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Ever missed a game because you forgot it was on?

Wicket lets you build your own custom sports schedule and reminds you when your favourite games are on, so you'll never miss a game again!

  • New sports every week

  • Our PubFinder feature now live - find a sports bar near you!

  • Broadcast details so you can watch at home or on the move

  • Limited early release code 'ozbargain' to unlock for FREE (normally $2.99)

Android version on the play store

Apple Store

Any questions or feedback? Get in touch on Instagram or wicket@wicketapp.com.au

How to enter the 'wingman' unlock code.

  1. Install the app.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Set up a sport (e.g. Your local NRL team from the Rugby Section).
  4. A list of upcoming matches will be shown.
  5. Tap Remind Me and the app will say "reminder is a premium feature".
  6. There should now be a menu selection to enter an unlock code. Tap it and enter the unlock code.

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  • +1 vote

    Nice app. Easy to navigate. Added a few sports across different categories. Will see if the alerts work when they come around.


      Thanks GaelicAU - new sports coming in every release - MMA and motorsports will be live soon

  • +1 vote

    Some feedback;

    1. Its not clear when the alerts will happen. For example, will it be on the same time as the game starts? It would be beneficial to be able to set for 'x' minutes / hours before the game, so it gives me time to get to a bar to watch.

    2. Navigate to pub. Addresses only show first line. It would be benifical to show suburb also.

    3. Navigate to pub. Show phone number of bar in a button. Clicking it allows you to call the bar.

    4. Navigate to pub. It would be good to be able to set whether to open directions in Google Maps (good) rather than Apple Maps (bad).


      Thanks for the response GaelicAU, we really appreciate the feedback and will make sure to put this into our next release which will be live in the next fortnight.

      The reminders are currently set for 30minutes before the game starts - custom times will be coming soon though!

      Feel free to share the code with your friends, we'll keep it live all month. Hope you enjoy using the app!

      The Wicket Team


    Bug fix;

    1. Broadcast details so you can watch at home or on the move. AFL games say it can only be watched on Kayo & Fox Sports. A number of games are shown on 7 or 7 Mate. The app does not show this information.

      Thanks GaelicAU - we've had some trouble pinning down those games but looking to have this resolved by the next release, we only want to add details if we're sure that exact game is playing on that network - glad to see you'll get some use out of this feature!


        EPG here seems to have the FTA details.


          Thanks GaelicAU - we're currently having our tech team build out a feature that allows us to customise the data for each region and they show different games depending on where you are - once we have that built we'll send out an update


    no motorsports like MotoGP or F1?

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, gave it a try, and will review after the first reminder.


    whats the difference between entering ozbargain vs wingman code word?

    • +1 vote

      Hi iamjase, no difference on the codes - we have a poster campaign using wingman so wanted to provide people with both codes

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