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eBay Australia - Keep My Benefits and Receive a $20 Gift Card, eBay Plus Trial Required


Not sure if this have been posted. Was trying to cancel my trial for eBay plus, within the cancellation flow around step 2, this offer pop up. “Keep my Benefits and Receive a $20 Gift Card” within the eBay Plus cancellation flow.

The $20 gift card will only be send upon payment of the ebay plus fees. If you click accept, you still have time to decide to cancel, but you wont get the gift card. This brings down the ebay plus fee to $29.

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      (type a double backslash, the backslash is apparently some type of escape code — you need to type this: ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ )


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        Thank ye kindly my good chap / chapette!

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      Happy birthday! 🎆🎉🎉🎆

      ps: You dropped your arm. Here you go —-> \

      • Thank ye also, very, very muchly!

  • I cancelled auto renew ages ago and like others I can't get this deal. Sad times.

    • Saved you $29, can't be too bad.

  • Worked for me, cheers

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    Even with this deal…I'm still going to cancel my membership. Not worth the money.

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    Confirmed working. Have to go to step 3 until it offers you.

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    Thanks OP. Got $20 GC confirmed with membership renewal in September.

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    Awesome, thankyou, mine was about to renew for the 50$ annual fee, this brings it down to 29$ which is good for how much i use it.

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    I won’t be using this. But hey +1 for your fantastic first post 👍🏼

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    Am surprised 218 people think ebay plus for $29 is a good deal!

    • 219

  • I'm not sure of its value to be honest. Prime soooo much better. I'm a little annoyed they stepped up right at end of first year and finally offered a few real deals. They should have tried harder to show value all year.

    • There was excellent value at the very beginning of eBay plus being offered. 29 first year, 25% off for eBay plus. It was a super sweet deal then, just now it’s totally normal.

  • Thanks op! My trial ends in 2 days! Just did exactly as the post and was offered the $20 voucher

    eBay plus for me so far has saved $250+ on purchased items especially when 20% off eBay plus weekend deals

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    what are we upvoting here?

    if we cancel the membership (which is what I do) then there is no voucher = so no deal.

    • I tried to cancel and on step 3 they say a voucher is available if you stay

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    I'm out. Might have stayed if some extra services were offered.

  • I might be really blind or I have already cancelled it. Where is the button to cancel? I am on my eBay plus profile page but can't see it.

    • Under My eBay Plus it says "Edit membership". Click there.

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        I’ve tried here and there’s no option to cancel. Only option I see is view invoices ?

        • Same here. Only have view invoices too. Maybe I cancelled it straight away? But in paypal it is still showing it as an automatic payment

          • @Dingus: Yeah I can’t remember either. When is yours due ?

            • @Diplomats: It just says memebership ends 26th July. Doesn't say membership renewal so maybe? Might have to call customer support.

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      I have the same and I definitely cancelled it after I got it.

      In this case it has bitten us in the butt :)

      • Well there you go. That explains it, and yep it sure has! Might just wait to see if another deal pops up

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    Wanted to cancel but for $29 I guess I'll stay. Thanks OP!

  • Inb4 the $20 coupon has a min spend of $49

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    Thanks OP. Membership is due in 5 days. Got the $20 gift card offer.

  • many seller over free shipping, and not much better discount for plus member, i still can't see good reason to renew

  • Thanks OP!

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    Just cancelled mine anyways… So over price jacking

  • Got a reminder at the bottom under the "Promotional offer summary" ……


    As a reminder, to use this offer, you need to comply with all its terms. This includes, but is not limited to: heeding the selling limits on your account (they still apply and may prevent you from fully using the offer) and meeting the minimum performance standards for selling on eBay during the duration of this offer. Visit your Seller Dashboard to confirm your account is still eligible for this offer before listing.

    I wonder why this selling limits ….?

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    It works but the new membership is for only 50 weeks, strange.

  • Can that gift card be used towards the membership? If not then the membership is still $49.

