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Telstra $45 Per Month (12 Months Plan) 50GB Data Unlimited Talk/Text Plus $200 Gift Card @ The Good Guys (New/Port In)


Now it's available in All stores across Australia.

Available to port–in customers and new Telstra customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $540. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer. In store offer only. <Bonus issued at Point of Sale. Click here for Full Terms & Conditions. For further details see staff in store.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    JB’s own good guys, so was just a matter of time I guess

  • is the JB $45 still available for change of plan? anyone tried since Telstra's new plan came into affect?

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      Locked into this for 12 months just before the plan re-structure. Also retained $10/month bonus. $35/month for 50GB not bad.

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        What's the $10/month bonus?

        • I did the same. Message them on live chat and ask for the $10 port in bonus credit.

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            @JoJoker: I'm confused, did you message Good Guys or Telstra to get the $10 port in bonus? And do you do this before or after you commit to it in store?

      • Contacted Telstra staff this morning (twice) and was on the phone for a total of 50mins explaining why i cannot have the $10 port-in credit.
        First lady out-right refused; the second lady said she will pu tin a request for 6mnths not 12.

        So, apparently, the reason being is the account is not 100% Telstra but partly 3rd party with JBHIFI so the account not eligible.

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      I signed up for the 12 month $65 60GB plan with the $500 gift card and was meant to jump to the $49 12 month plan. After several chats got offered the $60 month to month plan for $50 instead
      So $50 month to month 60GB + $500 JB Card :)

      • That's a pretty good deal I'd say.

      • +1

        this perplexes me - are you saying that after you sign up to a new contract, you message telstra and basically say " I am here now - give me a better deal where I pay less"?

        (I have seen these sorts of comments before but never looked into it until now as I am looking to get a new phone)

      • I also did this as well. Effectively ~$9/month.

        • why would they agree to this if you have just committed yourself to 12 months at 65/month?
          I am rather confused…

          • @dr_ rusko: Only sense I can make of it is that Telstra are trying to get everyone on board for the roll out of 5g. I suppose they are hoping everyone jumps onto 5g. Though I know ill be sitting on 4g as long as I can, as it is totally good enough for my usage. May even get faster as people jump ship and free up 4g bandwidth (if it works like that?)

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    No hate to the deal at all
    But I’m so sick of Telstra almost exclusively offering anything remotely decent to “New and Port-In” customers
    No bone thrown to the existing ones to keep them

    It’s rude and insulting

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      Agree with this

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      I'm pretty sure, if you are on a BYO plan you can change to this one previously with the $45 JB one, which people has commented on, but no gift card. (example, signup to the $65 JB with giftcard and change to the $45 after)

      So I'm unsure if that's still the case since the new telstra plans.

      • Yes I changed from an existing Telstra plan to this one…. I just didn't get the gift card that came with it.

        • Should port out to prepaid for a month then port back. This way you will be classified as a new port in customer.

          • @arctan: Do you need to port out for a full month? Or just a 24 hour period?

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              @muga: Full month. That's what I was told.. but I didn't want to wait that long :)

              • +1

                @MrGareth: Officially it’s a full month but I did it for 2 days last time and got the port in gift card from JB

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                  @Slo20: Whilst I love that our community has come up with ways around this, it pisses me off even more that we need to go to these lengths to get the same deals

                • @Slo20: you port from a different career. A bit silly if they track you from the old acc number

        • Did you just go to JB HiFi for the change of plan?

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      Definitely agree. one of the things that I've discovered is that loyalty rarely pays out.

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        It used to mean something.
        It used to be rewarded.
        Now it’s just taken for granted.

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          It's the same with insurance premiums or interest rates on savings accounts. Unless you are willing to shop around and move on a regular basis, you are going to get screwed.

          • @kierann: I used to do this all the time, yearly churning through everything. I'm starting to get sick of it now though…
            So much time wasted.

