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eBay Australia - Keep My Benefits and Receive a $20 Gift Card, eBay Plus Trial Required


Not sure if this have been posted. Was trying to cancel my trial for eBay plus, within the cancellation flow around step 2, this offer pop up. “Keep my Benefits and Receive a $20 Gift Card” within the eBay Plus cancellation flow.

The $20 gift card will only be send upon payment of the ebay plus fees. If you click accept, you still have time to decide to cancel, but you wont get the gift card. This brings down the ebay plus fee to $29.

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  • got the same when i went to cancel my paid subscription too

    • I can also confirm this. I Cancelled my active paid subscription due next month, and was offered the same.

      I'm still not sure if it's worth the money, but at least the $20 is a sweetener.

  • Cancelled mine a few days ago. Definitely would've paid for itself during those 99c promotions, if I kept it.

  • Worked with mine that was due to renew in 3 days. Thanks.

  • Mine actually renewed this morning. Still got $20 when I tried to cancel.

    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP - worked for me too.

    go through step 2, then the pop changes from "keep my benefits" to "keep my benefits & receive $20 gift card upon next payment"

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      So, it changes after you click "Next" on step 2? Or does the $20 offer show up at step 2?

      • It's ON Step 3. Here's the exact text i got.
        Stay & continue your membership beyond 29 June 2020 & receive a $20 gift card*
        $20eBay digital gift card
        *1pp. Delivered within 10 days of payment of membership. T&Cs apply

        • Worked perfectly. Thankyou!

        • Not sure why everyone is so excited about this.

          It is targeted at people that want to bail out of the system. It tries to get you to stay in by offering a $20 rebate off a FULL PRICE renewal for the following year, which you are required to pay first. They get $29, you get trapped for another year in a system you were trying to get out of.

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            @endotherm: Upvoted your post, but your confusion still seems unreasonable.

            Not sure why everyone is so excited about this.

            Here, it's simple:

            It is targeted at people that want to bail out of the system

            Yes, but if someone who doesn't want to bail is informed about it? Someone who was happily remaining subscribed to eBay Plus?

            Suddenly this person has saved $20 which they otherwise wouldn't have.

            Just because it's advertised to "people that want to bail out of the system," doesn't mean that only they can redeem it. Someone who plans on staying with eBay Plus, noticing this deal, earns a free $20.

            • @DisabledUser262955: I understand that those that want to remain come out of it $20 better off. However, the offer is technically only available to you when you have made the decision to leave, and it is an incentive to stay. In reality, those wanting to stay that then lie about intending to leave, purely to fleece ebay out of $20 is dishonest and illegal. They are exploiting the system. Technically it does mean "that only they [leavers] can redeem it". You don't "earn $20", you are stealing it. BTW, I have no love for ebay.

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                @endotherm: That's absolutely ridiculous, and I can tell that you didn't so much as glance at the deal's Terms & Conditions.

                Nowhere does it claim that only users who intended on cancelling their eBay Plus subscription are eligible.

                Just because it's hidden in the cancellation flow, doesn't negate that it's an offer eligible for all Eligible Customers (by this deals' Terms & Conditions' definition).

                I, too, "have no love for ebay." But calling this 'theft' and "illegal" is an absolute laugh. Your entire post relies on assertions that you have made, regarding who is eligible for the deal. And those assertions are completely incorrect, as per the T&C.

                • @DisabledUser262955: I have read the T&C's. I'm amazed at the number of mind-readers on here these days that feel the need to tell me what I'm thinking, just because I have a different opinion.

                  Please point to somewhere that offers this deal to members that have decided to keep their subscription. I haven't found it anywhere.

                  “Eligible Customers” means eBay Plus members who:

                  Have selected “Keep my Benefits and Receive a $20 Gift Card” within the eBay Plus cancellation flow

                  What is absolutely ridiculous is claiming that an incentive — hidden in a cancellation flow — is eligible for everyone to use. If they intended everyone to use it, they would simply reduce the price of renewal for everyone by $20, not make you lie that you intended to cancel your subscription.

                  I'm sure ebay would consider it to be theft/dishonest and accounts have been cancelled for similar attempts at trying to exploit offers. You might want to read up on what constitutes dishonesty and theft, and stop deluding yourself that it doesn't apply.

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                    @endotherm: Please, tell me how it's legally restricted to only those who found it without being told about it.

                    You're essentially adding your own clause, that "you are only eligible if you had the intention to quit," and yet you're asking me to prove otherwise.

                    I'm not the one adding a clause to the T&C. Thinking that "because it's in the cancellation flow, it's therefore illegal for anyone else to claim it" is frankly hilarious.

                    • @DisabledUser262955: It's not a question of who knows about it. You are exploiting their incentive offer. It is clearly intended to exclusively apply to those cancelling to make them reconsider. If the offer exists somewhere else that makes it applicable to everyone, I'll be the first to apologize. I'm not adding any extra terms and conditions. You are the one running for cover, not me. You make a claim without proof, yet dismiss mine without evidence.

