This was posted 1 year 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Private Internet Access VPN: 3 Years - US $60 (~AU $86.18) @ PC World Shop


Usual price is $83.87 (USD) for two years. Can't stack the 10% mailing list voucher code.

Great for all those whose subscriptions are coming to an end!

This deal expires today so get in quick.

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  • You can stack on top of current subscriptions tho

  • Is this easy to stack to my current subscription?

    • I would also like to know this

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        Need to submit a ticket;

        This was their reply to me;

        "Thank you for contacting PIA customer support. I hope all is well and I'll be happy to offer what information I can today. Yes, if you take advantage of this deal please redeem it under the same email as your active account and provide us the below verification for the new purchase. (and please provide it for the older purchase as well if you still have the code.)

        After redeeming your new account on our site please provide the 16 digit License ID. It would look similar to "1234-5678-9012-3456." and please provide this for the previous purchase as well.

        Once we receive this, we will be happy to proceed with your request."

        • Ive done this several hours ago no response yet.

        • Be aware, I received the response below when trying to add to my existing subscription; I have no idea how I was supposed to know if I was on a "legacy" payment processor.


          Thank you for contacting PIA Support! How are you doing today?

          Unfortunately, after reviewing your current account with us, it does appear that your account is utilizing a legacy PayPal Processor. As this is the case, I am afraid I am limited in the actions I can perform on your account, and as a result I am unable to merge an existing subscription into a legacy PayPal Processor subscription. However, we do have a workaround available at this time, if you were interested.

          I did wish to let you know that we are moving our users from legacy to actively supported payment providers at this time! We can provide you a special one-time use re subscription link that will allow you to update your payment processor, whether its just updating PayPal to the Braintree processor they are now utilizing, or another payment processor that is currently supported. Please note that doing so will result in an early renewal, as this link can only be utilized to renew your subscription onto an updated payment processor!

          If you were interested in updating your legacy account so that you are able to merge your trial subscription into it, I will need further verification of your PayPal account! Please provide us the Transaction ID from the PayPal subscription for our service:

          1. Log into your PayPal account via the website at (the app will not display the right information).

          2. Go to your payment history or Activity (this may be displayed right after you log in, in a section called "Recent Activity") and locate the payment to our company; it will be listed as "London Trust Media, Inc."

          3. Click on the payment to our company; this should bring up details about the transaction. If you do not see details about your purchase, you should see a link which says "Manage London Trust Media, Inc. payments."

          4. After clicking the transaction within the payments details, you will see a Transaction ID a series of numbers and letters (for example 2RT52826PM010815J) at the bottom left of the details.

          If you have any issue locating your Transaction ID, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist you with verifying your account. If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know!


          Customer Support Agent

          • @Big Trev: I got the same reply..

            • @GerrardLFC: OK, I got this sorted out. All I can say is that you need to be very, very direct (to the point of being rude).

              The process involved:
              - They provide a link, where you setup a new account using your 16 digit redemption code
              - You setup the new account, using the same email address
              - You provide them the Order Number for your last renewal (ie. from Paypal)
              - They roll your remaining credit onto the new account (in my case 5 months).

              It was not easy though, took a number of emails back and forth.

              • @Big Trev: Will give that a go.

                They want me to purchase 1 year on my current account then they will add the new account to my old one.

                I told them I do not want to purchase 1 year when I just purchased 3 year plan.

                • @GerrardLFC: That's terrible. My last email (when I finally got them to fix the account) read as below.
                  This was after a number of long, windy garbage emails about their changes with Paypal or something. As I said, got to the point where I was having to be very direct/rude!

                  Hi {name},

                  What I would like you to do is:
                  • You move me to the new "system", account or whatever it is
                  • Credit this account the 5 months which I've already paid for until Nov 2019
                  • Credit this account the 3 years I've just purchased.
                  For clarity, when this is all done I expect my end date to be Nov 2022, which is what I've paid for.

                  Please let me know when this is done, and if I my account details have changed.


                  The response was:

                  Hello Big Trev,

                  Thank you for your reply. I can certainly complete this, I'll just need you to first redeem the gift card account with the 16 digit code at this link: {big long link}

                  Once that is completed then we will just need to verify your older account:

                  If you have not already done so please provide us with the seven or eight-digit PIA Order Number that you received in your payment confirmation email from PIA. (Note: this is NOT the same as the seven digits following the letter "p" from your PIA username.) For your convenience I have resent your invoice that contains your order number to the email address attached to your account.
                  Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns and have a great day!

