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25% off - All Travel SIM Cards - Europe, Japan, USA, NZ, Asia & More - from $21.75 AUD w/ Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney

Hi Ozbargain!

I am Aidan from SimsDirect and we are definitely overdue for an Ozbargain sale! So, I'd like to invite you to our Mid-Year sale.

We are offering a 25% off storewide sale for the next 72 hours!

If you or someone you know is travelling in 2019/2020, this is a perfect time to grab a discounted travel SIM for your next trip overseas.

  • It’s a fuss-free way of connecting when you land

  • It’s great value for money - especially discounted ;)

  • Prepaid SIMs with no hidden fees or costs

  • 100% Money back guarantee with Aussie live support & service

About Us

We are a small Aussie startup who opened our online store in early 2018 with the aim of offering great value prepaid travel SIM cards to Aussie travellers. It’s been an awesome journey for us to go from a small 2 man show in our apartment to now a 5 man team with an office!

We’ve been lucky enough to see SimsDirect grow and help over 30,000 Aussies #travelconnected with 2300+ 5-star reviews and counting!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far! We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the OZB community and every person who’s given us a go :)


The Deal

25% off storewide!

Ends Wednesday 10th of July 11:59 PM

Use discount code: MYS25

Limited stock available.

Our Best Sellers
Name Data Calls & Text Discounted Price
Europe & UK 30 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Unlimited calls & texts (Europe Only) $33 AUD
USA 30 Day Travel SIM Card 5GB (4G LTE) Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $39 AUD
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Big) 10GB (4G LTE) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $36.75 AUD
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Small) 2.5GB (4G LTE) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $21.75 AUD
Japan 15 Day Travel SIM 5GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $33.75 AUD
USA & Canada 30 Day Travel SIM 3GB (4G) Data-Only $33.75 AUD
China 30 Day Travel SIM 3GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $30 AUD
China 15 Day Travel SIM Card 2GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $26.25 AUD
Asia 15 Day Travel SIM Card (78 Countries) 4GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $41.25 AUD
Explorer 365 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Data-Only $63.75 AUD
South East Asia 12 Day Travel SIM (13 countries incl Bali, Thailand) 4GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $26.25 AUD

Free shipping included with all orders
Express & International delivery available

Benefits of prepaid travel SIMs

Plug-n-Play with no ID registration required, simply insert and off you go!
One off payment, no extra costs, no roaming fees, get exactly what you pay for.
Great data speeds and coverage on local networks.

What's included with your order

  • SIM Tray Opener Tool
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (read below)
  • Aussie Live Support via Facebook and Email

Phone compatibility

All SIMs require an unlocked device to work.


All SIMs are easy to activate.

  • Land overseas and insert the SIM into your phone
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  • Restart your phone
  • Happy travels!

Some SIMs will require you to dial or text a number to complete activation, this is included in your PDF guide.


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3 PM AEDT.

  • Free Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.

Please note that Ozbargain can be very unpredictable on how many orders come through, so sometimes it blows up and we get a backlog of orders. In this situation, we will be prioritising customers who leave soon over those who leave later but rest assured we will have all hands on deck until all orders are fulfilled.

Stock Levels

We are stocked up and ready for the sale so we don't expect to run out of anything. If anything unpredictable happens and we run out of stock then our website will change to 'pre-order' automatically. Meaning you can still place your order, but there will be a 7 day wait until we get new stock in.


You can check out securely with:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and ZipPay

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with all products. If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve; I will refund you in full.


Go nuts! If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on Facebook.

Supriti, Mac and I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thank you everyone! <3


P.S If you see value in the deal, please leave us an upvote as it goes a long way!

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  • +2

    Bought from sims direct on the last sale and we used them on a recent 3.5 week trip to Italy. Was perfect for google maps and trip advisor and googling. Also was visiting family and this sim made it easy to call them to let them know we had arrived and didn’t chew through the data trying to use whatsapp voip calls.

    • Hey Akya!

      So glad we could help! Thanks so much for jumping on and leaving some positive feedback :)

      Let me know if you need anything!


  • I'm interested to hear from others who have used this service before as I've got a US trip upcoming. Last time I just bought a SIM when I got there but this looks like it would be a fairly simple option worth at least considering

    So please post a comment or PM me - the good, the bad, the unknown - Anything you know that others don't!
    Thanks in advance

    • Great place to get some advice! Lots of ways to get connected.

      At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. Some people like to use $5/$10 a day roaming (to keep their number), some know of good places to get prepaid SIMs when they land and some buy online.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll help best I can!


    • +1

      Thumbs up from me, used them for our trip to Malaysia and South Korea 2 weeks ago and our trip to USA two years ago.

