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Breville The Fast Slow Pro Cooker BPR700BSS $199.20 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Under $200 again delivered.

Credit to original Myer eBay sale post.

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    I bought this last sale from myer, been great so far. Although it is my first pressure cooker so nothing to compare against.
    Makes great risottos with little time investment; usually i have to stand there and toast the rice while slowly adding stock.
    In this i dump the chicken in, brown it, take the chicken out, whack everything in and turn it on.
    it makes a ding noise, i put the chicken back in and add parmesan.
    And the lamb shanks, fantastic.

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      I bought this during the last sale as well and also found it to be very good! Haven't tried the slow cook function yet, but i've been using the pressure cooker/saute functions and its been great! Very happy with it.

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        Dump in 10 big chicken drumsticks (not frozen), 750ml of BBQ sauce, half a cup of Apple Cider and tablespoon of paprika, give it a bit of a stir and set it to slow cook for 10 hours at low heat… delicious!

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          Can you guys bring the slow cookers to the next Ozbargain meet and cook? I have just eaten lunch including a burger and chips and reading these posts makes me hungry!

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          10 hours?!

        • +1

          750ml of BBQ sauce


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      I made the most amazing beef stroganoff for dinner last night. Big chunky pieces of beef that were melt-in-the-mouth soft after 30 mins of cooking. No regrets!

    • Excellent! Here's another way. Very quick and easy! Also another recommendation, bought it off a TGG ebay deal a few years ago. Still going strong and regularly used!

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    Been somewhat interested in a slow cooker, these multi cooks seem like decent value too. The Philips one is a fair bit cheaper as another option (

    Any advice on places to find recipes, or good Youtube videos? Not really sure if it's worth the price for me to be honest! But as a shift worker, the idea of coming home to dinner being ready at a time of my choosing is nice.

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      I have this Philips cooker and it's great. It's a new 2019 model, and heats up quite a bit quicker than any of the others I've seen.

      You'll find unlimited recipes just searching for "XXX instant pot recipe"

    • Yeah I've had my eye on the Phillips for a while, but this Breville looks good as well.

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      FYI The Good Guys have the Philips for $179 with a bonus offer of the stainless steel insert pot for free, so if you're after that combo it works out cheaper than buying them separately on eBay even with the promo codes.

      • thanks - bought phillips AIO for $179 at GG . Free bowl for redemption, but the better bowl is the one that comes with the AIO(saleswoman said)

        phillips AIO has 2 years warranty, as opposed to 1 year and high average score on a review website

        • Maybe it's better for some dishes like risotto, but if you want to use the sear function to brown meat you'll only be able to build up a fond to deglaze in the stainless steel pot.

        • Yeah that's the one with the extra.

          Wasn't really sure what you'd used the extra bowl for anyway…

      • Thanks. Bought one of these from TGG and should get $20 store credit for Click & Collect as well. Not sure when it started but needs to be purchased by 17/7/19.

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      I have the Phillips AIO (upgraded from a Fast Slow (not the pro) which started to die at about the 5 year mark). Love it to bits. Periodically goes on sale. Very quiet and you can buy an extra stainless steel bowl for it. There's a couple of FB groups for it too with lots of recipes.

    • Thanks all - I picked one up. Had an eBay gift card which sweetened the deal :)

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    This is an excellent unit. Have it and love it.

    Rated at the top in Choice's last review.

  • Can also vouch for this machine it is excellent.

  • It works well. I got it the last time and it cooks so fast. Be aware, it does take 5-10 minutes to 'preheat' and then another 5-10 to cool down. It's still faster than cooking conventionally but it's more of a convenient pro cause I can watch TV or a movie and not working about the cooking until the beep beep beep.

  • Ooh.. if i didn't have the individual machines already, i'd jump on this!

  • got one. thanks OP.

  • I'm after a pressure cooker - I wish this was 15psi (like the Instant Pot Ultra and gas pressure cookers).
    I think this is max 12 psi.

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      Are you taking the psi?