  • I keep seeing these deals but I'm unsure what I would use it for?
    Like I understand it means no tracking etc, but am I missing something else?


  • Any good Vs the likes of IPvanish?

  • I’ve been using Private Internet Access for a few years now and never had an issue. If I’ve ever got a slow connection I just reconnect to a different place and it works fine, but this is rare. Good integration on a Mac, barely know it’s even there. Can’t compare against others, but I highly recommend in my experience.

    • Ditto that. I recently subscribed to PIA after my ibVPN contract expired and am thrilled.

      Fast pings, minimalist client, no drop outs. Outstanding.

      • That's the difference between mid priced VPN conpanies like PIA and those that offer cheap lifetime deals to increase their customer base.

    • Similar experience here, been using it for 12 months. Only 3 occasions has it gone slow, but you can look at locations by latency and swap no problems, and it fixes straight away.

    • Same here. Been using for ages and nil issues.

  • PIA vs Nord? Thoughts? Am currently with Nord but my sub expires in a month or so.

    • PIA are 10/10.

      • I'm on Nord at the moment. Chose them for Netflix unblocking but haven't really used it for that. I'm hearing on other threads that PIA is much faster. Can anyone with experience verify this?

        • I can verify.

          • @lostn: Have you tried PIA for Netflix? Just out of curiosity…

          • @lostn: ExpressVPN seems to be the best choice, this particular individual has been testing VPN's for several years and has been a stern tester.

            I found a deal for it for AU $114.68 for 15 months. Whilst it makes it x3.2 times more expensive then this deal (which is phenomenal), paying more might be worth it.

            Nord might be a tad slower, but its better than PIA overall because of security/laws.
            And it's very cheap as well, usually getting more discounts than PIA, making ExpressVPN around x2.2 times more expensive at the moment.

            I suggest getting a High-End ASUS router, and subscribing to a VPN service through the router. You can then configure which device gets VPN/or which location (eg Cheap PSN subscription, USA for TV Netflix, and various for your Laptop and Phones). Otherwise, you need to log-in to individual devices with the VPN and some of them have a limit to how many devices get access to a single account.

            • @Kangal: What's your experience with ExpressVPN for torrents? I download a lot of linux ISO's.

            • @Kangal: What PIA security/Laws are you referring to?

              • @ONEMariachi: PIA are in the 'Five Eyes' jurisdiction. Your data isn't private with this VPN.

                They're still subject to data retention laws. There are better options if this is a concern for anyone.

                Here's a good comparison site:


                To read more here are some information and sources:


                • @corbz: There are no data retention laws in the US. And it's been proven in court that they don't log. That's why people use PIA.

                  If you're doing something that concerns the NSA, well I can't give advice there.

              • @ONEMariachi: Any minute, PIA can be legally shutdown (best case scenario).
                Or in the worst case scenario, the VPN service could be hijacked by NSA-5Eyes thanks to some dystopian laws (USA-based, Patriot Act). They have been verified to keep "no logs" but that can change without your knowledge (and has happened before to other VPN providers).

                Hence, why people who want proper VPN security look for ones with their HQ/Servers within countries that have good privacy laws/jurisdiction, and is not located in one of the 5/9/14 Eyes countries or their partner states. So that means choosing VPNs based in neutral Switzerland or Caribbean Islands… but not based in places like Canada, Italy, Israel, Singapore, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea etc etc.

                If you want even more protection, you can use Tor Browser inside a VirtualMachine that has a Double-Hop VPN, running on a Computer that has its own VPN, and connected to a Router which has VPN as well. That means your data gets jumbled at least three times, and uses a mesh network of Tor (which may not be secure). And as an added bonus, your actual files and computer hardware are protected within the sandbox of the VirtualMachine. That's overkill for most, and it can tank your connection latency and speed. But in the current era, I think a simple VPN is becoming necessary (alongside many Adblockers/Addons/Plugins).

                PS: I've always had the cheap, questionable VPN's which I guess is better than nothing. I've heard many good things about Nord, PIA, but most especially ExpressVPN but never got to try ExpressVPN. However, that looks like my next VPN after doing some honest research. Companies and Governments have no ethical right to breach your privacy, the mantra of "if you got nothing to hide" does not hold water.

            • @Kangal: Hey can you elaborate more on this router set-up? I'd specifically like to know which model would be best and whether I'd need to install a different firmware.

            • @Kangal: After my PIA subscription runs out I will be switching to Torguard.

              EspressVPN is too expensive and Nord is too slow.

              Torguard is about the same price as PIA.

              If you're doing something that concerns the NSA, well I can't give advice there.

