This was posted 10 years 4 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Pampers Nappies 46pack (10kg+) - 40pack (12KG+) - 34pack (16kg+) for $8per pack (free shipping)

PAYPALFS1 was not really impressive so far. But I think I found a great deal on this site:

Pampers Nappies
46pack (10kg+) —> 0.17 per nappy
40pack (12kg+) —> 0.20 per nappy
35pack (16kg+) —> 0.24 per nappy

Each pack is $8

You can buy 10 packets of one product only … free shipping when you order over $30 and pay via paypal (see voucher code) until 14/06.
This should be easy to achieve with nappies :-).

Just ordered 10 of the 12+ packs and 10 of the 16kg+ … must be a massive parcel.

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    I was looking at the bulk boxes before, thought they were a good deal, but googled some reviews and there's been some bad ones, like bad absorbancy, etc. So I decided against them.

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      They are the worst nappies I've ever tried. I have a 25 month old and a 3 month old, however, only have ever tried them on my eldest. I found I was changing her more frequently as the outer cover always seemed to feel damp and smell. They are paper thin, I wouldn't recommend them at all, even at that price. I find Huggies and Aldi's Mamia brand to be the best for my kids, but it's a case of horses for courses, depending on the size of your child, how heavy a wetter your child is etc.

      • agreed!

      • Yep, agree.

      • No comments for Aldi, but the Mamia brand makes the best diapers.

  • Agree to all the above - but I find these ones useful for daycare when their practice is to change the nappy every two hours regardless of wet the nappy is. Even though quality is very questionable, it's definitely a great deal if they are being changed every two hours.

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    I found it differently from most above posts, this is my favorite nappy and stocked 8 boxes for my son a year ago when it's half price in Coles. It's soft and thin, so his butt should be comfortable and we never had leaks during the day. We use huggies during night though, but they are thick and hard, only good for lying a whole night in my opinion.
    With free shipping I reckon it's a good deal and will buy 10 packs 10~17kg this time.
    Thanks OP.

  • If u worry about nappy rash, use pampers. Pampers is too thin to hold so much water, u have to change all the time after they weewee, to keep baby's butt dry. I use huggies and pampers only, miamia is alright for this season because it is thick, babylove will leak when kids moving.

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  • this one is different packaging from major supermarkets (coles) and pampers own website either usa or australian's

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      Probably made in the Philippines for the Asian market.

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    We have always used these during the day where we have changed every 3 hours. Very good, thin and lightweight making it more comfortable. Forget about using them overnight.

  • Theres no 6Kg plus….. our creature doesnt fit into any other size brack :(

  • Do you think you aldi nappies are just as good as huggies?

    • They are the best by far. BigW ones are very good to now.

  • Thanks OP. Have just ordered 5 packs. Seems like good value just for day time use.

  • A few girlfriends have said they are good so I may just give them a go, thanks

  • We have used Huggies, Pampers, Babylove and Aldi's Mamia. Mamia is the best by far, and the low cost everyday is a bonus. But, totally agree that every baby is different. I have a friend whose son had nappy rash to Huggies, but was fine with Babylove.

  • A week on, no delivery yet. These guys are bloody useless.

  • Got mine delivered just now, not too much waiting for nappies, and free shipping is such a bonus when I saw such huge five boxes standing in a column at my door.
    Nappies are "Comfort Flex", different from the "Max Dry" that Coles is selling, but should be good and nice for the coming Summer.

  • Got mine :-) 20 boxes delivered … Very happy with the quality. They are really slim and comfy (but do not hold as much "water" as the Mamia from Aldi.) When they are full they feel very different to the Mamia … very "fluidy". I use them in daytime (as little one gets a new one more often) and Aldi Mamia at nighttime.