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40% off 2019 Xiaomi Mi Ruby Notebook - US $701.57 (~AU $1013.79) Delivered @ GearBest


Hey I've been looking for a notebook and after some research these look like they have pretty good specs and reviews for the price.

Xiaomi Mi Ruby Notebook 15.6 inch
Xiaomi Mi Ruby Notebook is a perfect laptop for your daily use. Equipped with a 15.6 inch FHD screen, brings your photos and videos to life. Windows 10 OS ensures you more wonderful user experience. Powered by Intel Core i5-8250U Quad Core processor, offers you smooth operation and stable multitasking experience. 1.0MP camera for capturing memorable moments and high quality pictures in daily life. Dual band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi supported, ensures you high-speed surfing.

Main Features:
● Microsoft Windows 10 OS
Offers more powerful performance, brings you more smooth and wonderful user experience
● Intel Core i5-8250U Quad Core 1.6GHz, up to 3.4GHz
Ultra-low-voltage platform and quad-core processing provide maximum high-efficiency power
● NVIDIA GeForce MX110 GDDR5 2GB Dedicated Graphics
The graphics with shared video memory provide high image quality for Internet use, basic photo editing and casual gaming
● 15.6 inch FHD Screen with 1920 x 1080 Resolution
Offers good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web
● 8GB DDR4 RAM for Advanced Multitasking
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothlyly run your games, photos and video-editing applications
● 256GB SSD Storage Capacity
Provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more
● 1.0MP Camera for Photos and Face-to-face Chat

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    Spend more and get something with local warranty. Spending $900 from an overseas seller is like having 3rd party car insurance - you will be back here posting for help


      Hey 1990s, we found one of your 1.0MP cameras

      • +2 votes

        I don’t get your comment, if anything, the quality of electronics has decreased since the 90s (everything is disposable). You need a warranty more than ever (unless it’s so cheap you don’t care if it breaks).

      • +1 vote

        Risk v reward.

        I see less of a reward dealing with gearbest for returns and support than the risk you have wasted a grand of your money

        • +1 vote

          I have to agree with chumlee. I've purchased with gearbest before and everytime my item goes missing, their support didn't give a rats ass. I'll definitely won't gamble a grand with these mobs.


        Yeah 1mp camera is poor in today's world. Probably good if you want your face pixelated so other party can't recognise you so well

  • +6 votes

    i have a xiaomi laptop. id advise against buying one. the graphics chip died in just 3 months

    • +3 votes

      I have the Xiaomi air 12.5", and mine has been going strong since 2017. My only gripe with it is the touchpad is not very good

    • -7 votes

      These Chinese laptop are good for the first 12months, after that it start breaking down. Also applied to Lenovo laptop.


        to be fair, all of my previous laptops have had issues. my custom metabox had issues direct from when i first got it, with the graphics card disappearing from device manager.


      I got the 13 inch fingerprint air, for same price, and higher specs - smaller screen though. So far it's been flawless over the last year and a half.

      Absolutely nothing questionable about it, so I highly recommend it.

      Also, as a nerd who has owned over 20 laptops so far, I highly recommend you avoid HP, Acer, Lenovo (in that order) and consider Acer, Dell, and Samsung as a gamble (had very mixed reviews with those brands, though my high end Dell XPS was a nightmare I'll never go through again, despite fanfare from many other places.

      So far Toshiba have been the most reliable have for me, with a laptop from 2001 still actually Workin flawless, and a couple others that have loose screen hinges and dead batteries, but otherwise fine. Note that certain drivers for Toshiba can he a nightmare to upgrade, and despite Rock solid performance, upgrading windows has been difficult in the past (though windows 10 might do away with such issues)

      Just avoid HP, for the love of God, they have a greater failure rate than my school years.


        i have the air and the graphics card shat itself. maybe overheated when i wwas gaming with it using an external monitor? and yea, had a horrible hp and an okayish lenovo. next laptop will probably be a tablet


          I've noticed my xioami get quite hot, hoping it doesn't amount to anything. Never actually had a card for on me, despite being an in bed gamer back in the day which thermal tripped the laptops several times.

          Fun fact, the last hp laptop I owned (some 17 inch beats audio monster) often required I heat it up to turn it on - the sensor that kills it when it gets hot wouldn't 'reset'. So I had to overheat it from a bios failure screen, which wasn't very demanding… Just to turn it on 🙄

          I got the xioami due to timing, and being in a xiaomi high at the time. Going forward the surface tablets are looking more for me.

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    hey op, look at dell outlet. you are better off buying a refurbished Dell Latitude for the price:
    - 3 year next business day on site warranty
    - it looks and works like new
    - business grade hardware that went through a lot of testing

    it is far more reliable and I bet better components too.


    It's $697.08 US Inc GST.