    • +1

      Yep, I feel exactly the same. I'm switching to Optus later in the year

    • Existing customers got given bonus 5gb data allowance

      • Did they? i've got the $50/m 6.5GB plan with a $10 monthly discount for bundling with cable home internet and I havent seen any additional data added to my plan.

    • +1

      Try being with Aussie BB I'm in the same boat lol

      • Haha I am with them.
        Took advantage of 1 deal when I first signed up.
        Now there’s no deals for existing

        • +1

          And they reduced the referral bonus from a month to $50.

  • Did you try call them see if they can atleast upgrade your data? I might give it a shot just to see what they can do but I already have 30gig and don't think I've ever used it all.

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    Same as Telstra JB Hi-Fi plan

  • Do these plans include any international calls?

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      "Calls and SMS to International numbers
      Your Plan does not include an International Call and SMS
      allowance. The following charges apply:
      calls to international numbers – for call rates to overseas,
      see telstra.com.au/mobile-other-call-types
      SMS to international numbers – 50¢ per standard message
      sent per recipient; and
      MMS to international numbers – 75¢ per standard
      message sent per recipient"

    • +6

      Did you just copy the top comment?

  • Just port out and port back in.

    • Usually a 30 day waiting period between ports.

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    TCs for the plan show just 15gb a month? I’m sure they’ll do the 50gb a month for 12 months, but at the end of that, what’s stopping Telstra reverting you back to the agreed data allocation of 15gb?

    • From past experience and being a Telstra mobile user for years and years now - the data amount continues. They've never switched me back to the base data amount at the end of the contract (I generally go on the 12 month sim only plans). Currently half way through the JB $45 for 50Gb plan :)

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    It's almost like they want you to leave

    • +1

      Maybe they only report on new customers joining. So they do this hoping you'll port-out and recontract.

  • +1

    Porting out tomorrow -_-

  • -1

    I'm paying $39 for 50gb, with the $200 JB gift card.

    To note, do I gave it right thst, BOOST pre pay is considered Telstra, so no gift card?

    • Correct, The T&C's state " Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers".

  • Do these plans allow numbershare with Apple Watch?

    • Usually a $5 per month additional charge.

  • Will TGG price match? I'm after note 9 but TGG is $400+ dearer than recent JB and OW prices.

    • +1

      Yes they do match the price

      • Great thank you. Now I just wait until the Note 10 releases and drives price down of the 9. Then hopefully this deal is still active.

    • Just go and get the same plan through JB and you won't have the hassle of price matching…

      • +1

        Is the JB one still active? I thought the deal had been marked expired

        • -1

          No it's not active. Hence my interest in this one.

        • FYI, the JB Hifi deal is STILL ACTIVE. I just did it this afternoon (chose them because I would be more likely to use their gift card compared to GG). I also contacted Telstra and got the $10/month credit taking it down to $35/month for the 50GB

          • @binks90: Can I ask which jbhifi and was it the $500 gift card?

  • When does it have to be activated by? Can the $200 be used to reduce the plan costs up front and how please?

  • Argh wanted GG gift card not JB :-(

    • It is a GG gift card isn't it?

    • +1

      FYI, the JB Hifi deal is STILL ACTIVE. I just did it this afternoon (chose them because I would be more likely to use their gift card compared to GG). I also contacted Telstra and got the $10/month credit taking it down to $35/month for the 50GB

  • +3

    FYI, the JB Hifi deal is STILL ACTIVE. I just did it this afternoon (chose them because I would be more likely to use their gift card compared to GG). I also contacted Telstra and got the $10/month credit taking it down to $35/month for the 50GB

    • Awesome. Thanks for the info

    • How did/should I start the Telstra chat? I'm going to port from Vodaphone

      • "I'm thinking of porting to Telstra from Vodafone and I was told that Telstra is offering $10/month discount for porting a new number over"

        • Just to clarify, you requested a discount after porting in store?

          • @primatexD: i am also confused by this whole process

            • @dr_ rusko: Telstra said to contact them after porting and that they will apply the $10 p/m discount from an online chat i just had.