      Both times got exactly what we paid for, easy setup, reliable and cheap.

      Cant fault them.. (except they dont have sales often enough ;) )

      • Thanks for the comment offal! Appreciate it heaps <3

    • Used the USA 30 day 5gb SIM last month for a 10 day holiday in LA. Lots of places have free wifi in the USA but so glad I had the sim to not have to worry. Set it up while waiting for my luggage. Activated straight away and allowed me to track my shuttlebus that was picking me up from the airport. Used it for google maps, public transport, ordering ubers and lyfts, riding “birds” and making calls. Easy to check balance and great to not have to worry about data roaming on my Aussie sim. Highly recommend

      • Cheers Bex! Thanks for the comment!

        Glad it helped your travels be a little smoother :)


    • Just got back from a trip and the sims worked perfectly in the USA,UK,Europe and Hong Kong will be buying more for next year,

      • Thanks for the comment madreece! Appreciate the support ;)

    • +3

      These are good if you don't use a lotta data. I got this one below which is more pricey but unlimited data. I went HAM and it was great. But definitely more pricey but needed for work sometimes.

  • Hi op do these cards have an activation / expiry date and can you top them up? Thanks

    • Hey thatsapaddlin,

      Some do and some don't (expire and top-ups)

      Make sure you read over our product pages as the expiry/recharge info is in the 'things to know' section.

      Let me know if you have any other questions! :)


      • Thanks I was thinking of the USA only sim. Found the date but still not clear about whether you can top up Data?

        • USA SIM cannot be topped up, unfortunately.

          The SIMs are custom made with a 30-day expiry and don't extend beyond that.

          You can always grab a few and swap them once you run out - but its up to you!

          Let me know if you have any other questions :)


  • Decent value for this product, prompt reply for any issues (keep in mind the time difference).
    NOT all phones are compatible with this sim. make sure to check before purchase.

    • Hey Sydneybargainer,

      Cheers for the input! Thanks for giving us a crack :)

      To add to that - USA SIM cards are where devices need to be checked.

      Some China brand models and older smartphones (pre-iPhone 5/samsung s5) will struggle with any prepaid SIM in the US due to the GSM networks they use.


      • I tried sim in hawaii earlier this year.
        Data did not work on my both phone (iphone 6 and nova 3i) but no issues with calls, I assumed it will work and did not check with imei number as per the instruction.

        Thumbs up to whole team - and keep posting the deals more frequently -;)

  • +2

    These guys are legit, worked a treat for my last trip to Europe. Just purchased another 2 sims for my upcoming trip to France, cheers :)

    • Woo! Thanks carling!

      Glad the SIMs helped and wish you the best for your next trip!

      Just reach out if you run into any trouble :)


  • +1

    Great post Aidan! Any chance you're able to beat your Groupon USA SIM offer which is currently $40.48 using "SECRET" + Cashback or would it be better just buying from there?

    • +2

      Thanks doweyy!

      Price adjusted ;)


      • Great work, thank you!

        • No worries! Let me know if you need anything else :)


  • Thanks Aidan - I've bought and used both your Europe and USA 30 day SIM cards before - just ordered another USA one for an upcoming trip

    • Cheers Remorhazz!

      Thanks for the feedback and the repeat purchase :)

      Let me know if you need anything!


  • Will go to Japan and Hongkong. If I order a single Asia SIM Card (4GB | Data-Only | 15 Days), will it work in both Japan and HK?

    • Yes! It will work in both- the SIm can roam between countries freely.

      Just remember to enable 'Data roaming' in your mobile settings and the SIM will transfer seamlessly.

      Just FYI - you may want to consider our South East Asia SIM instead (it works in Japan and HK) as it will save you a lot more.

      I'll admit Its a little confusing because of the name but I would suggest you go with that option instead :)


  • Signed up to say thank you!

    • Legend! Thanks so much for the love <3

  • These guys are great. Got a bargain about 15 months ago for a sim to NZ. Arrived a bit late, but was given notice by the team.

    Worth purchasing if you are going abroad!

    • Cheers for the comment Snow! I'm sorry for the delay last time haha, I think that was the first time we got 'Ozbargained'.

      We've got a few more hands this time so hopefully no delays ;)


    • How did you find the coverage on the network? Just worried for the more remote regions of NZ as I'll be relying on this solely for GPS navigation.

      • Hi orly!

        If you want to check the NZ SIM coverage the go here

        Just enter a destination and it will give you a map to check the rest of your trip.

        Hope that helps!


      • +1

        It was fine. Even on Cardrona, where Vodafone was spotty in 2014, their sim gave me fine coverage last year.

        I didn't really go too "remote" though. I was mainly in Queenstown, Wanaka, in between the two and also I went to the Blue Pools track, an hour north of Wanaka.

