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Samsung Galaxy A50 $399, Galaxy A70 $519, Galaxy A30 $303, Galaxy A20 $232 (C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Great prices for local stock of these phones which are just becoming more widely available. Price is close to that of grey import but with local warranty. In the case of the A50 I picked up, the Australian model does support NFC unlike imports.

The A50 in Blue was not showing C&C stock online for Ballarat (but it was on in stock on TGG own website) but they were able to match the price for me in store.

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Samsung-1091005646-Galaxy-A2... (Blue)

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Samsung-1091005648-Galaxy-A3... (Black)

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Samsung-1091005694-Galaxy-A5... (Black)
https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Samsung-1091005695-Galaxy-A5... (Blue)

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Samsung-1091005696-Galaxy-A7... (Black)
https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Samsung-1091005697-Galaxy-A7... (Blue)

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  • +6

    these are really nice phones.

    • +1

      Note that they might not be waterproof, even if Samsung says they are, the ACCC is taking Samsung to court.

      • A series never was. S series is. Problem is advertising and how Samsung handles warranty issues.

        Salt water or chlorinated should be avoided or rinse the phone very well after. Never had any issues with my S' I had so far.

  • +1

    Solid phone solid price for local stock. However, Galaxy A series is sold way more expensive here in Australia than in SE Asian country. For example the RRP for base A50 is $499, while in Indonesia is less than $380(https://imgur.com/a/DR5UzHC).

    • +16

      welcome to Australia Mate :)

      • +5

        Its usually not the case for other Samsung flagship phones.

    • +1

      I think their model has no NFC

      • They also done have Samsung Pay… But their models have more ram and larger storage.. its very strange all up!

        • +1

          Some South East Asian countries don't have the best of internet connectivity. Wouldn't be surprise if their region has no Samsung pay loaded.

    • +3

      did you also compare salaries and power of purchase?

      • +5

        I'm from Indonesia, I can tell you that phones in general are usually more expensive in Indonesia despite their lower average salary. My point is that Galaxy A series RRP in Australia are way higher than SE Asia country which is unusual.

    • Bought the A30 for my mother for ~$250 grey import. She didn't need nfc + whatever else you get on the Australian variant. It's also double the storage + has an additional gig of ram. She's happy with it so far.

      • +1

        Do you know what the camera is like on the A30?

        • Sorry for the late reply.

          On a scale of Horrible to Excellent a solid Meh

          Sometimes images can be overexposed, noise in the area and they can lack detail. Low light? Forget it. Video all that plus occasional autofocus fails.

          If you haven't done so check out https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_a30-review-1947p5.ph...

  • Very tempting price for the A70! I wonder if the A80 will be released locally?

    • +1

      A80 likely isn't being released here.

      • Any idea why?

        • Prob cause we will get the A90?

  • +3

    Only issue with the A70 is the fingerprint sensor being really bad - Own a S8 - poor fingerprint sensor placement and quality, don't want to move to another phone with bad fingerprint sensor for another 2 years, otherwise this will be perfect :(

    Pixel 3A XL should be around $500 compared to this level of kit

    • +1
      • +3

        Sigh not again, Google needs to spend more time QA if they are going to charge more than other OEMs. Cannot recommend them for work purposes at this rate :(

      • +3

        Surprise surprise. After the Nexus 5, everything they produced had quality/reliability issues.

      • That looks more like a software glitch than something with the hardware. That will get patched.

        If it was hardware wise that would be more concerning.

      • They need to address quality issues on the next Pixel phone, otherwise they will end up like LG phone

    • +2

      Can confirm. Just bought A70 and the fingerprint sensor is useless. Face unlock very quick though. I recently got my A70 for AUD$469 from tecobuy.com - worth a look

      • Cheers mate. Not buying then , will wait for revised version.

        They released the may security update which supposedly fixed this issue, but still no way usable

      • Yeah this generation in display fingerprint sensors are best skipped! Let the flagship buyers test and get them sorted and within a year or two we will have good sensors even for the mid range. :)

  • Great prices. Add $10 for delivery

  • wasn't the A20 around $169 at JB a week or so ago? I believe the prepaid one is around that at Big W too. A30 from memory $249 at JB too when both were on sale.

    • The A20 was a Vodafone-locked at Big W. Not sure there was unlocked one at JB for that price?

      • Yeah I know the Big W one was, pretty sure the JB wasn't, it was on their display islands, not on the wall with other cheapie phones.

    • $169+$50 to unlock. The Vodafone one came with prepaid $30 sim too. So slightly cheaper than this deal, and considerably cheaper if you don’t need to unlock.

