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[Amazon Prime] Optimum Nutrition WPI Various Flavours 2.27kg $53.96 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Last Edit According to user Datzed it looks like it's finally expired! :(

Edit Double Choc out of stock - other flavours available so I've updated the link to be a search!

Missed this Prime Day deal earlier in the day when the best flavour (Double Rich Chocolate) was sold out.

Price is pretty reasonable, and is a bit cheaper than buying the 4.5kg bag.

Lowest Amazon Price Ever! according to the camels

If you've got any other recommendations on flavours let me know in the comments, I've been getting the chocolate for years. Rocky Road, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Mint, all sound alright but would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Good luck on the gains!

For comparison 4.5kg of the same flavour is $119.00 at the moment via Amazon which isn't a bad price either! (eBay's looking more expensive)

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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  • Would like to know about flavours as well

    How does this compare to bulk nutrients?

    • I didn't like Bulk Nutrients over time when I had a range of their stuff. This is about 4 or 5 years ago however and not sure if they've changed their formula.

      For reference I got like 5 flavours at like 1kg each, as well as a range of samplers.

      The ON chocolate doesn't bore your palate or have weird tastes, good with just water, but add a bit of milk/almond milk/soy milk and it's even better.

    • Way better than bulk nutrients flavour wise

    • This is great tasting. I like the bulk nutrients choc as well.

  • +1

    Vanilla ice cream is yummy.

    • Oh cheers! I'll have a go at that next time around, but maybe a small one like the 1kg.

    • I've read that's one of the worst haha

      then again I also read rocky road isn't great either bit OP seems to like it

      • Maybe their tastebuds are broken…or mine are!

  • would love thoughts on chocolate peanut butter??

    EDIT: WAIT not part of the sale, nevermind

    • I saw it up there earlier today but gave it a miss. You could always get banana… ew.

      • +1

        haha simultaneous comment has some serious irony

    • +1

      I am a fan of ON, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Coconut too, however… I thoroughly dislike any of the 'chocolate-only' flavours eg the one in this deal Double Rich, also didn't like the Extreme or Milk Chocolate options, would not buy any of those again. Have tossed them out before finishing.

      Likewise, the cookies and cream is just average, not tasting like it's name at all. It's drinkable but won't be buying it again.

      Have ordered Strawberry Banana from AminoZ ($26 for 900g) and waiting to try it out, hoping it's like the old GNC Strawberry Banana of yesteryear!

  • How about Banana then?

    • Banana is enjoyable, got the 4.5kg bag last sale

  • +1

    Am I missing something? Says double rich chocolate is in stock for me

    • Yeah there was a deal earlier in the day which I missed. Had some different flavours but only strawberry and banana were left. Looks like they got a restock or another supplier

      • Ah gotcha, ordered the double choc was looking to try rocky road but that seems out of stock now

  • +1

    I'm taking cooking and cream at the moment, it does taste like it too.. pretty nice, but i'm sure it's got too much sugar on it though. For the price, its definitly worth buying!

  • This is probably the only flavour that I have not been totally done with (forever) after finishing a batch - have been through a few but have become less brave and less willing to drink it regardless of taste as I have gotten older.

  • +3

    Thanks OP
    You're better off buying 2 of these oppose to the 4.5kg

    • Yeah but I think protein can get stale and if so got half a bag of the 4.5. but you are totally right if I were out

  • +1

    Anyone know when these expire? Hoping to stock up

  • Wpc I'll pass

    • The blend would be closer to isolate than concentrate but it is abit shady how they try to market it as purely WPI

  • Might be a dumb question, but can this be used as a meal replacement?

    • +2

      No. Meals require a balance of all macronutrients. There are minimal carbs and fats in this.

      It could be added into a shake with blended oats and peanut butter for example, and then could be a meal replacement.

      • great advice, had it with peanut butter this morning on this post. Awesome.

        Cheers dude!

    • Yes I do it all the time. (obviously not for every meal)

    • It can be, although not for every meal. If you're trying to cut calories then you can replace a meal or a snack with this.
      I like to have it with a small amount of Almonds as these shakes are lacking fat that your body needs.

  • +4

    Extreme milk chocolate is also available at $59.99 and its one of the best rated flavours.

  • Not as good as last years deal but still a great discount.