        So perhaps check out the link they posted.

      • +1

        Download offline maps, GPS doesn't require mobile signal to work.

  • Hi, I will be going to South Korea in February 2020. On the webpage, it says that the sim card needs to be activated by 31/12/2019. Can this deal be of use to me? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Harry,

      I would honestly just wait and keep an eye on us. We should be having some more deals between now and then so you won't miss out on anything.


  • not a big deal but

    South East Asia 12 Day Travel SIM (13 countries incl Bali, Thailand)( 4GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $22.50 AUD

    its coming up as $35 minus 25%=$26.25

    • Ah! Thanks for pointing that out, I've corrected the post!


      • Is it just Bali or the whole Indonesia?

  • I need a 30 day sim, data heavy, for US (incl Hawaii), must be able to Hotspot (from iphone7).

    Do you have some options?

    Thank you.

    • I would recommend our Explorer SIM if you're looking for more data.

      If you need the calls then the only option I have is our 5GB option listed above :)

      Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Got a Japan trip starting March 1 2020 - can I still buy now and just activate then in 7months time?

    • Yep!

      The SIm doesn't expire until 30/03 so your just in time :)


      • +1

        Yep ordered! Thank you just in time!

        • Thanks for the order! Will have that shipped asap :)


  • +1

    Do you have a SIM card for Canada that allows calls and texts as well as data? Thanks

    • +1

      Unfortunately not! Every SIm we've managed to get for Canada has been expensive and unreliable - so we are still looking for the right product!

      Keep an eye on us as its a big focus for us and we hope to have something in store soon!


  • so order and pay by what time tomorrow , express, for de;ivery on thursday?

    • I would get your order in right away and order with Express.

      We will have lots of orders tomorrow so the earlier you can get it in the better. All express orders will be prioritised.

      If you order tonight, I'll have it out the door by 5PM tomorrow and with you before Wednesday.

      Let me know if you have any further questions!


  • thanks, i will order before 9am tomorrrow

    • Thanks! You will get an email notification tomorrow once the order is on the way :)

      • sorry for the petty question
        but when it says 12days,

        say you activate on a monday morning, does it deaxtivate automatically on friday night 12am?

        just trying to understand what 12 days exactly means

        • +1

          No bother at all!

          Yes, that's correct - the Monday you activate it will be day 1 meaning it will expire midnight Friday.


  • OP do you have anything for Japan with unlimited data? Something like this:

    I am after one for India as well if you have something available?

    • +1

      Hey ABZ!

      Nothing, unfortunately, only the 5GB option listed above.

      For India, you can use our Asia SIM (4GB/15 days).

      I would be careful with unlimited SIMs in Japan - most unlimited SIMs in Japan generally come with speed limitations or daily quotas. ALWAYS read the fine print or terms of service before buying them. I have been stitched up before.

      If you can confirm there is no daily limit/speed capping then go with it.

      Let me know if you have any other questions :)


  • Have used twice before for Europe and USA. Easy to set up and use. Definitely recommend.

    • Epic! Thanks Kangaroo!

      Much love <3

  • +1

    Hi OP,

    Travelling to Singapore at the end of the 2019.

    1) Will you have any more sales between now and then? Don't want to have buyers remorse ideally…

    2) Looking at SEA 12 day SIM but the PDF guide links to that for ASIA 15 day sim? Can you please check this?


    • +1

      Hey John,

      1) We will have deals between now and then - if I don't just hit me up and I can sort something for you.

      2) The guide is incorrect - no need for the guide for that SIM anyway, it's super simple and everything you need to know is on the packaging.

      Apologies for the guide, I'm getting new ones done in the next few months so it should be fixed up soon hopefully!

      If you have any questions further questions, fire away!


  • Used them on my last trip to the US and while I like using T-Mobile, this is way more convenient and had no issues at all. Got one for the missus who leaves to the US on Thursday (paid for the express shipping) so hopefully this won't get ozbargained like the first time haha

    • Awesome! Thanks for the comment fluffy!

      Express orders will be the first thing I do tomorrow so shouldn't be an issue :)


  • hey, could anyone help me with this please,
    im off to america for 2 weeks, it seems like the europe 12gb sim is a better deal for america, since it says it works in the US, you get more data and its cheaper than the US sims, has anyone used this in the US before (the eu 3sims), thanks

    • +1

      Hey Nielsen64,

      Its equally as good (both use T-mobile network) in terms of data.

      The Europe SIM will have no call/text capability in the US though.

      If you want - you can go to the review section on our Europe SIM and search USA. That will filter all reviews where customers have mentioned USA in their review.

      Hope that helps!


