expired Google Pixel 3 XL (Not Pink - 64GB) $849 + Delivery @ Kogan


First 150 customers so be quick! or ends in 3 hours

Phone is direct import!

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    So many pinks on sale…


    Thank God the Pixel 4XL is speculated to have no notch. I prefer a top bezel to a horrid notch of any size or shape. Looking forward to getting my hands on the Pixel 4XL…..after my Nexus 6P died in December 2018 (RIP), I reverted to my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (which tells me multiple times a day that I have no SIM installed and I need to reboot….not great) so cant wait to get away from it and to something new and shiny.


      I prefer a top bezel to a horrid notch of any size or shape.

      well you get to have a bottom bezel instead, so it's not a total loss.


    they copy the iconic iPhone X design but they couldn't manage to remove the thick chin like Apple did, and the notch itself is as thick as that chin although not as wide as Apple's. What's the point in a notch design if you can't even eliminate the chin? May as well move the chin to the top and put your camera and sensors there with no notch.