              • @primatexD: Hey mate.. Was this a deal they were running at the time? I just tried and they said it is no longer running.

    • Got the exact same deal at jb hifi today 😎

  • Yesterday I bought a Optus $30/35gb prepaid SIM on special currently at Officeworks for $10. Paid my Telstra bill I owed. Ported out of Telstra into Optus.
    Within the hour I walked to GG, got the $45/50gb + $200 GG GC.

    That was around 5pm yesterday, and Telstra are having trouble porting me in and out of Optus because for some reason Optus received 2 port out requests.

    I've been on the phone with Telstra last night and tonight and apparently it'll take 48 hrs for my new Telstra SIM to be activated (once Optus fix their sh*t up and approve the port out).

    I also got the $10 port in special, so once my Telstra SIM is activated, I'll only be paying $35 pm (over 12 months).

    Oh well least I've got the $200 GG GC already right?

  • I just got the $45 BYO deal @ JB hifi this afternoon 😎

    • Did you get the $10 port in discount?

      • Sure did. You got to tell them via Telstra 24/7 live chat

        • Telstra keeps telling me that they don't do the port in discount any more. Sigh I'm not willing to sign up without knowing I can get the discount.

          • @bunnybash:

            I'm not willing to sign up without knowing I can get the discount.

            Seems like everyone has been successful in getting the discount after porting in.
            I think, if you ask them via chat before porting in, they just say No.
            Even I am perplexed with this.

            • @Cyberninja: I was declined just now, saying it is ineligible with the JBHifi offer, that has a $200 voucher instead. They all seem pretty across the ineligibility of JB Hifi accounts

              • @tekkrohnz: Yeah I keep getting denied on the last 20 different chats. They are all sticking to the "it's not available anymore" line. Oh well - means that that Telstra don't get my wife and I to join. Now I just wait for a good deal from someone else

                • @bunnybash: I am really surprised telstra live chat have declined you, my gf got the same deal last Sunday from good guys, you could try goodguys they got the same deal at jb hifi

    • Did you get any JB gift card?

      • Sure did, a $200 gc

  • Can i pay by GG gift card?

  • Jb HiFi Rouse Hill Rep Rick was very helpful. Ported my number back exactly after a month from vodafone. $45, 12 moths plan comes with 50GB dat which is awesome compre to what Telstra iso ifdering on their website $50 with 15 GB data.
    Plus I got the JB HIGi $200 gift card.

    1st Telstra Online chat rep said NO, cannot apply $10 port-in discount, talk yo JB.

    But the second guy was great, no issues and said he has applied the discount and should be available on the next bill.

    Remember to take a screen shot of this approval number for future reference.

    You can also take a survey and get the chat log email to you as well..

    • So that is $35 per month for 12 months?

      • Thats correct

        • What day did you ask for $10 port in credit? They’re jumping all over the place saying this was an old discount expiring 08/07/19, and in another chat saying expired in January lol

          • @NitroNinja:

            old discount expiring 08/07/19, and in another chat saying expired in January

            Take screenshots of both chats and send to the third rep :D

    • wait… did you get confirmation from telstra before signing up with through jb/telstra?

      why would they discount u $10 per mth AFTER jbhifi has already signed u up?
      makes little sence…

      can you send me screenshot of the convo… would love to get off vodafone lol
      $35 + $200jbhifi card is a great deal

  • Any one knows when will this deal ends? Still have another 15 days with Optus.

  • what does this actually mean? "#Available to port–in customers and new Telstra customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers."

    with "Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers" immediately following "#Available to port–in customers and new Telstra customers only."

    what is excluded? the requirement to port-in ? because Telstra pre-paid are already excluded by the first sentance, so why are they excluded again if that's the meaning?

  • how about INTERNATIONAL countries call credit? can i use any of my monthly $ allowance to call O/S and if so, limited to which countries? cant find any info on this.

    • never mind, read above.. it does not. fail.

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