expired The Age Newspaper (VIC) $99 for 52 Week Monday to Sunday Subscription


Just been sent an email as i am with Medibank private for members offers. I have clicked the link and doesn't seem to be specific for me & you do not need to input any Medibank membership numbers.
I hope this helps someone?!

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    Looks like the might check the membership details. Not sure.

    From the T&Cs: "Subscription will be invalid if the applicant is proven not to be a current member and with pro-rata refund of any payment processed, less an administrative fee of $10." … so some risk involved.

    But great deal … thx

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      if they get a sudden influx, they might do an audit

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        they are desperate for subscriptions due to declining circulation, so I doubt they will verify.


          it's all about bums on seats, or the newspaper equivalents.

          They need bigger circulation numbers to keep advertisers putting in ads, or else the whole operation no longer viable.

          The fact that they offer this "exclusive" deal to the country's biggest health provider means there will NOT be an audit, no matter how many people sign up for this deal.

          So if you value your newspaper home delivered 7 days a week, this is a fantastic freaking deal

          /end rant

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    less than 30c a day delivered, woohoo!

    I thought the purpose of these deals was to get you to sign up for the full price afterwards to hook you in, well I got a call the other week from them wanting to know if I wanted to entend the offer for another 12 months under the same deal….weird..

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    The Herald Sun=Tabloid CRAP. The Age=The Real Newspaper.


    F* this, man. I signed up for a student deal a while back which was great….for about a day. The delivery boy would chuck the paper onto our porch at 6am and scare the shiat out of our dog….which would wake up the already-sleepless-baby. I cancelled the subscription after a week, but it was too late. Now whenever a car drives by at night - no matter what time - our dog anticipates a bombshell on our porch and goes batshiat crazy.

    Good price, though :)


    Can you select when you want to start receiving the paper or does it automatically start straight away? Not moving into our house for a few weeks yet.