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    Wow 300+ votes for a $20 voucher when buying $49 ebay plus annual membership? Well done ebay.

    I got offered the voucher a few days ago when my free trial ran out, but I just don't see the value in it.

    I'm going to activate that 4 month free trial on another account in a couple of weeks too.

    • but I just don't see the value in it.

      then proceeds to

      I'm going to activate that 4 month free trial on another account in a couple of weeks too.

      you obviously see a value in eBay plus.

      • I see value in $0 deals, yes.

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    ebay has some serious r/assholedesign in its cancel screen. i think i recall having to go thru about 10 pages of confirming again and again that i wanted to cancel. afaik that is against australian consumer law

    • Yeah and the last 2 options have the one you want to click almost greyed out. Fooled me once.

      Wouldn't it just be annoying for their complaints team when people get charged and they think they've cancelled or people just call up angry because they can't figure out how to cancel?

    • Not limited to just the cancel screen TBH… I hate their UI so much and don't get me started on the difference between web and app.

  • Great first post OP! Had eBay plus for a couple of months and still have not gotten anything out of it. Probably would not bother renewing for the $20 gift card :/

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    I got it initially because it was free…so no point to continue. No value proposition for me.

  • These guys were absolute clowns. I got charged immediately after signing up for a 3 month trial, and then they didn't reverse it. I then had to go to my bank and repeal the charge. Now I can't get them to enable the trial after 8 phone calls and broken promises. I have to close and create a new account to get ebay plus… hmmmmmmm.

  • How do you know your account is cancelled?
    Pretty sure I cancelled at some point due to annoyance that they were offering new eBay plus members better deals than existing

  • Mines due to end in 3 days but no offer for me

    • You have to click cancel and get to the third step. Mine was due in 3 days aswell

  • Worked for me! My renew date is in three weeks, so don't have to wait too long for the $20 voucher :D

    As above, you have to get basically all the way through the process before the prompt appears:

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    I thought people think feeBay Plus is quite ordinary. A $20 voucher is enough to turn things around…. interesting…

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      i actually like my eBay Plus sub. it's given me more incentive to purchase from local sellers more often than not even if it costs more because i have the luxury of returning the item if it's not as described.

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      The difference between $29 and $49 is just enough, for me. Got the Google mini free last year which made it worth it then.

      I think I've saved more than $29 postage over the last year.

    • I've gotten a bit of use out of it, although I still found $49 steep enough that I was going to cancel. This is enough to buy them another year to convince me that it's worth keeping both eBay Plus and Amazon Prime.

  • thanks! that worked for me. my annual sub was due to expire in 8 days, went through the process with my reasoning being that it was 'too expensive'. got the $20 voucher in the next screen!

  • I cancelled mine last week and there was no offer at all , so bye bye ebay plus #%^*!!

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      You saved $29.

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    Worked for me, I personally get a lot of value out of ebay plus lots of deals posted aren't worth it unless you get the free postage. Buy a couple of items and it pays for itself. Cheers

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    My membership fee was debited a few days ago for the year. I did this and now I see this:

    Thank You for Choosing eBay Plus - $20 eBay Gift Card Start date * End date
    Gift card delivered after membership payment. Expires 3 years from issue. T&Cs apply. Learn More - Thank You for Choosing eBay Plus - $20 eBay Gift Card - opens in new window or tab 21/07/2019 12:07:38 PM
    13/07/2020 11:59:59 PM

    Meaning I'll get the credit after 13 July 2020 lol

  • Awesome, thanks!

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    Worked for me on my $29 ebay plus

  • Well done bazinga8888! This is the easiest $20 I've saved for a long time. Thank you for posting it.

  • Many thanks for the free $20 :)

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      ‘Free’ says Vash the Stampede 😬

  • Thanks OP!

