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[NSW] 6.6kW Solar System: Huawei 5kW Hybrid Inverter and 20 Canadian Solar Hiku 330W Panels $3100 Installed @ Solar Power Nation


I was able to negotiate on a 6.6kW Solar System - Huawei SUN2000L 5KW Hybrid Inverter and 20 x Canadian Solar Hiku 330W Panels fully installed for $3100 out of pocket supplied and installed by Solar Power Nation in NSW (Single Storey, Metro Install)

Wanted to share it across with the OZB community

The deal sweeteners are below -

Cost - $3100 fully installed with excellent workmanship
Inverter - Huawei SUN2000L Hybrid Inverter (Battery Ready) and plug in compatible with LG Chem battery at no extra installation cost later
Panels - Premium Canadian Solar 330 split cell panes released in April 2019 with the latest technology

Please call and speak to Dav at 02 8711 6352 and quote 'Huawei Canadian Package'

Lowest I got quoted for this package was $4000+ elsewhere !

Note - According to my research, a $4800 rebate will be launched end of 2019 on batteries nationally !

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  • What batteries are you getting?

  • Do they only service nsw? Or do they also operate in other markets like ACT/Canberra

  • Great info. Thanks for sharing :)

  • AKA as a 5KW system as that's the most you will produce.

  • Hey just wondering if you could link to where you read about rumours of the national rebate?

  • How do these panel hold up ?
    Caution should be applied

    • Look up how long Canadian Solar has been in business for.

    • The panels are almost certain not to be the problem in any early system faults. It's far more likely to be the inverter.

      • Than you haven't seen the shit a lot of people get onto their roofs, and that's not taking shitty installations into account.

        • I was specifically referring to these advertised Canadian panels. I'm fully aware that there are plenty of rubbish panel brands. And rubbish installations I guess. But assuming proper installation of the advertised system, my comment stands.

  • Is this price after the solar rebate or before?

  • I would recommend those interested in this deal to have a read of https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/98kzlxv3 on these guys

    • Interesting !
      Well my experience with them has been excellent, from signup to installation it took 5 days and their installers showed up on Sat to install and completed it on the day… Happy to share photos of the work they did at my place for quality / comments !

      However I highly recommend to avoid the cheap systems floating around in market such as K Star / Growatt etc which every other company including Solar Power Nation advertise… I did my own research and decided to buy the specific Huawei Inverter and Canadian Solar Panels.


      • It's great the install went well for you, and it's not all negative in that thread but I think people need to know there are some horror stories with this company. Out of curiosity did you check to make sure the panels that are installed are what was stated on the contract?

        • Yes definitely I did. Before they even unloaded their van, i checked to make sure everything was as stated in the contract.

        • I basically added in my contract an additional clause on installation delay and stated a deadline of 4 weeks :)
          No install in 4 weeks would mean full refund of the deposit and contract void, but the turnaround was quick to my surprise !

          • @Umar511986: That's interesting they were accommodating to those terms. No issues with the parts chosen, my concern would be about the workmanship given clearly subbies are paid bugger all at these prices and that the companies after sales support.

      • It goes beyond how well it went at install though. It's definitely a case of buyer beware with smaller installers, and it's notoriously easy for these companies to go bust before your warranty ends. There's a reason why people pay more to go with larger installers that they know will be around for years to come, like CSR, Origin Energy etc.

        Just something to keep in mind when doing the cost benefit analysis of course.

        And for what it's worth, Origin, for example, offers a special feed-in rate for customers who installed solar through them, so for some customers, it may end up saving them more money in the first few years of ownership.

        TLDR: YMMV and do your own research, not only for installers, but for energy plans that suit your household's consumption patterns.

        • Spot on with your comments. I have no issues with the good operators out there and there are some smaller good players. I manage the sales team at CSR and the best peace of mind we can give you is that we will be there is something goes wrong.

          Most of these shonky facebook companies that work out of a shipping container will be gone by the time your system fails.

      • Good morning. Its 2019 and its the age of Mono Panels. You can easily get Panels made up of Mono cells in this budget too. Poly Panels are now history.

    • I also had a very bad experience with them, My friend is still waiting for refund from at least six months.

      • Yep same experience here

      • Their reviews online suggested otherwise

        It will be helpful if you can please share what exactly happened from your experience?

        • Some of these reviews appear bought imo

          "I would like to commend Solar Power Nation on the recent solar installation at my home. Sam provided me with no nonsense advice, prompt & clear documentation and a very fair price which is still the best deal around. The installation crew were a pleasure to deal with & the product quality appears to be of a high standard. Hopefully no warranty claims down the track, but I am confident if there is I will be looked after. The service to date and follow up calls after installation have been appreciated.
          As an engineer I had a keen interest in the technical aspects of the installation as well as the quality of the products & installation workmanship. I can report all is satisfactory. The whole experience was completely painless and all the staff were a pleasure to deal with."

