expired Beyonwiz DP-P2 PVR - $299 + $15 Shipping -IceTV- Reconditioned.


Beyonwiz DP-P2 320GB PVR that has apparently been reconditioned to new.

I paid $550 + for my P2 last year.

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    Some Clive Peters are currently selling the DP-P2 for 50% off making a total of $325 I believe theres are new not reconditioned


    i have had 2 friends buy this recorder in the last 2 months and both have died within 3 weeks.

    first they start not recording programs for no reason, then they keep resetting the HDMI output so screen goes black n u have to plug in RCA and set it back to HDMI

    no wonder they are selling re-furbs


    damn, good deal . i bought my P2 2 years or so ago for almost 1k ! It has been a very good pvr. Only crashing every now and then.


    Only 3 months warranty


    I love that Beyonce has branched into her own line of electronic consumerables. perfumes are so Passe.

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    I paid $585 for 500Gb DP-P2 April 2010 so this deal at around $300 plus refurbished model plus smaller HDD plus 15 months later doesn't sound great at all.

    Plus if I had my time again I wouldn't buy Beyonwiz - firmware troubles in recent times plus the network connection is severely throttled (hardware limitation) so it takes an extraordinary long time to transfer files (transfers about as quick as watching – ie 2hr movie takes 2hrs to transfer).

    Plus two networked together doesn't work anywhere near as well as you would expect: for example files list in a completely different order when viewing the remote BW contents and you can't edit / delete / manipulate files on the remote BW - if you watch a show you then have to remember to walk to the other unit to delete it.


      Thanks for the feedback, I was considering buying two of these for my grandmother and auntie, but if file transfers are so slow and they need to walk between rooms constantly, it's no use.

      I still can't find anything that will record the HD channels as easily as an old VCR could record TV shows. I can find SD VCRs but none with HD tuners. My auntie has reception in only one room and her body corporate won't allow them to run antenna cables to other rooms, so she has to video tape everything and watch it in other rooms. She keeps tripping over cables so we can't run cabling over the floor. I've tried set-top boxes with USB hard drives but they're horribly complicated and unreliable, and without relatively good eyesight (which Auntie and Grandma don't have) you can't navigate the menus. Annoying.


    does anyone know if the clive peeters sale is on for both the dp-p2 and the dp lite?