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40% off Selected Sony Headphones @ JB Hi-Fi


40% off Sony Headphones at JB HiFi.

There are a few exceptions.

Unfortunately one of those exceptions is the new Sony WF-1000XM3.

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    got my hopes up, then they were dashed away :(

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    No WH-1000XM3s either :(


    Ohh bummeddd



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    "40% off the sony headphones that no one wants"

    Thanks JB.

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    I thought the Sony WF-SP900 Sports Wireless In-Ear for $299 was a pretty good deal.

    You can swim with these too!


    Quite a few have pointed out the h.ear on 2 sounds better than the XM3, but obviously the noise cancelling is not as good. So if you aren't super strict on NC, these would be the better buy.


    Walked into JB Hifi Galleries Victoria in Sydney unintentionally and saw the sale on Sony headphones. I bought the sony WI C310 in this deal. Got them for $48. It got some kind of HD Voice feature. Tried it walking on George Street and the person I talked to on the phone said I was crystal clear. The sound quality is also good. No APTX though. Good for someone look for some cheap headphones for voice calls.

    By the way they have USBC charging and large battery life for wireless earphones of 15 hours.


      The WI-C200 model looks identical and is $35. Description is identical too, on JB and Sony AU.
      I wonder if the difference is the HD voice feature.


        Yeah. I was as well intrigued by this. They have HD voice feature as well. I compared them both by reading the features highlighted on the box. They are exactly same. The only difference I saw is the C200 is smaller box. I suspect the difference is in the quality of the drivers. C310 has better quality drivers and sound quality.


          I think they are both identical 9mm drivers, Sony probably achieved the better sound with DSP tuning (cost effective), with these products the battery limits the life-span of device, so I would go with the WI-C200.
          Hopefully they still have stock at the local store.

          Also these are the pick of the bunch.
          The ones with the remote / battery further up closer to the earpieces have an issue with its weight pulling the earphone out of your ear (very poor design for a ‘sport’ model meant for jogging etc).
          Heaps of poor reviews about this very issue on Sony AU.

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          Picked up a pair of WI-C200’s, real impressed for the price, as you said USB-C charging and great battery life.
          Bluetooth 5.0 as well so great connection, walked 15 meters away from my iPod Touch with walls in-between and signal was solid.
          Other things I like: the magnetic sticking together of the buds (becomes a necklace), SBC and AAC codecs, so watching YouTube on iOS (AAC) on iPad has very little latency (lip-syncing issues) it’s as good as wired. (iOS delays the video with Bluetooth audio so the audio is in sync, it doesn’t work well for all headphones, but works well with these.)
          The 2 enclosed parts rest either side of my neck keeping it in place, and allows some slack so the earbuds stay in your ears.
          The sound is ok & what I expected: boosted bass and treble, typical sound signature. (For music the vocals are a bit thin, Bass is always punching. Fine for video.)

          Comparing these to AirPods this is a bargain.
          If I considered AirPods I was going to get the loop to hold them together anyway, these are even better because of the magnets. Also 15 hour battery life.

          One issue I noticed: you can hear a slight background hiss which then disappears after a few seconds when paused. It comes back when playing something and I can notice it in quiet parts of the audio playing. Also these are noise-isolating, a bit dangerous when out-and-about (compared to AirPods), I only use them indoors anyway.
          For the price of $35 I have little complaints.

          I still need to test the HD voice feature, I remember reading something about needing the App on the back of the box of the WI-310’s that you got (I could be wrong). Could you check what it says after ‘HD voice’ on the back of your box?
          An article I read online said HD voice has been supported since the iPhone 5 (for iOS devices).


    I'm looking to replace a set of very basic (circa $40-$50) Sony headphones my mate gave me, because the faux leather on the earpads has worn off after a few years. I'm happy with the sound quality (my ears are seemingly easy to please) they offer, and just use them when I need to play my PS4 without disturbing other members of my household. I have higher-end wireless 'phones for when I want to enjoy music, so my question is this: are any of the models that come down in price to $60 or less worth buying for my intended purpose?


    Didn't see the WF-1000XM3 on the JB website, did they remove it?


    CH700N $179.4……Pass.


    I own the bottom of the bucket $8 wired ones, from when Dick Smith was closing shop. They have a weak sound and let in a lot of outside noise, perfect for when your jogging or out and about.
    Disclaimer: the earphones are on the small side, so you need a small ear hole or they will easily fall out.


    Very happy with the $35 WI-C200, thanks OP.

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