80. Seems to be a touchy topic from what I've seen when doing my research.

      I bought the TS80 after much reading and bought based on the decision that I prefer the USB-C interface over the DC connector. I have QC 3 power banks and bought some DC to QC3 adapters that also allows me to use my Ryobi 18v batteries.


      TS100 is more powerful (at higher voltages), but less convenient since you need an DC adapter and by the looks requires a tool to swap tips.
      This is much more portable since can power with any QC3.0 power bank. That said there are power banks that also have DC out at say 15V which you could use to power the TS100. Could use a tool battery pack with say alligator clips to a DC jack.

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      TS-100 owner here.
      The basics…
      TS-100 is older, it's a brilliant unit with the exception of ergonomics.
      Power in is a 2.5x5.5 DC socket, voltage range is ~ 9 - 25v.
      Max power is 65 watts.
      Performs poorly at 12v and less, but performance significantly ramps up from there to 25v.
      Powering with from a car cig lighter is do-able.
      Powering from 6 cell LiPo or a re-cycled 20v laptop power brick gives exceptional results.

      Excluding ergonomics I'd say it performs better in a thermal sense than a genuine Hakko FX-888(D).
      The odd shape does annoy me a little, but i think i'd prefer the versatility of this over the TS-80.
      Planning to make own cable with chip that trigger USB PD 12/15/20v depending on power bank i plug it into.

      TS-80 is newer, designed to run QC3.0 9v/2A, limiting it to 18 watts.
      Reviews and comparisons suggest it seems it is not as capable as the 100, but still punches well at 18w, and somehow does better than the TS100 at the same power level, possibly optimized?.
      I suspect but have not read up on it that you could apply 12, 15v or possibly more to it for better performance.
      The round handle looks as if it might be nicer to hold.

      Both units have open source firmware and there are various mods and customization's.

      My daily driver is a JBC-CD-2BE
      An exceptional unit, but 6x the price of the above.

      Looking at the website they have the TS-100 for ~$80
      I'd be going with that one if you don't mind rigging up a 20v power source.
      The ergonomics between the 2 do favor the TS-80, but not by a lot.
      The UI on the 100 is said to be better in respect to basic operations like changing temps.

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        You didn't mention the amazing silicon lead the ts80 is supplied with in the more pack. It makes the TS80 far nicer to use.


          I have a silicone cable on my TS-100, made it out of what i had laying around.
          The connector is a simple DC barrel plug so making a cable is easy… if you have another iron.. (chicken / egg).
          For extremely fine work a nice light flexible cable is essential, but most cables will do.
          You can get away with a smaller conductor on the TS-100 at higher voltages, so that's handy too.

          A future USB Type C PD version running 12-20v, and adding a nicer grip will both be an awesome inclusion in a 3rd gen unit.


        From memory, the heater element in the TS80 is closer to the tip and it has a bit tighter temperature control, so it uses it's (lower) power more efficiently.

        I think the flexibility of power options on the TS100 is a big benefit to some people, while others will prefer the convenience of just using a USB-C power bank with the TS80 - just make sure you get a QC3.0 one as I don't think it supports PD.


    What USB charger would most recommend for this for QC

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      The deal includes a USB QC3.0 charger to power the soldering iron. I also have a Xiaomi 1000mAh QC2.0 powerbank which also works, though sometimes you get the low voltage message in which I then unplug and plug and it works.

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    I have one of these, yes you need chisel tip, who the hell solders with a conical tip? (if you do go shoot yourself). Bad thing about these is that it only supports QC3, nothing else. No USB PD or QC2 or QC4 etc.
    My only other gripe is the ground clip, why can't they just integrate that to the charger and give the charger 3 prong? its very annoying trying to find a ground point especially when that ground cable is short.

    Otherwise the temp is very good, recovers very quickly and temperature is accurate. I only got this one to use in the car as soldering stations don't really work that well inside the car but if i'm at a desk ill pull out the Hakko 888D.

    If it was me and my choice ill go a proper soldering station any day over this. Not to mention 888D's are pretty cheap these days at $160AU.


    Price back to $134.95


      TS-100 went up too, but only to $90.
      It's a better performer if you don't mind having to use a 2.5x5.5 DC barrel and can feed it >12v.