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Belkin BSV804AU SurgePlus 8 Outlet 2 USB Surge Protector Powerboard (RRP $69.95) $38.90 @ Bunnings (Price Beat $36.96 @ OW)


I got one of these a while back and I am super happy with it. Seems like a great price.

This surge protection strip comes with a Connected Equipment Warranty, which means we will repair or replace electronic equipment damaged by an electrical surge or lightning strike while properly connected to the strip, up to $50,000.

Voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage and degrade the overall performance of your computer and peripherals.

The Belkin Surge Protector, offers extra outlets, power extension from wall outlets and protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges. This power surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes.

2 x USB ports (2.4A) for fast charging tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices
8-Surge protected AC outlets
Protected and grounded indicator lights
Recessed on/off switch
900 Joules of surge protection

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  • Are the plug outlets too close together?
    I’m finding it difficult to find a suitable Powerboard that I can use all 8 efficiently. Also these devices with chunky power cables

    • I have 2 of those and you're correct. The power outlets are too close. If you're using larger chargers, such as the Google Home ones or even some phone chargers, you'll have a hard time fitting it all in there.
      Sadly the designers didn't take that into account. It's well built and very bulky, but the power outlets are all placed in the middle :(


    • I have 8 outlet and 6 outlet versions, aus plugs (type I) will have no problem but other plugs that require adaptor will have problems squeezing in.

  • These things are BIG, and I only have the 6 port version.

  • These are great, got a few.

    The plugs might be a bit close for some

    Also one of mine broke when i spilt a drink on to it….. no shit it broke

    Went and bought another:)

  • I have half a dozen of these and they’re great. Durable, useful, I haven’t had a particular problem plugging normal stuff in but big power packs are difficult for almost any powerboard.

    I also buy them for friends and family to replace the awful $2 ones (I’ve seen a show on TV where they took one apart to show how poorly and dangerously they’re constructed).

    • but big power packs are difficult for almost any powerboard

      The better designed ones often have at least a few ports with extra spacing to cater for this. Maybe not all ports but the far 1 or 2 rows will account for larger adapters by having double spacing between sockets.

  • What are the chances of the voltage going up and down in Australia? How many times in a year it actually happens?

    • It's generally a lightning strike impulse (surge) that is an issue.
      If you have overhead distribution lines (4 wires) in your area… then that's the biggest risk.

      If you've got underground power… then the lightning risk is much lower.

      Switching impulses are also a possibility, but generally not so much of an issue at distribution level.

      At the end of the day, as with all surge arresters, it's a cheap device that sacrificially protects multiple far more expensive devices. So, it's a small cost for piece of mind on TVs, computers, etc.

  • I just bought one today from ebay with 20% discount code POLAR20 - $32 included delivery

  • Has anyone managed to make a warranty claim through Belkin?

  • FYI futu sold out on ebay .

  • This price is alright if you beat at OW, however be advised you can get these boards for sub-$40 from ebay all the time.

    • You can buy lots of real and fake things on eBay.

      Officeworks and Bunnings only sell genuine things.

      • lol what? no mate.

      • (genuinely curious) why the negs?

        The potential for being sold fake goods on eBay is very much real, so I take it it's the

        Officeworks and Bunnings only sell genuine things

        Do OW and Bunnings sell 'fake' things on occasion (with regards to anything that aren't in-house brands)

    • Since they're all out of stock, would you mind sharing a vendor from Ebay selling these for 40 bucks now?
      I'm interested in purchasing a couple.


      • 6 way - $30.80 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Belkin-6-Way-Outlet-Surge-Protector-Power-Board-with-USB-Charging-iPhone-Charger/332690896268?hash=item4d75ec358c:g:mQIAAOSwuxFY1FUs:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!0820!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

        This one was sub $40, but looks like the code just expired - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Belkin-2M-8-Way-Power-Board-Outl...

        No doubt a new code will come up soon for the 8 way board.

  • Pass because it doesn’t have individual switches for each powerplug

  • i just bought the 6 plug one single strip the day before this post :( oh well, it's all good. i only need 5 and i have 1 to spare. and it isn't as wide which actually fits perfectly for me in the gap its in. the width of the double stack outlets would be to wide for me.

  • I just bought the last 3 from North Ryde Officeworks. Recently bought one on eBay for $44 including shipping…

  • 900 joules total or per outlet? Most likely the former but I had to ask. Belkin's website doesn't really tell you…

  • I have the Aldi board for $25 - is this one better?

  • The USB ports don't give enough power for a raspberry pi, when it's playing back video in plex. I think they probably only deliver about 2A I don't think they really do 2.4A as spec'd.

  • Pretty much most home appliances (fridges, microwaves, computers, TVs) have surge arrestors inside them already (blue MOVs). Given the MOVs in those appliances are all effectively in parallel across the mains there's probably a fair bank of surge protection in your house/neighbourhood just from stuff that's already connected. Cant hurt to have more though.

  • If you're buying for a TV or internet modem or home phone, don't even other.

      • In the case of an electrical surge, the surge will just circumnavigate through the unprotected antenna aerial port/Telephone port on the wall. If you want a surge protector for your TV or Internet Modem get a HPM Outlet I/N: 4420533 or Mort Bay I/N: 4331028.

  • Joondalup Bunnings either don't have them with the others or don't stock these.

  • If you missed out on the Futu deal, it is $35.96 here with eBay plus using POLAR20 (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264352404376)

  • Are these better than the $19 CyberPower ones?

  • @MrPyz, Thank you.
    Just purchased it from OfficeWorks @ $36.96

  • Price matched one in OfficeWorks.

    Make sure you call OW and ask to put one on hold before going there.

  • Picked up a couple from my local OW today. No dramas

  • For anyone interested, I picked up this Cable Management Box set, the larger one fits this giant powerboard in just fine for me.