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Xiaomi Mi TV Box EU Plug (Official International Version) - US $49.99 (~AU $72.05) Delivered @ GearBest


200 pieces only

Android TV box supports Bluetooth voice remote control
You can catch your favourite TV shows, play games, watch the news or switch to radio.
Mi box also supports Google Cast.

Main Features:

● It runs on the latest Android TV which is easy to enjoy your entertainment time, it can upgrade to Android Oreo through an update.
● A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games.
● A Bluetooth voice remote control: Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will search for what you want.
● HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding will provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity.
● HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV.
● It also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which create you smooth and surround sound.

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  • Unpopular opinion

    I have this (the Mi Box 3) and it destroys the VodaTV that is now collecting dust

    VodaTV constatly blacks out on youtube, PLEX has errors where it can't find the server and the voice assistant is useless vs Mi Box on Oreo

    the ONLY mi box issue is the it sometimes wont wake from sleep (using my phone to wake fixed it)

    • Strange i almost exclusively use voda gor youtube with no issues. Then again I've had no issues with the older mibox either that most ppl complain abput.

    • Agree with the VTV having Youtube issues. Have to back out and go in 2-3 times before it will play. it's the only app it has a problem with.
      It also is about 1-3 seconds behind when I cast Kayo to it, meaning I hear the commentators being excited before I see the play.

      Mi Box has never had a problem and I'm tempted to get this for future TVs I have.

    • Disagree, 2 Mi Boxes in the drawer unable to play Netflix and one VTV happily living in the bedroom.

    • Hold the ok button that usually brings out of sleep

    • What app do you use to wake it? Mine seems to not like waking up if left off for a few days. Thanks.

      • Push the power button several times, say anywhere from 1 to 5 or 6, this would work most of the time. If that doesn't work just long press the power button on and off.(this is what I do and I get it to wake, others may have better suggestions). Good luck

    • My mibox (3) just bricked about two weeks ago after the latest update (starts up fine but than just goes black-read about fix starting in debug mode by holding buttons on remote but doesn't work). Replaced it with the Vodafone's box and quite happy with it, so far did not have any YouTube, Netflix or other issues at all.

    • That "wake up from sleep" issue improved heaps since latest update. Got it on mine last month, much more stable now and always wakes up.

    • I've got VTV and I'm getting the Youtube issue too. It's happening on Youtube Kids as well.

      Strangely, live videos works perfectly on Youtube.

    • Youtube is the only app I constantly have problems with on mi box, it's completely broken for casting, I can cast when I link my phone to the app but even that breaks pretty often and requires force closing the app to fix, no problems with plex or netflix though, unfortunately I watch youtube a lot…

    • Never had those issues with my Vodafone TV. Works great with Plex (my main use) and YouTube (occasional use).


    Question, my Mibox always searches with YouTube instead of Google. Is it easy to change?

    • Are you saying this happens on the home screen?


        Yes, when I use search function through the voice…..it has been a few months since I last tried
        As I gave up using the Mibox as could not find any benefit over a Chrome. The search function killed it in terms of benefit.
        Started to side load apps on it, but really couldn't see any benefit over casting to Chrome.

        It's benefit I'd lost on me? And I'm bit of a Xioami fan. just thinking if I count all the Xioami stuff i have invested in over the last four years or so including mi home stuff, batteries,lights, phones,screwdriver globes,backpacks,vaccum and tablet the mi box is probably the least awesome tech I have purchased from them

        • I don't have this search issue at all. Did you try a factory reset? I don't own many Xaiomi products but the mibox is definitely a solid little device. After one particular update it turned into rubbish for a short while but was rectified and going great guns. Kids watch heaps of Netflix and YouTube and can use the device without any support from me. I purchased the photo gallery app and have it playing all my google photos as a screen saver which is awesome. Definitely worth the money for the app. Sideloaded TeaTV is also a great Terrarium/Morpheus alternative


            @SonOfATightASS: Cheers,thanks for the feedback.

            I will look at again as I purchased so the kids could use without having to use a screen to cast.
            BTW Im not associated with GB it just won't let me uncheck the box :/

  • Havent heard any complaints from my old man about the vtv i bought for him. He is always playing youtube videos on it. I use it whenever im over there also and no issuses to report about.

  • My Vtv is good no problems with YouTube

  • +GST US $5.00 (~AU$7.23). Total US $54.99 (~AU $79.48) Delivered.

  • Sony TV now Oreo and mibox Oreo and vtv is behind unforunately

    • I honestly couldn’t give a crap what version mines running. All the apps I want work great, not really interested what the underlying version is.

      • You will when the apps upgrade and no longer support older versions like sonos has done with old ipads

        • Yeah cool, but I think Android 7.1.1 will be supported for a fair while yet. So far everything still runs great on the Android 6.0 unit in my car.

      • Updates are mostly a con anyway to slow down your devices and upgrade the hardware. People like chasing the next version. It's an addiction. I swear some apps just come up with no change 'optimization' updates to keep users happy.

      • Tho I prefer the Android 8 layout. It's easier to use. But that's my personal opinion

  • @XeKToReX I have two Mi boxes and manage 3 others for friends/family, and never had a Netflix playback problem or complaint. Perhaps you just got unlucky.

    YouTube also works just fine.

  • I'm choosing between the 2? Errr

  • My Mibox just stopped working after a few months. I seem to be in the minority but thought I should share anyway. It no longer connects to our network.

  • Native Amazon Prime app for Android TV rolling out from today (ChromeCast already available):


    • my sony android TV has always had amazon prime, and i just side loaded from it to my mi boxes/vtv

  • This has a lot of fruit, but one core feature this doesnt have compared to the VTV is TV tuner.

    • The tv tuner is ok, but its not the best quality for image compared to getting a HD Homerun, its like a cheaper USB TV Tuner you get from ebay