      • exactry

    • Majority of electric pressure cookers cook at 12PSI.

      at 15psi, waters boiling temp reaches 121C
      at 12psi, waters boiling temp is around 118C

      It's really not that much difference and the vast majority of recipes are written for electric pressure cookers anyway so will be perfect at 12psi.

      worst case scenario is add a few min.

      • For example cooking beans, looks like gas pressure cookers are about 2-5mins faster depending on the beans.
        But gas pressure cookers also come to pressure a few mins before electric, and, they also release pressure quicker.

        Regarding meats, beef (ribs) is about 15mins quicker, beef (roast) 10mins, beef (round) 10mins - ground meats aren't much difference, and chicken is less than beef.

        Beef (stock - bones etc) is about 15mins diff in cooking time as well.

        Anyway, this product is good. But let's not pretend it's basically the same as a gas pressure cooker re cooking times. It has other advantages over gas cookers.

  • I bought one last time. Great cooker.

  • Makes fantastic bone broth. Bought mine in last sale. No regrets.

  • highly recommend - bought in the last sale and it's amazing!! i have made some great ribs :D

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    Thanks OP and all who recommended!

  • is it easy to clean? is the bowl like a rice cooker bowl? easily scratched ?

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      There is a bowl insert that comes out. I chuck mine in the dishwasher and it's fine. I've had mine for 2 years and no scratches yet (that being said, I only use wooden or plastic implements in it)

      • That's impressive. Every bowl I have come with these things scratch almost instantly. 2 years is amazing.

        • The bowl has a PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic coating, i havent had mine long but it seems far more durable than teflon

  • Bought one. Thanks OP and those who recommended it

  • this nice, i might buy one

  • +5

    Glad to see quite a few people have bought it. Even better that no one has brought it.

    • Someone did request that owners bring their cookers to the next ozbargain meetup. 💐

  • I bought this new unopened off someone for this price, so run don't walk if you're looking for a multi cooker. I am still getting my head around using it but it's well worth it.

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    Made pho beef noodle soup stock. In 4 hours. Set and forget. 1 hour to come up to pressure/heat. 2 hours under max pressure cook (can reduce to 1 hour if you want. I wanted maximum flavour) and 1 hour natural steam release. Made the cooking process very easy and rather than 8 hours continuous flame cooking, whole thing was automated. Results pretty much the same.

    Very happy with the unit. Cleaning wasnt too bad either.

    • +2

      Whats your Pho recipe?

    • +5

      +1 please share!

  • +1

    Thanks! I didn't know I wanted one, but seeing this, I knew I had to have it.

    (aside, it has occurred to me, on occasion, that a pressure cooker would be good to have)

    • +1

      Me too. Didn't know I really needed one until this morning.

      Now one is on its way.

      Big thanks to all the members who overwhelmingly gave it the thumbs up.

      Otherwise I would have passed on it.

      At last I'll be able to cook for real instead of in the microwave.

  • Thanks for the post!!! Excited to try it out!!!

  • Got one, thanx OP.

  • +2

    Every time these deals are posted there's posts with tasty examples of what people have just cooked in their pressure cooker. Time for an ozbargain pressure cooker cookbook I think.

  • I have the earlier version of this, the Fast Slow Cooker (without the pro). I think I've been using it for eight years now. We use it as our rice cooker, so it gets at least daily use, and it does general pressure cooking as well, pulses, legumes and whatnot.

    The seal is a bit dodgy, I need to whack it on top to get it to pressurise sometimes, and the centre console is no longer working so I am restricted to using the pressure cooking setting anyway, which is no big deal as that is all I use.

    Yes limited psi but at least you know its not going to blow and give everyone in the house third degree burns.

    I had a Russell Hobbs pressure cooker before, I miss some of the settings from that one, but this is definitely the more reliable cooker.

    Would happily buy one again.

    • How many minutes do you do your rice for in it? I was about to ditch mine because it intermittently doesn't get to pressure but after reading this I might keep and use as a rice cooker!

      • Without pressure, basically same as a normal cooker, about 12 mins. Of course the timer wont run down if it doesnt get to full pressure.

