expired [Refurb] iPhone 7 32GB (6 Months Warranty) $309 Delivered (Grey Import) @ Hulii


*Hulii offers you mobile phones that feel renewed. All our devices are checked extensively and guaranteed 100% functional. All phones come with a 6 months warranty and 14 days no questions asked free returns.
*Condition: Light scratches on the screen and light marks/scratches on the body (case).
*Call us with any questions at 03 6118 7190.
*Free shipping and returns. The phone will be shipped in a well protected box.
*Charging cable and sim pin needle are included.

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    Does refurbished mean some parts have been replaced ie not all parts are original?


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      screen, most likely?
      But don't worry - it still has the original battery.
      That is a promise from CEO Gavin Belson.

      Or it could just be used. Would Hooli lie about refurbishing?

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      Rep said this in the iPhone 8 post from yesterday. Would also be worth reading this too.


      Hi Wintrophy, all parts are original except for the battery in case that needs replacement if the battery health is below 85%.
      These replacement batteries perform like an original new battery. Hope that clarifies your question :)

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        How do you know they have not been repaired with inferior parts?

        "Refurbished" phones from Apple really are like new. Dishonest sellers have appropriated the word, and applied it to any old used phone from unknown sources. When you call a used phone a "refurb", it would be foolish to believe anything else you say.


    Good deal


    If you sell something to Australia, don’t you have to provide the minimum statutory warranty of 12+12 months?


      Think that applies to new products as it’s a manufacturers warranty, not the retailer (even though you’re able to put it back to them to rectify). don’t think cash converters do it, so probably held to the same standards


        Fair enough. I wonder if Apple store would accept this phone back. 7’s probably not around much longer but still good price

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    You haven't provided the model number. Where exactly are these phones from? If they are an Asian model the camera sound might not be able to be turned off. You can get around that with a jailbreak but only if the software is NOT up to date. The last thing I want in a new phone is an iOS upgrade.

    In order to win trust, you should provide as much detail as possible.

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