This was posted 1 year 6 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Mission White Strip Corn Chips 500g $2.75 (Was $5.50) @ Woolworths


Generous portion 500 grams, great for nachos.
Also half price on Mexican foods like old el paso taco kits,salsa sauces and mission wraps.

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  • Mission chips are so good!
    Thanks for this.

  • What's the benefit of using these over regular plain salted corn chips? (Honest question)

    • I can't answer your question but i hope someone does.
      Although i believe this particular mission corn chips are plain, i use them mostly to make nachos for me and the kids on movie nights but i also enjoy them on thier own sometimes.
      I always stock up when they come on half price, just make sure you seal the bag after use to keep them fresh.

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      Also they are gluten free!

      • I think CCs are gluten free but I can’t remember if all flavours or just some

    • There's nothing crazy or special about them, they're just nice quality corn chips.

    • cc and doritos use palm oil which is high in saturated fat and trans fats …..
      mission use sunflower oil so much lower in saturated fat and much lower in trans fats ….

      american doritos aren’t cook in palm oil due to trans fats so fda stops them, australian gov food agencies aren’t fussy so we get cc and doritos made with cheaper palm oil instead, and higher trans fats and saturated fat.

    • These are salted, but they taste like they are mildly salted.

      These are a good quality chip, and remind me of how corn chips used to taste when they first came to Australia.

      The quality of CC's and Dorito's have changed over the years, in my opinion for the worse.

      I think this plastic packaging may be new - first saw it at Aldi, and previously have purchased these in a paper bag with a clear plastic Window.

    • I think they are slightly thicker, so if you like to dip, then they are stronger and break less than the CC/Dorito option.

      If you make nachos where you pile the salsa on with cheese and bake, well both these and regular corn chips can get soggy.

    • They have a lot less salt than most other corn chip brands.

  • Thank you op, never seen half price on this before.

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      You are most welcome.
      They don't get half priced very often but it's great when they do :)

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        According to price hipster, they have only been half price 6 times since December 2017.
        Thank you jazoom for the upvote and your hard work.

  • How long are these on sale for (end date)?

  • Nice one OP, saved me a trip to Costco

  • Can confirm these are bomb. Add your favourite topings to make great Nachos with them too.

  • Tacos wait for summer. It's sad.

  • For every hostess with the mostess

  • for catering mission do triangular plain chips, for some reason in supermarket they do strips as plain.

    i prefer the triangular plain version.

  • I first noticed this range of chips in the Mexican aisle at Coles in January and treated myself to the smaller chilli and lime packet for $1.55. I ventured south of the border and I liked it.

    I thought it was going to be discounted to half price every other fortnight like Doritos and CCs but it's one of those 10% off items, typical for Mission (I grabbed a lot of their half price tortillas the other week). But that's probably for the better since it's priced outside my psychological barrier for snacks of about $2.24 on a good day.

  • these are great, lay them standing up on their sides in a small tray, drizzle meat sauce or salsa then cover with cheeses

    $3.50 at coles right now. so a little cheaper than RRP

  • Are these the same corn chips that were in the paper style packaging? Or is it just a change of packaging?

  • Just tried it for the first time. Thicker than dorito /cc's which holds the salsa very well and the shape is perfect for scooping up the salsa. Taste fresher and more crunchy than dorito /cc's. Flavor is plain with minor salt seasoning. Overall, IMO, it's much better than dorito /cc's.