  • Same price as EPP

  • Kindly note Australian models are single sim only. There are overseas models with dual sim and NFC. I think I saw some on Toby deals AU.

    • Thought No NFC overseas??

    • +1

      A30 with 3Gb Ram has NFC (TGG model)
      A30 with 4Gb Ram usually doesnt have NFC (im pretty sure Toby deals model doesn't have NFC)

      Not sure about other models.

  • +3

    A20 beats everything that comes with an Australian warranty in the price range.

    • I saw a video of it beating the A30 in many basic tasks too

      • +2

        Lower resolution certainly helps out there.
        Seeing them side by side, unless you put your face right upto the phone you barely notice the difference.
        I guess you might if you change minimum width in developer settings, other than that A20 seems like the best low budget bang for buck thus far.

    • Certainly does. Pretty good value. Nice super amoled screen, big 4000 mah battery, even has a wide angle main camera. The performance not bad for a budget phone neither. It’s hard for me to recommend anything else for someone looking at a cheaper phone.

  • +2

    Don't get the A30, either get the A20 or spend a bit more and get the A50.

    A30 and A20 uses the same GPU, the Mali-G71 MP2, it drives the 720p fine but struggles with 1080p. The SOC is similar as well, 2x A73 and 6x A53, but just higher clocked on A30 than A20.

    • +2

      FYI the A20 picks up only wifi 2.4ghz whereas A30 has both bands 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

    • A20 is only 720p screen btw. How often do you see those anymore?

      Can this thing handle 1080p 10-bit video?

      • A30 and A20 uses the same GPU, the Mali-G71 MP2, it drives the 720p fine but struggles with 1080p.

        • That does not mean you cannot run a 1080p video on it. Or that if you run a 1080p video on it, it will require less processing power.

          The second point you missed from his quote is that although the GPU is the same, the CPU is not, so it's not a 1:1 comparison.

          In any case, I would be surprised if it struggled to run 1080p 8 bit video. My Tegra 3 HTC One X from 2012 could handle that.

      • +1

        Look at them side by side and see if you can notice (or if it bothers you) without getting within 10cms of it though.
        I'd rather it be 720p and snappier (plus cheaper) than 1080p and sluggish.

        • I'd rather it be 720p and snappier (plus cheaper) than 1080p and sluggish.

          Is it actually snappier though? Because the CPU is not the same. I would expect the A20's CPU to be weaker than the A30's.

          • @lostn: Yeah it is. I've tried them side by side in person and that's definitely how it seemed to me, however this is a store phone I didn't bother closing apps or screwing around. Also noticed the screen on the A30 seemed nicer quality colour/saturation wise, however this could just be settings I didn't bother to check while looking at them.

            In my opinion if you were going to bother forking out for the A30, wait for a good sale and go with the A50 if possible, its noticeably better.

  • Wife dropped her phone last night and I went browsing ozb to find her a cheapie. Was going to try my luck at Officeworks price matching the bigw Vodafone locked A20 (I've had luck doing the same for locked Oppo f1s before) for ~$170 but noticed at my local a couple of clearance mobile phones….ended up getting a Huawei Nova 2 lite for $115…saved me having to jump through hoops for the A20 ;)

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the A30 is Cat12 LTE same as the A40/A50? GSM arena doesn't mention it.

    Edit: Found a few sites that list Cat10 LTE for the A30.

  • Damn just paid 499 for the A50 through good guys store this morning

    • And I doubt they'll do anything about it, they charge a steep fee for their 'concierge' service, which I think gives you a peace of mind price drop guarantee

    • 28 Degrees Insurance?

  • They aren't bringing the Samsung a80 to Australia it seems then

  • Hmm not sure whether to buy the a70 or s9

  • +1

    Which one should I buy between A50 and A70. Is there any major difference between the two phones and how do they stack up with S9 range?

  • I bought the A50 in April during a transit at SIN Changi Airport.
    Great phone for the price - can recommend.

  • How much RAM on the A50? 4/6gb? Also the specs don't indicate whether or not this model has NFC.

    • +1

      I think it's reasonable to expect that it would match the only model showing on Samsung's Australia website which shows NFC and 4GB Ram

  • 2 year Australian Samsung warranty included. So it's tempting.

  • can Samsung Pay work without NFC?

    If yes the 6gb/128gb model on tobydeals looks tempting even though it is non-Aus model

  • Optus have the A30 for $299 (prepaid). https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/prepaidmobile/samsung-a30
    Would Officeworks price beat this?

  • +2

    How does A50 compare with Moto G7 Plus currently at $359 @ TGG?