                      This behaviour — claiming you want to cancel when in reality you don't — is clearly dishonest. FYI, dishonestly appropriating property with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of it constitutes theft. The specific charge would depend on the jurisdiction hearing the matter.

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                        @endotherm: If you feel like they should add a clause to their T&C that excludes customers from being eligible "if they did not have the intention of quitting," be my guest and send them an email, I'm sure that they'd love to hear from you. But until that clause is added, regardless of the jurisdiction, the only reaction you would get in court is to be laughed at for making up your own clause.

                        Just don't claim that your own "b-b-but that's wrong, because it's only displayed on the [public page among subscribers, mind you] cancellation flow!" holds water, when even eBay themselves, count users as eligible regardless of what their intention was.

                        It remains fact that, despite how passionately you seem to think certain users don't deserve the bonus, they are indeed eligible customers according to all three criteria on the T&C. No, you do not sign a legally binding document that "I am here because I truly intend to cancel my subscription" when accessing the 2nd page of the cancellation flow. I'm sorry my dear OzBargain user, but that's the cold, hard truth.


                        Also, one thing that's painful to read, is that you keep including some phrasing of the following:

                        It is clearly intended to exclusively apply to those cancelling to make them reconsider

                        It is clearly intended for people looking to quit, yes. But 'exclusively'? No. Why not? Because they didn't note that in the T&C.

                        Claiming that it's "exclusive" is a flat-out lie, and claiming that it is illegal is like claiming that it's illegal to purchase dog food if you don't own a dog, "b-because clearly the dog food was intended for dog owners!"

                        Unsubscribing from this node since I can identify a lost-cause when I see one. I apologize for the snark, though I strongly encourage you to research any aspect of this conversation that has stumped you - it's worth it.

                        • @DisabledUser262955: I couldn't care less what terms they add. I think ebay is run by a bunch of school leavers that leave gaping holes and contradictions throughout their poorly thought out schemes.

                          I know I "wouldn't get laughed at" for the interpretation I have made. A case can clearly be argued supporting my contention about the intention of the offer. It is about the "vibe" after all (yes a The Castle reference).

                          Mocking and belittling me for a contrary view is childish. Other posters in this thread seem to agree with me. Many more can't find an offer targeting them when they are trying to cancel; if it were such a universal offer, why is ebay withholding it from them? Why isn't it on the title banner on the home page?

                          I'm tired of arguing my point of view with trolls that refuse to provide evidence and resort to personal attacks. It's just a waste of time. You can disagree and have your own opinion and I respect that, but I didn't come here to be insulted.

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                    Please point to somewhere that offers this deal to members that have decided to keep their subscription

                    Anyone is permitted to enter the cancellation flow. Just because you clicked through it because you knew there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, doesn't mean you're breaking the law.

              • @endotherm: Why do I get the feeling that endotherm doesn't understand ho OzBargain works??? :-)

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            @endotherm: Excited is not the word I would use.

            I consider $50/year too much for eBay Plus. $30 is more reasonable and i'm happy to pay that, so the $20 voucher works for me and it was only 3-4 mouse-clicks to get it.

            I suspect they're gauging the reaction to cancel vs. voucher, and will potentially reduce normal price in the future as a result.

            Or they might just offer the $20 voucher every year. Either way, that's fine with me.

          • @endotherm: Well, the point is the value improves a bit @$29 compared with @$49.

            That is postage for three seperate items. My subscription is about to renew, so it is an easier decision too.

            That said, I also just did an eBay survey saying that I would not recommend eBay plus to other people as there are too few decent special deals.

  • damn it, auto renew 3 days ago… nothing coming up

    • Did you try at step 3, mine renewed 3 days and got the offer at step 3

      • thx mate, got it.
        I wonder if it will come through seeing though we already paid though.

        • @zakarados @maxchange - just following up on this…did you guys get your gift card? My damn account auto renewed before I cancelled so hoping I can get the gift card this year.

  • Worked, thanks. (was due to renew this week)

    • Was going to cancel my eBay plus yesterday and when I clicked "too expensive" I got this offer.

  • is ebay plus really worth it? can't see it atm.

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      Not really.

      Very occasionally there will be deals either exclusive to Plus, or Plus gets a bigger discount than everyone else (15% vs 10%).

      If you happen to have been in one of those deals, the membership may have paid for itself. But actual deals are sparse.

    • It depends how much you buy on eBay. I use eBay heavily, almost everything I buy I look on eBay first. Lots of sellers have eBay plus active some don't even know they are getting it.
      I've saved heaps with the free shipping since activating it last year.

      • Only issue is sellers scamming eBay with $45 shipping (wtf)

        • When I sell items, to have plus activated on the item, the postage can't cost more than ~$11. So I'm surprised to hear this.

          • @Herbse: What are the pros/cons of having plus activated on the item as a seller? Do items get sold faster? I see it as a loss if I have to pay for the postage lol

          • @Herbse: When I go to review items for feedback it says postage cost $45 when im starring them out of 5… At least this is what shopping express (Zapals and co) do… They were always $15 for non-plus so I don't know what they do…

      • I use it a lot. But a lot of it is overseas, which is not part of ebay plus ever.