  • +1

    Yeah as people mentioned this isn’t as good as the 5kg bag discount we had last year but still pretty good.

    This was perfect to use the $10 credit i had to buy with the amazon app for the first time since the minimum spend for that is $50 (that targeted code). And shopback mobile app links to amazon app so whole thing came out at $43.96 minus whatever the cashback % is for this at shopback (is this groceries?). Pretty good, thanks OP.

  • Thanks op! Bought 4 until next year's prime day 😀

  • Thanks OP, got the cookies and cream as I'm about half way through my last deal. Hopefully the 5kg bag comes up again soon.

    • +5

      Dyel confirmed.

  • Its a great price but Bulk Nutrients is better and their normal price is only slightly more ($25 per 1kg). Also their WPI is great at $36per kg. And they are all gluten free if any ceoliacs on here.

    • but Bulk Nutrients is better and their normal price is only slightly more

      have you tasted bulk nutrients yourself?
      thinking of buying it myself, worried about the taste

      • Yes I've had both and can't tell the difference (I buy chocolate). I now spend more for the WPI as I dont want any sugar/carbs but both good!

        • Goodo
          Assuming you have with water as you don't want carbs

          I plan to have with skim milk

          I'd much rather buy a one kg pack of WPC than 2.2 kg pack, if I'm trying for the first time

  • Was there a 4.5 kg deal before?

    • +1

      Yeah last year they sold 4.5kg for $79.95

  • +1

    update: prices are back to $89.

  • Extreme milk chocolate is still the flavour we continue buying over the last five years. We've tried other flavours, but the consistency isn't as good, and we got sick of them really fast. Extreme milk chocolate tastes good mixed with either water or milk.

  • Extreme milk still available for $59 for anyone who missed out.

  • 2kg of Whey Protein Concentrate from bulk nutrients is $52 shipped for comparison.

    • @unilogin, a few people here have said bulk nutirients not as flavourful as this

      Mind you a couple of chaps like the choc flavours and a couple have hated them

      Subjective then?

    • The Optimum Nutrition product contains whey protein isolate as well as concentrate, so I would agrue there's more value in it. Isolate tends to be more expensive than concentrate. However, it is a proprietary blend so they don't tell you the amounts.

      • @stingemaster
        True if you are using it for optimal proteins post workout etc

        A few of us don’t use it for that

        I plan to use it as a meal replacement 1-2 times per day
        So anything above 18 per serve is a bonus

        My primary concern is taste.
        A few have commented that this tastes better than bulk nutrients
        If the reverse is true then that is where my $ will go

        • The Optimum Nutrition product tastes way better than bulk nutrients, I've used both. At this price you can't go wrong

  • Cheers OP, missed out on the original deal but grabbed the Extreme milk choc for $59. Vanilla is still available at $53

    • Does this vanilla taste good?
      The online reviews say no
      Is that why it is still $53?

      • Havent tasted it personally but I would agree with the reviews - chocolate definitely tastes better!

  • +1

    Get 2 chocolate malts, great deal!! Thanks OP.

  • Added to the basket just to find out at the check out that it’s finished

    • Had the tab open for 20 mins while working…. Deal finished when completing order

  • deal must be over

    • OOS for double chocolate - other flavours still around

  • +1

    Thanks, got 1 banana.

  • Says 90$ for me … no thanks. i think chem warehouse have some on half price ..might check that out

    • Yeah I think the double chocolate is OOS stock now, must be because OzBargain is getting swole

    • Hey bud, I updated the link, double choc out of stock though.

  • Showing $59.99 as Price. Expired ?

  • Double Chocolate is still coming up at $53… took a few clicks through from the link above and clicking on 4.5kg and then 2kg… but it added to the cart at the discounted rate after a few attempts. Good luck!

    • Oh huh, weird, I'm not sure what to do now haha

  • Extreme milk choc, double choc and vanilla still available, there is just a 1-3 week dispatch time.

  • +1

    Still available. I'm on the app. as above 1-3 week dispatch.

  • Is anyone else only allowed to purchase 1?

  • Deal no longer working for me. All flavours coming up at $89 for 2.27 Kilograms :(

    • +1

      Thanks Datzed, I guess it's now actually expired! I'll update it as such.

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