      • your 3 sim also roams on AT&T. It's actually much better than the other one in terms of coverage

  • hi
    do you have sim card for two weeks holiday to turkey ?

    • +1

      Nothing for Turkey haider :(

      Sorry I can't help you there!

      Check out Simcorner's Vodafone Europe SIM for a SIm that works in Turkey - they will be able to help you out :)


  • +1

    Many of the 5 star reviews for USA sim are identical, duplicates from the same reviewer.

    • Hey ReadOnly,

      There shouldn't be any double ups - Reviews are verified by email with our customers and submitted once. If you do find some then please point them out for me and I will have them removed.


  • Hi,

    I'm looking at the China & HK SIM 15 days. I noticed that there is a built-in VPN. I was wondering how does that work? Is it automatic as long as the SIM is activated in your phone?


    • Hi emchun,

      The VPN is inbuilt via Hong Kong (its a HK manufactured SIM).

      HK does not share the same restrictions as China maniland.

      No need to do anything. Simply put the SIM in and off you go!


      • +1

        Bought one. Thank you so much :)

        • +1

          Awesome cheers! Thanks for the order emchun!

          Reach out if you need anything from me ;)


    • +1

      Just make sure you enable data roaming while in China. HK SIM is considered as a foreign SIM there.

      • Thanks! :)

  • Hi, thinking of getting the Asian Sim for a trip to China and Singapore in a few weeks. Just checking, does this sim itself bypass the Great Firewall, or will I still need a VPN?

    • +1

      Hey topcat!

      It bypasses the firewall :) No need to do anything! (It's inbuilt)


  • Got a couple of the Europe & UK ones and had terrible trouble with it. It works on the 3 network in the UK which is not great for coverage outside big areas. Also it would say I was out of data way before I was, stop working and demand top up (which you can't do). Stopped working twice right when I needed it most. Tech support had no clue (and no mention of the money back guarantee, which I well deserve).

    • +2

      Hey wfd,

      So sorry to hear your experience wasn't smooth my man! Nothing is worse than your internet stuffing up at the worst time possible (especially overseas).

      Did you contact ThreeUK tech support? Or did you message/email SimsDirect?

      Its our policy that if you don't get value out of the SIM - we don't want your money. So please email me directly at [email protected] with your order number. Be as detailed as possible with your experience and please include that you are wfdTamar from OZB.

      I can get this sorted for you!


    • Certainly not my experience with 3 in the UK, having bought UK sims before it's either 3 or EE. Of course YMMV. At these prices I'm a repeat customer (bought EU SIM for our son last year) rather than buy a sim when we arrive in the UK.

  • Any esims?

    • +1

      Nothing yet! eSIM will probably be something that becomes more popular over the next few years and something we move into with a bit of time. It's still a little early at this stage.


      • All good, have ordered two for my upcoming Japan trip.
        Thanks Aidan!

        • Awesome thanks Heybargain!


  • Is there a 3 week SIM for the SEA one?

    • Hey haru,

      Unfortunately not! Best bet would be 2 x 12 Day SIMs for 3 weeks. Swap it out when you use up the first SIM.


  • I still haven't used the three 2Degrees SIMs I bought from you guys.

    And yet my brain wants to buy more! :D

    • +2

      You know you want to…

      Haha jk >.<

      Good to see ya again Stray!

  • You don't have any USA/Mex SIMs for longer than 15 days?

    • +1

      Hey JohnHoward,

      Unfortunately not - we haven't had the chance to get reliable Mexico SIMs in store yet.

      Something we are working on!


  • Hey Aidan,

    Looking for a Europe sim, however would struggle to use the full 12Gb, would much prefer something cheaper with less data, say 3 to 5 gigs. Any chance of any of those smaller bundles available?

    • +1

      Hey Powerhead,

      The 12GB option is the only option we have for Europe.

      I can't get you the 5GB version, unfortunately :(


  • Just bought 2 Euro SIMs, perfect timing for my upcoming trip in 2 weeks. Thanks Aiden!

    Doesn't stack with the 10% off code for multiple of the same SIM, if anyone is wondering ;)

    • Awesome! Thanks for the order flosty :)

  • cheers, bought 3 and looking forward to using them in europe!

    • Sweet, thanks heaps for your order pshumi!

      Will have that to you asap :)

  • Will the Europe and UK Sim work in a tablet?

    • +1

      Hey skd22,

      No, the Europe/UK SIM is for mobile phones only.

      For other devices like wifi devices + tablets you need to use our 'Explorer SIM'.

      (It's manufactured by ThreeUK - same as the Europe SIM)

      Let me know if you have any questions!


    • They should. Tablet can use regular SIM just fine. Depending on models, some tablet cannot call and sms.

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