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Telstra T-Touch Pre-Paid Tablet $129 +Shipping $7.95


Quick Overview
The Telstra T-Touch Tab™ is Australia's latest Android™ powered touch screen tablet device. It gives you the freedom to connect to the rest of the world while you're on the move.

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  • +7

    lol what a fail compared to the optus mytab deal!

    • but they r out of stock everywhere!!

      • even good guys and HN? i think there is still some stock around, but I agree probably getting very scarce atm. But this T-tab, from all accounts, is a very poor substitute for the mytab, especially at almost 40% higher cost.

      • +8

        T-Touch is T-Terrible

      • IIRC, somewhere at the end of that myTab thread, someone/s mentioned DSE will be bringing more stock in this week.

  • +2

    ooh yeahhh! freedom to connect while im moving! thats a new concept. im down!! who do i give my credit card details to?

  • just take my money!

  • +1

    The price really has to be less than that of the MyTab for people to consider it. If it were $90 including shipping I'd probably buy it.

  • +5

    Telstra Set To Dump 7" Tablet

    By David Richards | Monday | 25/04/2011
    Telstra is set to dump their 7” house brand tablet after the T Touch tab failed to impress both users and reviewers.

    According to sources the carrier has a lot of left over stock of the Huawei made tablet that runs Android 2.1 Éclair. The device cannot be upgraded to Honeycomb.

    A Telstra source said "The device has not sold as well as we expected and will be run out over the next few months. We have no plans to replace it".

    • lol "cannot be upgraded to Honeycomb." mytab ftw, cheap as well.. will become ubiquitous as the poor mans ipad mb.

  • +2

    terrible screen quality with not upgradeable to honeycomb and according to cnet this one is U.G.L.Y.

  • +5


  • +2

    certainly not the latest android powered device. and it is a piece of crap. cant believe helstra was flogging these off for $300

  • How does it compare to mytab, I mean can it be upgraded to 2.2 (custom ROM) or can it make phone calls like mytab, processor/memory/RAM which ones better. I dont mind the price, I would like a telstra nextG compliant one as I live in a regional area where optus cant reach properly

    • yeah it can be upgraded to Android 2.2.2 for Huawei S7 with the Indonesian release froyo firmware it also removes all the bulk that Telstra add and will run apps directly from the sd card
      and yes you can use it to make calls with 3g bluetooth connection, mine came with a sim card, 3gb data download and 2gb micro sd
      it's not as bad as some of the reviews make out, I mostly use it for WiFi streaming internet music and playing games
      Angry Birds, Ninjump and Fruit Ninja all play fine on this device.
      the worst thing about it is the poor battery life.

    • The 2.2 upgrade actually turns it into a decent device. I don't know why Telstra haven't released it as it would make it much more attractive.

      Apart from the poor battery life, the other negative is the lack of accessories. Replacement chargers are next to impossible to find and the promised docking station never eventuated.

      The best thing about the 7 inch form factor is that I can put it in the pocket of my suit jacket -can't do that with an ipad.

  • -1

    Ztevo @$99 is a bargain. Not this.

    • its still a bargain as compared to RRP. if you dont like the price thats ur prob its not a reason to neg. anyways according to your reasoning the t-touch tab would only be a bargain for me if it cost -$50 and telstra paid me to use it.

  • +5

    let's push it down to 50 and i will grab 1

    • +3

      $50 is about the right price, but is Telstra willing to do it?

    • Either that or some deal where you sign up to Telstra mobile/internet/home phone/Foxtel and get a free T-Touch tablet (with a $50 administration fee).

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