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[Box Damaged] Sony TVs X80G 43" $839.44, 49" $895.44, 65" $1,499 | X85G 65" $1,799.30, 75" $3,299 | X95G 65" $2,699 @ Sony eBay

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  • Really makes you wonder if the people in the Sony warehouse have butter fingers or something?

  • Not actually box damaged but brand new, "box damaged" is how they attempt to protect their regular pricing and margins.

  • Why ? I thought most TV’s are LED now …..
    Why are Sony still selling LCD ones ?
    After the 49”

      1. LED TVs are LCD, led refers to the backlighting.

      2. Did you miss the LED in every one of the TVs listed?

  • Not great prices really

  • I don't get how Rtings.com gives a higher score to the X800D than the X800G on their measurements. Sony must have gone backwards on their TV quality lately

    • They…don't? The X800G rates a 7.4, the E a 7.1, and they warn that the E's rating is based on an earlier version of their test bench suite so the numbers aren't directly comparable anyway.

      • You didn't read the individual scores like for peak HDR brightness and DCIP3 colour coverage etc. Yes the test bench suite is different but some individual scores i take into consideration.

        I think also that the HDR movies got a lower score than the X800E

  • Does anyone know from experience whether buying one of these with a 28 Degrees card would leave me still eligible to claim Shopper Protection if the price falls at say JB or Harvey Norman? Intuitively I would have thought that it should, but I was worried that I'd not be comparing like with like since this product is "box damaged" and the product I'd be comparing with would not be box damaged.

  • box damage? no deal

  • 49" Sony or the Hisense 50R7?

  • All products are either ex-demonstration, box damaged or manufacturer refurbished. We are unable to advise what situation a particular product falls into furthermore, in the case of refurbished units, what any of the original issues (if any) were or provide photographs of the actual units or private viewings of actual units.

    So you can buy a new product there and it could be refurbished = Joke Store :)

    Further more looks like in title you are getting a new bargain because of damage box which is not the case = con store .

    • So even though it's says new but damaged box it could be refurbished? I'm confused. One part of the ad says new and other section says refurbished.

  • Do people take out their real life frustrations on Ozbargain? More and more posts seem to be full of comments from people that don’t actually have anything constructive to say, they’re stopping by to have whinge.

  • In comparison to the previous deal where the X70 49" was 599, whats the ozbargainers stance about the x80 same size but almost $300 more expensive?

    • On another note, my understanding from previous sony "box damaged" posts (comments), is that box damaged is quite safe and usually not a problem, i mean i couldn't see a single negative comment on that, does that make sense?