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Samsung POWERstick Vacuum $399 (Was $699) C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Just found this on the product compare app. Not sure about the reviews - 1 star, but only 1 reviewer at JB HiFi and not much else around the web so make of it what you will.


Powerful Suction
Effectively captures dust and hair on multi-surfaces – even if it’s deeply embedded in the carpet. The digital inverter motor rotates stunningly fast and the airfoil motor blades are designed to minimize air resistance to generate powerful suction. The Turbo Action Brush helps maximizes cleaning performance by driving bristles deep into carpet to remove small dust particles.

Flex Handle
Clean those hard-to reach spots beneath your furniture with ease. The Flex Handle's ergonomic design folds up to 50 degrees to reach lower areas, while helping to make things easy on your wrist and back.

Hygienic HEPA filtration
The advanced HEPA Filtration system helps keeps up to 99.9% of dust from releasing back into the air during cleaning.3

Easy Clean Dustbin & Brush
Cleaning your vacuum is quick and hygienic with Easy Clean Technology. Remove dust, debris, and even tangled long hairs without a hassle. To empty the EasyClean Dustbin, simply pull the lever and tip out the contents. The Easy Clean Brush detaches easily from the drum for fast clean up.

Battery Time Up to 40 min2
Keep cleaning with a powerful 32.4V lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 40 minutes of continuous suction.

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  • One of the ones recommended by Choice. Below most dysons and lgs bit does well. Main criticism is short battery life

    • I tried one at my local Good Guys store.

      First Impression: Extremely loud (so not really targeted towards young parents, light sleepers, pensioners etc), It has a start button and a trigger (combines the features of a Dyson and a LG vac. but not in a good way), the hand stick felt a bit too plastic-y for my liking (giving it a cheap vac feel) and the battery life when it says up to 40 minutes (I doubt that it would even last 30 mins). To me it seemed to be a poorly designed copy of a Dyson hand stick vac.Samsung has a lot of better vacs in the market in South Korea so it's a shame they haven't released those models here.

  • I get the feeling it's Samsung trying to take a nibble of the market away from Dyson and to a lesser extent LG by trading on their names reputation in mobiles.

    I think most sane people would get the Dyson.

    • I think most sane people would compare the features of the product, try the products in store, see which product works best for them, check the reviews online and then buy it from the store or online wherever it's cheaper doesn't matter whether it's an LG, Samsung, Miele or a Dyson.

      Some of the LG Vacs that I have seen are 2 steps ahead of a comparable Dyson Vac at a much cheaper price and are much more user friendly (no trigger to hold on to, 2 batteries and a freestanding floor stand) and are equally powerful.A lot of people if you check the reviews online have been burnt by Dyson and have gone back to the store to return and bought an LG Vac. Samsung is still new in the hand stick vac market but they might surprise you with their next offering. So I like to keep an open mind these days. Gone are the days where the Dyson corded vacs were the best in the market and were still doing a great job after 10 years of being in use.The hand stick vac market is a different beast altogether.

      • And then just go get a Dyson when it's on 20% off.

        • And then take the Dyson vac back to the store to return it right after..as it doesn't do as good a job as you'd wanted it to do..doesn't suck as much, battery doesn't last long enough, it's too loud , the trigger is giving me RSI etc etc..A little bit of research goes a long way and you don't end up owning a Lemon..

    • Samsung make a lot more than just mobiles.

      They make all manner of appliances and white goods. They're the #1 electronics/electrical manufacturer in the world by a huge margin for a reason.

      They make washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, aircons, you name it.

    • The dyson we use at work is the biggest POS I've ever used, and I can't wait for the day we can replace it with a different brand.

  • After purchasing one of these last year through Samsung EPP I wouldn't recommend. I'm only speaking from personal experience but the unit became faulty after 3 weeks.
    Dealing with Samsung was a horrible experience, the unit had to be taken 70km to nearest service centre (nowhere closer to Geelong) as we purchased direct from Samsung.
    Unit was returned (picking up myself) and proceeded to fail another 2 times, each time requiring myself to deliver/pickup the vac. Almost was not worth it with time required off work.

    After the 3rd failure Samsung finally caved and offered a refund.
    I'm sure buying in store would be much different experience re: returns, but all the same not a good experience with my first stick vac purchase.

    Bought Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre instead when it was advertised on OzB and couldn't be happier with the performance so far.

  • I think these are discontinued or something. They appear in the clearance section of Samsung's EPP even cheaper ($384).

    I almost bought one of these last year when it was 45% off, but hesitated because of the lack of reviews, which is normally a sign it's unpopular and no one bought it.