              Mate, everything concerns the NSA. Including your bedroom activities. Ask Mr Snowden the whistleblower. They have good hackers who can get inside any of your devices and turn on your camera without you even knowing it's on. Probably enjoying some of your sex tapes right now.

              I download a lot of linux ISO's.

              Ah right, those. Can't comment on those. Seems to vary from provider to provider.

            • @Kangal: Nord is also on sale and has 60% (yep 60) from shopback.

              $107.55 USD @ 60% off = 43 USD for 3 years which is fabulous and bonus yeah work with netflix

              Waiting for my cashback lol

              • @bender000: I think the cashbacks have been as high as 88% for Nord. It's crazy.

                It works for some people, others say they lose too much speed. Depends how lucky you get I suppose.

                If you can get it for 88% cashback, I'd say there's nothing to lose. If it ends up too slow for streaming, you can still use it for privacy and to get around geo-blocking.

                I would have signed up myself if I wasn't already using PIA.

      • No they're not.

      • Personally I would give them a 5/10. Based in the US loses them a big chunk of points straight up and puts them on my do not use list, then on top of that it is run by an extremely dodgy individual that pretty well guarantees the US Gov is closely monitoring PIA. So personal opinion but probably ok for getting around Geoblocking etc but not one I would be using if privacy is your actual concern.

    • Used both Nord and PIA. PIA is faster.

    • Note PIA does not work with Netflix or BBC iplayer.

  • Thanks you! Just purchased and paid for a 3 year subscription. My current expires in about 40 days. Can I "claim my code" in say, 30 days time, so I dont have to go through the hassle of merging the two accounts together. The new account will start on the day that I claim the code correct?. Will it expires in 30 days? Cheers

    Also, it seem they are the same company as 9to5Toys which I purchase from 2 years ago lol

  • damn, just paid $120 aud for 2 years last week :(

    • Send an email to PIA customer service and explain the situation. It happened to me 2 years ago. They cancelled my existing subscription and refunded the money. I bought a cheaper subscription using stack social.

  • The only down side with PIA is it doesnt work with US netflix.
    I will be moving to express or pure vpn after my subscription expires.

  • Does this work in China?

    • Went a couple years back and it was fine. Can't speak to more recently though.

    • Depends on the city you are in and the server you are connecting to. In Shanghai it's generally easier to connect to VPNs - likely because of the large never of international companies that use VPNs.

      I had no problems connecting to PIA's Melbourne server from Shanghai 3 weeks ago.

      In Nanjing I was able to connect to the Luxemburg server ok but some of the bigger ones didn't work. When I've been in Chengdu I've often been unable to connect to any server.

      Guangzhou fluctuates between accessible and blacked out.

    • I was able to use this in Guangzhou last week.

  • Thanks - glad that I waited after my last subscription ended a month back. In the meantime I had a few successes with content using the VPN built in to the Opera browser.

  • How does this compare to expressvpn? I've been with the latter for years as it has top notch support.

  • Has anyone had luck purchasing this with a visa gift cards?

  • Damn, I paid $140 for the same deal a month or so ago.
    Good or bad idea to stack this on top?

    I've been happy with PIA for 5-6 years now.

  • They're Chrome extension keeps getting extra privacy features added that hijack default browser behaviour so be aware if things start going weird.

  • I like the wide selection of servers, but I get random dropouts that last about a minute at a time.

  • Anyone know if this works with tvnz's on demand streaming. Tried express vpn a while back and they were blocked.

  • Anyone compared PIA to Getflix VPN?
    Current using the Getflix one and it seems fine but I'm unsure how to compare services

  • Can you watch Netflix Japan with PIA

  • PIA are in the 'Five Eyes' jurisdiction. Your data isn't private with this VPN.

    They're still subject to data retention laws. There are better options if this is a concern for anyone.

    Here's a good comparison site:

    To read more here are some information and sources:

  • What do people use this for? I feel like I do not get the most usage out of it.

  • Anybody used this with an IPTV sub? As think Telstra is throttling my 100/40 NBN

  • Pia works great as a Vpn on unifi usg

  • I use Ivacy and it's been great. Connection speed is OK and can US Netflix. Have been eyeing on PIA because of recent deals but not sure if I would see any big improvement.

  • How are people using this?
    Always on or only when you're only when you're browsing questionable content?
    How big a hit to speeds? Anyone with 100/40 able to comment? Plenty of claims of "fast" VPN but how fast is fast? speedtest results with and without anyone?
    Are you guys gaming with VPN on?
    Are you running it on each PC in your house? Or do you have it configured so traffic goes through one.