          Lots of 1st time 5 star reviewers

          • +6 votes

            @donkcat: considering the near identical review is on 'Clean Power Co' website i'd say you're right ;)
            someones being dodgy, not sure which side (or both)

            "FRANK TOORADIN, VIC"

            I would like to commend clean power co on the recent solar installation at my home. Sam provided me with no nonsense advice, prompt & clear documentation and a very fair price. The installation crew Cam and Elliot were a pleasure to deal with & the product quality appears to be of a high standard. Hopefully no warranty claims down the track, but I am confident if there is I will be looked after. The service to date and follow up calls after installation have been appreciated.
            As a retired sparky I had a keen interest in the technical aspects of the installation as well as the quality of the products & installation workmanship. I can report all is satisfactory. The whole experience was completely painless and all the staff were a pleasure to deal with.

          • @donkcat: Not saying you aren’t right about them being bought or not 1(definitely smells like it though) , but for this kind of thing wouldn’t they mostly be first time reviewers? At least you would hope so.

        • https://www.solarquotes.com.au/installer-review/solar-power-...

          Checking the last 6 months they appear to have as many 1 star as 4/5 star reviews so ymmv.

  • What if you want a 3phase inverter?

  • http://imgur.com/a/tend4bh
    Photos of the install if anyone is interested !

    • +2 votes

      is that top row overhanging the ridge on your roof?
      thats not a sign of a good install

      also, based on that first pic, the panels are mounted outside the clamp zone and therefore your warranty may be invalid (pg16, depending on wind load area, bit hard to tell from that image without measuring, top row likely a definite if its overhanging ride cap)

    • +3 votes

      I also especially love their WH&S equipment, such as harnesses or fall arrest anchors ;)

    • I think the DC Isolators between the Inverter and meter box are useless.Unnecessary accommodation of DC Isolators increases chances of fire. This model of inverter already house load break dis-connector circuits / isolator which is compliant to Australian standards. The inverter with very old design like suntellite and such needs this kind of setup. This is a sign of poor unqualified/untrained installers and installation.

    • Thanks for that.
      Unfortunately two things aren't great. The DC isolator has a top entry, which does not comply with CEC rules.
      The second on is that it looks like the panels might be attached outside the clamping zone, voiding their warranty.
      Did you receive a CCEW?

      • Thanks a lot for your feedback and the issues pointed out. I have since requested them to come out and rectify the 2 points mentioned in your comment as well as provide CCEW for the work done at my property

        This is why I love OZB community :D :D :D

  • I'm not familiar with those panels. Can anyone comment on how good they are?

    • Canadian Solar are alright, pretty stock standard.

      These facebook mobs are honestly quite 50/50, you might have a good experience or you might have a nightmare.

  • Does it have Google play store?

  • I thought huawei makes phones. lol

  • This Huawei inverter does not support EPS in conjunction with LG Chem batteries (Huawei acknowledge this oversight and are working on an 'add on box' to fix this). I can't find any info on how this inverter works with the Tesla Powerwall 2, but I imagine it'd be the same story.

    Translation: If you add a battery to your package (now or later), you won't receive power from it during a blackout (unless you buy another add on unit).

    • Power during blackout wasn't a concern for myself.
      Maybe because I haven't yet experienced a power outage in Sydney for the 12+ years I've lived here.

    • Lots of detailed info here about the inverter and yes it mentions EPS and blackout protection lacking, but also many good points: https://mcelectrical.com.au/blog/huawei-inverter-review/.

      One other thing they mention in that review is current LG Chen batteries limit the voltage to 500V and depending on the panels you get and the setup you may well be over that limit and not able to plug in the battery as is. It sounds like a 600V battery is on the cards for later to solve that limitation.

  • Stay away from these mongrels, me and many of freinds paid deposit to get solar system installed about 6 months back. They took our deposit and never heard from them. They kept delaying the installation well beyond 3 months. Finally to be told that solar panels are no longer and I have to change to. Another system with new quote. Wanted my money back, had to write cancellation letter and fill up a form and took me another month to get my deposit. Same story with my freinds who signed up alongside me. They probably have a single mobile phone and a single chair in tent as a call centre. Stay away from these mob.

    • Was that the $100 deposit ?

      • Not sure why, unless we're going to demand validation that positive votes are only from people who buy deals too. I'd rather hear any negatives - it gives a potential buyer who has no idea where they could be cheated, some idea what to avoid. And if he's had a negative experience, why not click the neg?

        Personally I don't pay more than very nominal deposits anyway. They either get paid when I receive the product (like every other retailer manages to) or I go elsewhere. By demanding a deposit, they're either saying they can't trust me to pay, or, they're a company too small to keep stock on hand - and thus I'll suffer if THEIR suppliers muck THEM around - so they're too small to be trusted with the job in the first place.

  • Wow, probably wont of the worst companies you could choose. I am in the industry and while i have no issues with some operators on the market. these guys are shonks.