    • Mine had a similar issues withe the seal and I got it replaced for free even though it way out of warranty.
      The new seal works much better

  • +1

    I wish I had some self control when it comes to bargains.

  • +3

    I came here for the recipes.

  • code does not work, "This code can't be applied to your order." is it already expired? :(

  • +1

    Great price! Looked into this model previously but did not go ahead because the lid is connected, not sure if it can be removed easily to wash.

    The Philips one is great too, probably less smart functions than this one.

    • Can remove the lid easily. Just screws in with one nut

  • Thanks OP! Pulled the trigger finally

  • Pulled the trigger too, pew pew!!

  • +2

    Can also vouch for this pressure cooker. Had it for 4 weeks and have cooked something every weekend, great for meal prep.

    I'm a big fan of the Serious Eats website and Kenji López-Alt did a bunch of testing and recommended the very same cooker.

    Commentary on pressure vs slow cooking (this one does both mind you)

    Pressure cooker recipes on serious eats (Mushroom Risotto and Green Chicken Curry have both been great)

  • +1

    Shizzer was to slow.

    • +1

      Was the pressure too much?

      Also, it's still on, it been re-listed -
      When I went into Myer to go Pick it up they have it at FINAL SALE price at $319 instore.

      • Trying to purchase but comes up with "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired." when I pay. Tried a few times in different browsers.

        • Yeah same!

        • same here too.

          • @kealii: oh damn. yes same, just at the last step.

        • +1

          Seems like Click and Collect works for stores that have stock.

  • Has anyone got cooking recipes link? Thanks

  • It’s out of stock (10 July 2019)

    • It's relisted, but now I can't find it again

      • Still coming up as available on the app for me.

        • With an add to cart button?

        • appears in stock, but if you checkout and pay, at the last step (when you press pay), it says there are none available. strange it can get to that point before telling you it's out of stock.

          • @spa: It's out of stock on the Myer website as well.

            • @kulprit: it worked for me, order placed

              • @desparito: For some reason it now works with a web browser (out of stock with mobile app).

                However, the promotional code now does not work. Anyone else have this problem? it says "This code can't be applied to your order."

                • @fauziozi: The promo code is working fine for me but I still get this msg “This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.”

                  • @Lizard Spock: Yeah, I get the same msg as Lizard Spock.

                    Maybe try again tomorrow or I'll pick up the Phillips one

                    • @Wally Simmonds: Are going to go with the Phillips one for $179 with the bonus offer of the stainless steel insert pot (from the Good Guys)?

                      • +1

                        @Lizard Spock: Yup, I may do - but I'll try the Breville again tomorrow, maybe they'll sort the stock issues. I think they still have pick up from the stores

                      • @Lizard Spock: Is the Philips one any good/comparable? Haven't looked into it yet! I guess an extra pot could be useful.

                        • @spa: I am not sure how it compares. It would be handy to have the spare pot with the Phillips one

                  • +1

                    @Lizard Spock: Tried with incognito, then purchase as guest. the promotional code works. But then I get the same message as you at the end :(

  • +2

    It worked!!!!!!! I thought I’d try my luck one more time and it went through!!!!

    • +1

      Thanks! Yep I just got one too!
      There are 2 left!

      • Yay! Wait, how can u tell there’s only 2 left?

        • it said on the ebay listing earlier, 24 sold 2 remaining. Something like that. But the quantity remaining is no longer there.

  • Mine arrived today (it said expected 18-19 July) - awesome!

  • +1

    Mine arrived today, and I live in FNQ, seriously quick shipping.

  • Me too, mine just came. So fast!!

    • Ditto. Three days after ordering. Scheduled delivery was not for another six days. Now just gotta work out how to use the pressure steamer without the lid blowing off and going through the roof and into outer space.

  • messaged eBay Myer store account and they told me they're out of stock and they wil l have to cancel my order. I ordered on the day this deal was posted

    • yeah myer have a hopeless inventory keeping system. similar thing for the sydney city store. worked at bankstown tho.

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