    It's never really seemed worth it to me. One mistake and I could be tracked anyway. I can be sold out by the VPN provider. And though I'm in IT I'm not a security specialist and anyone interested enough in me to try to break it would be much more knowledgable. Plus if it's always on you take a huge hit and get blocked from some content, and if it's on sporadically you're probably trackable. So to be honest I don't understand all the hype. Are people really concerned about being sued or outed as doing dodgy things? I presume most of us aren't hiring hit men or arranging arms deal, so what gives?

    • I have a different subscription and use it with my Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts to access content from their US/UK libraries, only turned on when I want to watch stuff. I also used it in the past when I wanted to download things. I used to have it always enabled when I would do that.

      I'm not able to tell you the speeds of this VPN anymore (I've heard that they improved) but I did have it in the past and you would take a hit based on which server location you chose. I have 100/40 and I'd get around 70 down on AU, 60 on NZ, 30 on US, maybe 20 on some European ones. I'm not sure how dodgy it is to use Australian servers with all the new laws but I'm not too familiar with how they'd affect a VPN provider. I tried a different provider called NordVPN who were pretty poor compared to PIA.
      I currently use ExpressVPN and I get good speeds with them: Sydney, Auckland, LA. They charge more than most other providers though.

      I never played games with my VPN but my roommate always runs his VPN on his computer but he routes the games and VoIP out of the VPN. Don't think I know anyone else that does this but he's a big privacy nut and doesn't like all the Windows 10 logging stuff either.

      Tbh most people are just using it for downloading (plus buying subscriptions from different countries where its cheaper or using it to access US/UK netflix libraries). And some people like to use them since they aren't fans of data mining from companies like Google or Microsoft. I highly doubt a consumer VPN is gonna help you that much in committing any crimes, you'd probably wanna worry a lot more about the "no-logging" stuff that these guys claim if you were doing that. But overall if you want some peace of mind and you engage in downloading and torrenting then thats where this comes in. It's better to make it a bit more difficult for your ISP to know what you're doing than completely dismiss it with all the anti-privacy laws that have gotten passed here.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply. Not sure how well it would protect against download law suits if they got serious. Anyway not for me. If I'm going to be spending money anyway why wouldn't I just spend it on legit media and not worry at all about being sued?

    • Always on or only when you're only when you're browsing questionable content?

      By default it loads when Windows starts up. I just keep it on even when I don't need it because it doesn't impact my speed. I would only turn it off if I'm playing multiplayer games.

      How big a hit to speeds? Anyone with 100/40 able to comment?

      I get full speed with any server I've tried. I'm on 100/40.

      Are you guys gaming with VPN on?

      No. This will add latency.

      Are you running it on each PC in your house? Or do you have it configured so traffic goes through one.

      Separate clients for each device.

      It's never really seemed worth it to me. One mistake and I could be tracked anyway. I can be sold out by the VPN provider.

      True. Using a VPN does not mean you can be lazy with security. It's not a cure all. You still have to be vigilant like you should be anyway.

      So to be honest I don't understand all the hype. Are people really concerned about being sued or outed as doing dodgy things?

      The general rule is, if you don't know why you should need one, then you don't need one. You probably don't care too much about privacy, only getting caught for illegal activity which you are not doing anyway, so you don't need this. And you don't mind when videos are blocked because the content was not made to be viewed in your region. Not everyone has these issues, so they don't need a VPN.

      BTW, if you are doing illegal activity such as hacking for example, a VPN will not keep you safe. There is a difference between Privacy and Anonymity. VPNs offer the former, not the latter. But if you're downloading erm, "Linux ISOs", you are at least adding an extra layer of jurisdiction between you and whoever is out to get you.

      I have paid money for streaming service based in AU. When I go on holidays I can't even watch it even though I'm an Aussie paying for Aussie based subscription content. So I need a VPN. And Nord was too slow for me last time for my streaming.

      • Thank you also for the detailed reply.

      • The general rule is, if you don't know why you should need one, then you don't need one.

        I beg to differ.

        Everyone should use a VPN just to stick it to the authorities who want to know everything about us. I don't do anything shady online but stuffed if I want to give away any of my details without resistance.

        • it's not going to stop them from knowing things about you, unless you are entering in fake details.

          What you enter will just be coming from a different IP.

          • @lostn: actually yes it does stop them. Assuming them is Australian government. With a good VPN they can't accurately collect the metadata of what you are accessing online. That is the main reason I use one, I don't have anything that I need to hide, but I object to being monitored by default.