    • From your experience (without it just being as response to them being a competitor, considering you're manager of the sales team at CSR) - can you provide some more info on this comment?
      Solar's a minefield for most consumers, esp considering the lack of regulation. I'm dead keen on pursuing it but am extremely confused by price, availabilty, figures, etc .. checked in to Solahart most recently.
      It's hard to really know which are the ones to trust, vs the ones who say you can trust them and then fark you over…

      Anyway - keen for more justified opinions and experience :)

      • As ive mentioned in the above comments. I manage the sales team for one of the largest in the industry. Im not here to bad mouth a competitor. suggest you do your own research. A good starting point is "crap solar" on facebook. Then search the company name - you will enjoy reading the comments and doubt you would choose to deal with them.

        the comments are from real clients that have been screwed over by this company. And yes we have gone and installed batteries for some of their clients and the workmanship like a lot of smaller facebook companies was shocking.

        OP was luck and hopefully the workmanship was up to scratch but ive suggested to him in a message he gets a 3rd party CEC electrician to inspect the system for defects

        • Pretty much every company Big or Small advertise on facebook… its a marketing platform !
          They do have their own website if you’re interested which I linked to as well.

          And yes, you’re bad mouthing a competitor mate, its fairly visible in your comments :)

        • Thanks for replying - but it's hard to filter anecdotal from factual in situations like this. Additionally, to be fair, I can't say that your FB search suggestion gives me much solid confidence in this or that. You are right about own research, but the problem is that using that search suggestion as a basis for educated decision making is a bit flimsy, I think - so much of personal opinion and unqualified review is uneducated or based on lack of understanding. No offence, I dont intend to suggest you're being misleading.. just hard to know WTF! :)

          Having said that though, can you direct me to some good material (that could be good for my own research) that offers good grounding for basis on CSR?

    • And your last comment is the issue. While we all love a bargain here on the community. the best price should not be the best option when it comes to the safety of both your home and your family.

      Ive found that most of the time the cheapest systems are often the worst. Ive personally helped clients that have been screwed over by this company aswell as many others.

      Great to hear your experience was god however id strongly suggest you get a 3rd party accredited CEC electrician to inspect your system to check the workmanship. from personal experience there will be many shortcuts that would have been taken.

      • Well to be honest, your comment doesn’t make sense to me… being cheap and being dodgy are 2 different things. Let me put it this way, if other companies are charging me upwards of $4500 to install the same system that’s a rip off. Maybe you work for a similar company !
        However as @swampson suggested above, Solar industry is still quite far from stability and its really difficult to understand the levies and standards etc. I did the best I could in the most affordable price I could get it for… now if you’re from the industry maybe you’re pissed because you’re trying to rip people off installing similar systems for double the price :D
        If you have something better to offer and help here then please do, otherwise there’s no point negging my comments which are not directed towards you.
        By the way if you’re from the industry and have good reputation around, would you mind sharing the company name so we can lookup some reviews :D or can you help do an inspection in my system and dig out shortcuts taken ?

        • Ive mentioned my company name in above posts. I work for CSR. We are the largest national supplier of solar and battery in Australia.

          With regards to inspecting your system, we are too busy you would be best engaging with a CEC accredited electrician not affiliated with the company whom installed your system . shouldn't cost you more than $150

          they can be found here: https://www.solaraccreditation.com.au/consumers/find-an-inst...

          Its good practice for peace of mind I encourage anyone thats has a system of ours installed they are welcome to have the inspection done and in the event a fault or defect is found ill happily pay them the costs for any such inspection. Im yet to have anyone claim that cost back.

          As i said you may be one of the lucky ones and if their sub contracted electrician has done a good job, thatch great. But history shows otherwise. Issues with scheduling, stock and install times are one thing and they are bound to happen with companies but when it comes to the quality of the workmanship that effects safety this is completely different. May I suggest you search "crap solar" on facebook. Then search the company you chose to install with. There are lots of personal reviews on their regarding the company you have chosen.

          There are plenty of good reputable companies i would personally use for my own house if i needed to. the company you mentioned is not one of them. Even if they offered it for free

          Good luck with your system

          • @ozyboy84: So I did a bit of research about CSR solar and found out that Bradford Solar is infact CSR owned… Let me tell you this much, you guys rip off your customers providing similar systems for almost DOUBLE or MORE. By calling yourself the LARGEST is a lie as well, do you have any backing or numbers to claim being the largest.

            Now coming to the quality of workmanship. Yes, offcourse if you will charge 2-4 times more of the industry standard charge for installing solar the work should be excellent. However reviews about Bradford Solar are also not that great and for the clever people who understand how you rip off in broad daylight actually mentioned this in reviews (just google Bradford Solar Reviews).

            Furthermore, in the last 2 days I actually went ahead and priced my system if I was to get all the equipment involved from my own pocket to understand how much it will cost and the REAL cost of solar -


            Inventory -
            - Huawei Inverter SUN2000L-5KTL = $1400 (Market Retail Price)
            - Canadian Solar HiKU Panels 330W = $3000 (Estimated)
            - Wiring + Isolators + Rails etc = $500 (Estimated)
            Total - $4900


            STC - $4190 for NSW (Please correct me if I am wrong)
            Out of Pocket cost - $3100
            Total - $7290

            Therefore I would assume vendor will have $2390 to play around with. I am not sure how much does it cost in labour but I would assume some installers here would be able to tell how much do they like to charge for their 1 day labour !