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35% off Bowden's Own & Meguiar's Products This Weekend (20/7-21/7) @ Repco


Repco is having 35% off Bowden's Own and Meguiar's products this weekend. They actually have more deals this weekend to compete with SCA and their Saturday sale, so I thought this deserved it's own deal.


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    Great stuff, time to stock up!

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    Just got the email. Got to love healthy competition!
    Just checked the website, it's already started too.

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    Awesome! I will get the Bowdens Snow Cannon with this special

    • I looked at that it seems it needs a pressure washer attachment and obviously you need a pressure washer of some kind?

      • You do, yeah. It comes with Gerni/Karcher attachments in the box, otherwise you'll need to get the correct fitting for your pressure washer.

    • Is it really worth it over the $20 eBay jobs? Maybe that is a better idea, and get 5L of Snow Job for $64.35 as it looks like Bowden's cannon only comes with a tiny little bottle for the same price. I notice even Bunnings have the cannons, there is one from Ryobi for under $20.

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        Its all about the fluid discharge rate. The cheaper ebay ones are made with less durable materials that cannot withstand the water pressure - and you need quite high water pressure and flow rate for the snow cannon to produce effective and thick foam.

        I would avoid the cheap nasty cannons, and get a good one the first time round; besides you're supporting an Aussie company!

        • i would like to buy this cannon. do you have any suggested cheap pressure washer?

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            @paddywide: I'm not sure about a cheap one. I would suggest any washer that is capable of > 2000psi and at least 6L/min for the snow cannon.

            Supercheap sells all Bowden's pressure washer fittings, so when you find one you like be sure to measure the the lance's connection and purchase a fitting to suit.
            The fittings that come with the Snow blow is the old Gerni and a Karcher adaptor.

          • @paddywide: https://www.bunnings.com.au/gerni-classic-125-5-titan-corded...

            I have that exact one with a snow cannon and it works great. Check the flow rate AND psi of any pressure washer you look into.

            • @Hellman109: I I do look at this one, but it is metal pump, not the aluminium. I am struggling this one or the 115 or the 125 with aluminium.

      • It's fairly similar but much better than bunnings cannons. Always good to have a higher quality bowden's cannon

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        Bowden. Meguiars one leaks

        • I've had the Meg's one for around a year. Hasn't leaked on me once.

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    Didn't know Repco also stocks Bowden's Own.

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    Unfortunately you have to go to auto barn for the full range though. They don’t stock the good stuff like happy ending and wet dreams and a few other bits and pieces either

    • Yeah full range is at Autobarn. I was eagerly awaiting for them to join in the competition to make it a trifecta. I would have been keen on the new wash mitt and wash pillow

      • Yeah no wash pillow that dan loves at repco unfortunately :(

        • Dan loves his Autobarn haha. That's where its all at, but no great promotions or deals at this stage. Been waiting for a while but nothing as of yet haha

    • happy ending and wet dreams

      er.. what?

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        Don't pretend like you don't know.

      • Get threesome while you're at it.

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    Bowden's Own
    Meguiar's Products

    Are these euphemisms?

  • I usually use mothers protectant for my plastic interior. Which is the best sub for that in the bowdens?

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      mothers protectant

      Oh come on…

      • Been working good for 3 years.

    • Best one for that would be Vinyl Care.
      Also, a Bowden's Own protectant for seats, carpets etc would be Fabratection, however you need to use a cleaning product called Fabra Cadabra first to make sure the surface is clean and free of any contaminants

      • +1

        I'll grab those thanks.

        • All good mate, happy to help!

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            @BrainWaves: Got the brush, wax, fabric cleaner and protect and the vinyl care.
            Spent 3 hrs cleaning and it's looking like new again! Awesome products.

            • @thekow: That’s really good mate! Can’t go wrong with them, especially with the prices they’ve gone down to today. Also, when you get the chance look how awesome the beading is with fabratection. You can also use fabratection inside your home with the lounge! These products have a range of uses!

  • Repco site crashed already.

  • Good price for the Meguiars Hybrid Ceremic Wax: $35.74

    • Still over priced compared to other product, but not bad for something you can get at a standard Autostore.

      • What products would you recommend? I heard that turtle was ice spray on wax is amazing for the price….if you can find it.

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          Turtle ICE Seal N Shine. It is under $19 today at SCA's sale (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27ATvVZ9Xxk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59w-eKzmgw4). But for me Autoglym's Polar Seal was easier to apply via a lance.

        • Bowden's do Wet Dreams in a spray bottle or Happy Ending designed for a lance. Only used HE but very happy with the results especially considering how easy it is to apply. Unfortunately can only get them from Autobarn at the moment and they rarely have good sales.

      • +1

        This one is not the standard spray wax.
        It's a ceramic coating which can last for 6 months (or even longer).
        The equivalent product is Mothers CMX spray coating.
        I've tried both and they really worth the price.

  • Plus 20% OFF* for Auto Club Members

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      I don't think it stacks?

      • You are right, just seen this on their site "*Discount applies to full retail price and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, including catalogue lines. "

  • Nice.

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    Anyone recommend the Leather Love and Leather Guard?

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      Yep, I have it and happy with the results. Especially if seats are perforated leather you need to avoid creams as the clog up the holes with white residue.

      The bowdens combo left the seats with a nicer look and feel. Less shiney and softer than other products I have used.

      • Cheers! Do you really do it as often as they recommend though (every couple of months)?

        I might not…I'll be happy if I manage once or twice a year!

        • +1

          I use leather love around once a month to clean them (also has good moisturizing properties). The guard only once every 3 months maybe as it just adds a bit more protection.

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          I try to. Sometimes is better than never. No product is going to give you everlasting clean and protection.

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    Make sure you have a read of Bowden's Own warning labels! Each product has something different that'll make you smile.

    As for their products I really like the Bowden's Wax Wash. Good for lazy people like me and leaves the car looking great with a nice shine.

  • Did someone really tried out both Meguiars Snow Cannon and the Bowdens Own Snow Blow Cannon and comment on any real difference? I saw some YouTube clips saying the Bowden one is better but is it the actual cannon or the chemical that nature the difference?

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      I have a Meg's canon for foaming and a cheap eBay canon for applying Happy Ending. Both probably work the same IMO. Very very slight difference in their construction but quality would be about the same. The Meg's one did come with a full set of adaptors though where I think the Bowdens one you need to purchase seperately?

  • I love bogans own products!

  • Check the prices online before going into the store.
    Big Green sucker listed as $25.99 on their site and its listed at 29.99 in store

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      They did have a lot of catalogue specials on just prior to this. I'd imagine everything scans at the right price but always worth checking.

  • I'm using an Armorall Wash & Wax. Could anyone provide any suggestions on a product that I could add to Wash&Wax? There are so many products here that it's hard to know what would give the next best benefit. Cheers

  • Bought whole bunch of Meguiar's stuff, however couldn't get the quick interior detailer.

    • Even if they don't have stock right now you can buy it now at these prices and they will call when it comes in.