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Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer $59.99 Delivered @ House / Robins Kitchen


Looks like a great price for a branded air fryer!
4.2L capacity, close to the $45 Kogan one.

Full credit to doweyy!

Product page

Robins Kitchen Link

Original Coupon Deal

Updated to Robins Kitchen as the House Listing Sold Out

Updated to House Store as price increase is negligible.

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Robins Kitchen
Robins Kitchen

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  • +3

    Bought one 15 minutes ago off doweyy's comment lol. Can't go wrong at this price. Thanks doweyy & eug :)

  • I have one of these (on Qantas Points) and I am very happy with it.
    Not very high tech controls but does the job.

  • +17

    When the House link sells out, you should be also able to order it through Robins Kitchen for the same price :)

    And then if that listing sells out, should be able to get it from the House store for $59.99 Delivered with "FREESHIP" :)

  • +1

    Quite like the design on this. Not the typical bulbous shaped fryer style.

  • Thanks OP. First air fryer. Always wanted to get one

  • This one vs Aldi's Ambiano tomorrow?

    • Does Aldi have offer for air fryer?

      • 3L Digital Air Fryer $69.99
        Smaller, more expensive but digital…

        • And the Aldi one comes with 3 years warranty.

    • My aldi Ambiano lasted 9 months so bought this to replace it. .

      • Did you return it to Aldi and get refund?

        • Yep, i must add that there returns is super easy. I didn't even have a receipt and got a full refund for the same price as the item sold out.

          Like your user name btw lol

  • +4

    Cheers to the guy who purchased 5. i was legit looking at it just then.

    • +2

      Still available for $59.99 Delivered on their normal store, have updated :)

  • +1

    Ozbargained 😂

  • +4

    Otherwise known as a mini convection oven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjDSuVREsok

    • so it's no quicker than my wall oven ?

      • Heats up A LOT faster than a wall oven.. but overall cooking time once wall oven is up to temp, is similar… air fryer makes the best wedges though IMO!

    • You mean: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/sunbeam-nutrioven-convection...
      Does anyone have this and can comment on it?

      • +1

        I had one at home but stopped using it as it took up too much space. I didn't need the 11L capacity either. This 4.2L one is more compact, and you don't need extra countertop space to place the burning hot top cover/heating element on while you get the food out.

        Other than that, I expect them to work similarly?

      • +2

        Clean up is an absolute pig! The fat and grease gets splattered and it takes up too much space in the dishwasher or the sink. Rinsing it to get the suds out is another story…

  • +1

    Not available

  • This post is so pro. 3 link changes and 2 code changes so far lol

  • Can I fry chips with this?

    • yes, without oil

  • +1

    Is House and Robins Kitchen the same? Their website layout is identical. Thanks OP! Ordered one from each store. One as gift, one for use!

    • +1

      Same company

  • +1

    Expired? Both links 404 for me

  • +1

    Neither links work for me.

  • I think I want one of these. For the people who own one, does yours get much use?

    • +1

      every 2 days we use this

      • Can you tell me what you cook in it? Its hard to imagine using it every two days having never used it, but I'm all ears and would love to try

        • +5

          chips, chicken wings, tofu, fish , pizza and we even use it to bake cup cake.

          if you want to know how , google can help

    • +1

      Very often. Great little units these things. Espesh for kids. Great for wedges, parmies, garlic bread, breaded fish.

    • +4

      great for reheating food aswell e.g kfc

      • +7

        buy KFC on a bargain,
        buy Air-Fryer on a bargain,
        reheat food…at a bargain.

        ( just need electricity, at a bargain.
        and then doctor's bills, … at a bargain! )

  • Might check out in-store tomorrow

  • Looks like the item it has disappeared. Considering that the listing was removed, (rather than becoming sold out) I think that must have been a price error, and they probably decided to just remove it asap. Wonder if it's gonna be honoured.

    Edit: oh, I just checked the original post. Originally there were less than 30 I see.

  • Missed out! But I'm pretty much sold on one of these

  • that was quick :(

  • This is the old model.

    I don’t think you can update many components after purchase.

    Damn you Apple!

  • My order has been dispatched today! Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Has anyone else had their order cancelled? I only discovered the status changed because I logged into my House account.

    No email or any other notification. Very poor customer service

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