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Pringles 40g 12x Pack for $7.99 + Shipping


Everything pops with Pringles! Pop open a pack when you’re on the run for a burst of flavour and crunchy goodness- great for kid’s lunchboxes or an afternoon snack at work. With 12 containers per pack you’ll be stocked up for a couple of weeks. Pringles – a cut above other potato chips!

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    Shipping is $5.99 apparently.

    Best before June 2012.

    The nutritional info on the site. Is it per serving or 100g? If serving, how big is that?

    For those who don't know, 4.2Kj to the calorie (yeah I look at this stuff :).

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    40g x 12 pack = 480 grams for $8 + $6 shipping = $14. Works out to be $2.91 per 100grams.

    Compared to the local supermarket specials; 150g tins, 2 for $5 is the best I've seen, but let's say 2 for $6 for argument's sake, that's $6 for 300g, $2.00 per 100gm.

    I know, I know, you can't compare 40g tins with 150g tins. However not a bargain in my eyes.

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      Even if you use the standard price of $3.99 for 150g tins, rather than a special, this deal is still more expensive. Not a bargain.

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    I ordered 2 packs which is the limit. I personally prefer the small size as it saves me pigging out on the big pack in one go.


      small portions to assist self control FTW. I do this with chocolate. I only buy 'Fun Size' packs (although they are cheaper per gram than regular sized bars)

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    Wouldnt it be good if chips n coke were health food.. :-)

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    i did a calculation similar to irkj and worked it out to be pretty much normal price. not a bargain..

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    Ozbargain makes me fat.

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