Philips Hue White Ambience Edison Screw / Bayonet $27 (C&C Only) @ David Jones


After Amazon deal on 15th I was keeping an eye on this product.
In most of the places it is close to AUD 40.

Surprisingly David Jones had some. But the catch is Click and Collect only

Both Edison Screw and Bayonet available.

Edison Screw Link
Bayonet Link

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David Jones
David Jones



    need hub ?


      Yes (Unless you just want it to be an expensive globe).


        This is why I went for LIFX instead.


          WiFi definitely will offer your less latency for controlling your light but I still prefer the hub/bridge option.
          Home grade router has bottlenecks for the numbers of WiFi connections. The more LIFX lights you connect the worse the wireless performance.


          After a year of using Philips Hue, can certainly attest for the system to be rock solid - no issues. I’d definitely recommend. I just have straight white lights throughout the house, dont have any needs for colours. White globes are far cheaper (around $15 on special).

          Can’t talk to LIFX having never used it.

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        Yes, bridge!
        This is why I went with Hue instead of LIFX.

        I believe ZigBee fits this application much better than WiFi.

        1. Each Hue device is not "clogging" my WiFi network
        2. Each Hue device is not consuming much power when sleeping
        3. Hue switches and Hue sensors are running from tiny batteries for years

        I haven't noticed any latency - when I press the button my my Hue dimming switch the light comes on instantly.

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          Definitely. Especially if you plan on having a fair few lights. Using a lot of Wi-Fi bulbs with a stock standard ISP provided router and you're going to run into some major networking issues. It's great for larger homes too since Zigbee allows for mesh networking and the Philips Hue should support it.

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      Yes, but not necessarily the Philips Bridge. Any Zigbee capable hub will do.

      So they will work with Apple HomeKit, Amazon's Echo Show and Echo Plus, and other Zigbee hubs such as those from SmartThings and Wink.

      (And of course the homebrew Home Assistant.)


        so can I run these Philips Hue with Home Assistant running my RPI3?

        I have the Xiaomi signee hub already.


          Firstly, my comment about Home Assistant was probably a bit misleading. You still need a hub of sorts with Home Assistant, it's just that the usual setup is a Raspberry Pi coupled with a Zigbee/Z-Wave USB stick, which is the hub. (Other computer/hub type combos are also used.)

          As far as I understand it (I have yet to use Home Assitant) you should be able to run them with any Home Assistant compatible hub.


      Echo Plus 1st gen currently $49 with prime, of $39 with the prime video promo.

      includes zigbee hub

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    I stocked up on the starter kits. More to sell the bridge and remotes seperately.


    Just checked no stock in WA in all David Jones…..


        I don't trust DJ's stock check…

        At the item page it says "no stores have stock", but once you go to checkout and select "pick a store" it states "only stores that have stock will be shown" and all the local stores are shown.

        This isn't just with Hue products, I've noticed it the last few months with all the products I've looked at.

        Just means I skipped DJ's and bought from elsewhere in the end, as too many people talk about DJs cancelling orders, etc.