        And then the rest are local, but I'd say 90% of those are not plus either.

        And then of the ones that are, many offer free post anyway without plus… so the actual plus benefits are negligible.

    • It happens once in a blue moon… better off signing up for the free trial with a new email

    • My issue with ebay plus is if you do best offer. Ebay renegs on the free shipping and charges you. So be careful if you are using best offer and ebay plus for free shipping.

    • You can get free delivery on many products. So $29 per year fee pays back after 2 or 3 free deliveries. You can also get free postage should you have to return the product.

      • PayPal offers free returns anyway

        That's 2 or 3 that have plus activated and weren't already free post by default. For me that's not often. 2-3 times? Maybe if I'm lucky.

        I only paid $9 after selling the home mini and for $29 I'm still unconvinced

    • From my experience, yes depends how much you shop on eBay and if the plus benefits apply on those purchases. Tbh I purchased a triple monitor mount and few tv wall mounts and the total shipping would have been quite high due to the weight yet it was free cause of plus. Idk about extending it each year though. I was about to cancel like everyone else but at $29 its not bad to keep for another year.

    • You may search all the plus exclusive deals last year to make sure if you are interested or not. The $99 AirPod deal is only plus deal I want so far, but it is too difficult to get it successfully. So I cancelled my subscription finally, not happy :(

  • Few weeks ago i got a promo to get the membership for $49 and receive $49 back as a voucher

    • Good enough. Although vouchers don't allow you to use coupons so effective value is up to 20% lower depending what you're buying

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    What do you do if you already cancelled it (I do this to avoid auto-subscription renewals)?

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      Expires next month, already cancelled though ages ago

    • Same boat… was wondering if this would happen and i should have just set up a reminder to do it, doh. My membership expires Monday, hoping they'll eventually send me a decent offer to renew.

    • If you're still on eBay plus I reckon turning Auto renewal back on and then later cancelling would have the same effect.

  • Was going to let my trial renew in 4 days and it worked for me.
    Thanks very much for the heads up.

    • crap.

      My Plus ends in 4 days. But I already preemptively canceled it months ago. So I don't get the $20.

  • Cancelled mine weeks ago but not due to end until the 23rd. How can i reactivate it? ( so i can cancel again and get this offer)

  • how long does the $20 gift card expire?

  • Thanks OP. eBay will catch onto it by Monday with us professionals

  • I don't think its working anymore?

  • thanks

  • Where do we see the voucher after getting it? I can't find it.

  • everyone should have it

    I've gone through your eBay dashboard and I can see that you have the option to get the $20 gift card if you will keep your eBay Plus subscription.


    Click the edit membership and then choose cancel membership.

    There is a pop-up message where in you get the option to click "I still want to cancel".

    And then select the reason.

    Such as too expensive.

    and then clicked "next"

    and you will see it.

    You should receive that gift card 10 days after the payment date.

    That would be on the 29th or 30th of July.

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    You will get a "Thank you for Choosing eBay Plus - $20 eBay Gift card" message. In that message on screen, it says "Gift card delivered after membership payment." So wait until after July 23rd (or whatever your renewal date is), and eBay should have sent it by then.

    Also, here are the Terms and Conditions:

    Hope that helps =>

  • Mine renewed in 4 days and was thinking about cancelling it, but now with the $20 voucher I've kept it.
    With the 3 months Stan (or maybe Netflix?) I got from them last year that paid for most of my first year so I am happy with it.
    Cheers OP.

  • Pretty good deal, my membership end in a few days, there is no way eBay plus is worth renewing since having it for almost 12 months, even with this $20 gc.

  • So now the real question, is ebay plus worth keeping for a cost of $29.

  • Thanks! Got it.

  • I wouldn't get my hopes high as they promised to give free google mini to signup last year, still not received yet…
    eBay's and its dodgy business practices!

  • +12 votes

    Paid $29 last year. I initially recouped that on postage, but in the last 6mths I've saved $0.

  • ebay plus still isn't even worth $29

  • Great deal worked for my paid membership. Thank you!!

  • Can Confirm this Works. Just checked my Ebay plus and it had 3 days to go - great timing.
    Did a screenshot but cant attach images here

  • Anyway to do this if you’ve cancelled your membership prior? My one year is about to run out

  • Just noticed that my membership has been brought forward to today's date from September.

  • I chose a few days ago to cancel my auto-renewal (which would be in about a week), and I definitely didn't see or receive anything like this.

    IMO Amazon Prime is worth the cost, eBay plus not so much (and the "easy returns" on eBay are not even close to as easy as doing it on Amazon).

    Plus like many people eBay for me is usually just buying cheap crap from China with free shipping, anyway.

    On a sad note today is my birthday, so I contacted Amazon to ask for a gift (I was bored and feeling cheeky).. They sent me a link to the Daily Deals, lol.

    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ <— Can never get this to display properly?

    • Amazon prime is a bit of a waste of materials sometimes… Sending small items in huge boxes, and if we keep buying individually they will send heaps of boxes. Good for companies needing packing boxes but I wish they would cut down on packaging… At least its recyclable?