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Xbox One Console 500GB Black (Pre-Owned) - $159 + Free C&C @ EB Games eBay


Not a bad deal?

500GB OG model… 3 month warranty

Click and collect is free.. delivery is fairly cheap too!


Xbox One 500GB console (Refurbished by EB Games) - Colours may vary
Xbox Wireless Controller (Refurbished by EB Games) - Colours and models may vary, may not be official
HDMI cable
AC power cable

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  • I wonder what I'd get for a trade-in of my exact copy of this one?
    Barely $50?

    • +22 votes

      It's like they're a business that wants to make a profit.

    • Oh and that's not even cash-in-hand. When I went to trade mine in they only offered store credit??? Sold it on Gumtree quite quickly for more than EB were offering

      • Funny how cutting out the middle man nets you more $$$!

        Still store credit…. lol get (profanity) EB.

    • Around $70 plus it stacks with EB world based on their web price.

      Level 2 $77
      Level 3 $80
      Level 4 $84

      Or if they have not updated their system it's $110

  • Think about those pre-owned grimy controllers shudder

  • +16 votes

    During sales you can get a brand new slim with full warranty for as low as $199. Keep that in mind if you can wait until Black Friday.

    • Hoping for one in the prime days sale. Outlaws need a 4k player and I'm sick of showing them over and over how to switch from Netflix to tv and foxtel

      • You may even score a free game out of it!
        I just checked and the previous $199 deals have often been either for the 1TB version or have thrown in a free game.

      • Yo do NOT want to mess with OUTLAWS! Get it sorted!

  • +10 votes

    Check your local cash converters. These usually go for like $90 now.

  • Hopefully Amazon has a deal on the Xbox One's during the Prime Day Sales on 15th & 16th of July. Need a new Xbox One Controller for the PC and wouldn’t mind paying little extra for Basic Xbox One Pack especially with how cheap their games are during sales.

  • I suppose you can easily find Xbox One S for a lower price on Gumtree or FB Market. Just have to be careful in checking before buying. Usually they even include manufacturer's warranty.

  • +11 votes

    Yes. This doesn't seem to be cheap enough to consider a bargain.

  • This is good if you dont want to deal with FB or GT Fwitts

    • There are different types of Fwitts out there and really depends on your luck as it can go either way. One sold a Xbox One S 500GB White with a genuine White wireless controller to my cousin for $80.

      Since then, I have been looking for a similar Fwitt but yet to find one.

  • Spend the extra $40 on a brand new Xbox One S.
    Smaller, quieter, a two-year manufacturer warranty, and is a 4K blu-ray player.

  • This is a poor deal

  • Honestly, I would pay the extra and get a newer S model.

    Total crap shoot with what you will get. The updated (and new) controller and internal power on the S model alone are worth the extra $.

    • Totally agree. Unless the difference is major or the cost is low (like the recent $22 Wii deal) then it's not worth the possible headache. I have friends who have learnt the hard way.

      And I really wish EB Games would just stop using the word "refurbished" for pre-owned consoles…it's misleading.

    • The S still struggles in gaming. Very underpowered machine. Most games struggle to hold 30fps @900p

  • Not sure why so many likes. I struggled to sell a brand new one s that I got from Mate. It was 1 tb with 2 games for like $220. $159 for an old first gen console pre-owned and only 500 gb sounds too steep.

  • I think that this deal doesn't pay off. Wait for a Black Friday… :)

  • Good deal considering you can resell this at same price or more at Gumtree after playing for few months