expired 4 X 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 5GB Unlimited Plan (New Amaysim Customers Only) $8.46 @ Groupon


4x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 5GB Unlimited Plan

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The Fine Print

Groupon Voucher code must be inputted into ''Promo Code'' field at checkout. Please do not choose voucher for payment this is the wrong field to select.
Valid for new amaysim customers only
Not to be used with any other offer
Not to be used with an existing amaysim service
Not valid with a retail bought SIM pack
Redeem Groupon voucher before 7th August 2019
Activate delivered SIM before 16th August 2019

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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    Same price as your last one. Still can get CB through Cashrewards?

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    Thanks OP. A bit early for me though as my existing plan expires in 2 months


    As per Groupon this plan is having International calls but as per Amaysim site it is not. Is this a different plan from what Amaysim has displayed in their site?


    Bought it, took me half an hour to redeem it though. You have to add a payment method(credit card or paypal) to be able to redeem this. And it won't start to port your number until you receive your sim pack, at least that's what the online chat told me.


    If I only need that for a visitor for a month, can I delete my credit card details after 1 month after I activated the sim ?


    Didn’t really read the deal before buying. Now I have to go out and buy an amaysim

    So they sell them at coles ? And are they $2 or more ?


    Sorry if this question have been asked before… Looking at the best way for me to get this deal.

    I am currently on Jeenee and if I want to take up this deal I would buy the renewals at Groupon then activate the sim when my current close to finish?

    I have asked Amaysim and apparently my email address does comes up as a customer (I have had a sim a long while back), do I need to use a different email address ?

    Thanks heaps in advance.

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      You need to active the code you brought from Groupon by 14/8 and means that you need to order at least 5 business days prior in order for it to get deliver.

      You can use another email to register to become nee customer,i.e. ABC+groupon@gmail.com


    Thx OP, I can use this to top-up my Ipad data Sim…

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    I already have one amaysim number. I have now transferred my other number to amaysim but I used the same account. The promo code also applied successfully. I think new customer means new number but account can be same.

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