    • Would also love to know if Moto G6+ or A20 is worth it if the budget is sub $300.

  • What do the owners of A50 think about the camera quality? Doesn't sound very good reading from here https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/98m0xzq3?p=-1#bottom

  • +1

    A20 is actually $223.20.

  • Thanks. Bought the A20 as a spare. Nice specs for the price, especially for a Samsung.

  • The phones look so similar but all have a different SoC. So confusing. I don't know how the average user without gsmarena is supposed to figure out which one to get. I'm comparing them all and still don't know.

  • I waited and waited and gave up on A70 for the lack of good deal on local stock. Now this comes up. Urgh

    Spent $870 for a s10+ with a 128gb Microsd card from employee program Samsung online store to get EOFY $150 back.

    To be honest for the price I shall not complain about s10+ but I do consider a70 to be very adequate in non-gaming user case. I would rather saving $350 to get a70 with bigger screen, longer last battery, faster charging.

  • +2

    I purchased the A70 yesterday. Here are my first impressions:

    1. As expected, the battery life is incredible. This phone beats the entire S10, iPhone and Pixel range when it comes to endurance.
    2. Samsung's UI is quite pleasant now. I like the dark mode.
    3. The under-screen fingerprint reader is fine, but using it will briefly disable the blue light filter which annoys me at night.
    4. Can't uninstall or disable many Samsung apps (contacts, calendar, messages etc.).
    5. The OLED screen is awesome. Very happy with resolution, saves a lot of battery compared to the QHD alternative on the S10 series and you really won't notice a difference in quality.
    6. Speaker gets pretty loud. Quality nothing to write home about but can't complain for this price.
    7. Love the flat screen - I never quite got used to the curves on the S series.
    8. Build quality is fantastic. Most people would probably think the back is glass, not plastic.
    9. Performance is great so far, although I haven't played any games.

    A few minor gripes but overall this is a major win for $520. I would take it over the Pixel 3a XL ($799) because of its bigger battery, larger screen and higher screen to body ratio.

    • Can't uninstall or disable many Samsung apps (contacts, calendar, messages etc.).

      Not too many OEMs will let you do that without rooting the device. If I had to guess, it would be Chinese brands only.

      A few minor gripes but overall this is a major win for $520. I would take it over the Pixel 3a XL ($799) because of its bigger battery, larger screen and higher screen to body ratio.

      I'm going to wait and see prices on Redmi K20 Pro. If you do a direct conversion from US RRP, it will be about the same as this, but its specs smoke the A70. It's a flagship killer for mid range price as opposed to a mid range phone.

    • +1

      What about the camera?

    • Lookup ADB shell command. I used it to uninstall bixby without root. Use at your own risk, but pretty easy. Best day ever getting rid of that app :)

    • Congratulations on a great purchase.

      Pixel 3a xl is a "bargain" compared to Google's pixel 3 lineup but poor value proposition compared to pretty much anything else. Google's AU pricing is a joke too, $80 USD difference between 3a and 3a xl becomes $150 AUD.

      A70 is $500 king atm all things considered.

  • Just purchased the A50 - good price and good specs.

  • regarding the A20 wifi connectivity, is the fact its missing AC and 5ghz a problem??

    A20: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

    A30: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G+5GHz, VHT80

    • +1

      If you have to ask there is a good chance it won't be a problem for you.

      Almost all wifi hardware has retained 2.4ghz radios even if they have others

      • Thanks

        I do have a 5ghz modem, but using the 2.4ghz network should be fine for everything I do on my phone..

        Just checked and I get ~40mbps on 2.4ghz and ~95mbps on 5ghz

        • You'll get better signal throughout your house on the 2.4GHz frequency also. It travels father.

  • code isnt working for me

  • Does the AU A70 version have Snapdragon rather than Exynos?

    • +1

      Yes it has a snapdragon 675

  • Is the A20 even usable for youtube, google maps, phone calls and sms?

    • Very usable. Can't find faults for the price

  • I am finding it hard to make up my mind on whether to buy A70 or not.

    How bad is the camera? That's my main concern.

    • +1

      Very average according to most reviews.

  • I've tried a Samsung A50 and the under screen fingerprint reader is pretty crap. Way too slow and I struggled to get it to work at all on someone else with workers fingers. - Think probably worse than 1st gen fingerprint scanners like the Samsung S5 or iPhone 5s.
    The rest of the phone seemed nice though.
    The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom I've used with its in display fingerprint scanner is almost as good as a regular one for comparison to the point I wouldn't complain or notice.

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