    Got it,

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    Doesn't matter eBay plus is still no plus. It's crap

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    Sorry if it's a dumb question, but how do you work out if eBay plus has saved you money on a particular purchase? I always suspect postage would have been free anyway…

    • Open your browser in private/incognito mode (so you aren't logged into Ebay) & search for the item.

      • Yeah too much work for me 😜

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    I wish there was a way of telling if your membership paid off, how much you saved etc. I am letting this lapse unsure if it has enough value.

    • I think eBay in typical fashion would rather leave all that information opaque.

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        I thought it would be a good sales pitch to keep people coming back.

        I get a sense of satisfaction seeing my CR Balance, or total savings on Suncorp Benefits app!

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    If you buy on eBay a lot you will most likely return a few items in a calendar year. My return postage has added up to much more than 1yr Plus subscription. There are only (I think) 7 free returns covered by PayPal and they're capped (I think) around $15 each (I've used them for non-Plus items). The claim process is a pain when compared to eBay Plus. On eBay Plus it takes literally 30 seconds to get a return postage label.

    So, eBay Plus is most definitely worth the price…not to mention phone support where they help you on the call, hassle free!

  • Thanks, my next payment was due in a few days, so fake-cancelling worked for me.

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    Hi guys
    I need help to cancel Ebayplus, please.
    I click the edit membership and no cancel membership option, only view invoices. My membership ends on the 31 July 2019.
    Thank you.

    • Same for me, I am thinking maybe I cancelled it as soon as I bought it initially so I didn't get billed. But can't remember.

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        This indicates you've already cancelled it proviously (when you cancel it stays active until the expiry date).

  • Just tried to cancel my eBay Plus membership (paid; forgot to cancel before it renewed a few weeks ago) and I also got the $20 gift card! Not bad.

    "Thank You for Choosing eBay Plus - $20 eBay Gift Card Start date * End date
    Gift card delivered after membership payment. Expires 3 years from issue. T&Cs apply. Learn More - Thank You for Choosing eBay Plus - $20 eBay Gift Card - opens in new window or tab 23/07/2019 12:01:29 AM
    13/07/2020 11:59:59 PM"

    • So that means you don't get the giftcard until the 13th of July next year? Or am I reading it wrong.

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        That was my take. But that’s because my annual subscription was only paid recently so…

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    After giving it more thought I decided to cancel it.
    eBay plus free delivery was worthwhile last year when I was buying wines from Firstchoice Liquor or Dan Murphy's when they had 10 or 20% off but now these stores removed almost all their products from eBay.
    In addition, eBay doesn't run site-wide sales anymore, so it's very hard to find bargains and /or they attach lots of conditions.
    Another reason why I decided to cancel it is eBay Plus APPALLING customer service. I had $10 credit for failed "Guaranteed delivery". This credit didn't have any expiry date in MyeBay Summary. Suddenly after about a month when I was going to use it, this credit showed in my Summary as expired. I had a lengthy online chat with eBay Plus customer service and they were ridiculously stubborn and said that they won't restore my credit under any circumstances.
    Looks like eBay severely degraded over the last year in both the value and customer service.

  • -2

    eBay refuses to refund Plus membership charge to those who cancelled after the charge applied, even when there has been no usage or activities on the account. Is a company like eBay allowed to charge an annual subscription, provide no service to-date, and not allow the customer to cancel the service for a full or prorated refund?

    That’s like modern day slavery if someone charges you for non-wanted service and keep you captive for a full year without recourse. I recall Amazon allows for full or partial refund on Prime (which is far more useful than Plus).

    Amazon Prime good, eBay Plus evil…

    • Same as most subscription services, you don't cancel, you pay the fee.

      The rest of your post is just ranting..slavery, seriously?

    • damn, i'm on OzB now looking for a new idiot-meter because mine just exploded reading this comment…how can you even comprehend placing a $49/yr annual subscription to slavery?! you are one messed up individual

    • Not sure why you were neg for that.

      I had to ring them and after a long chat they refunding me and cancelling the membership, tho only becuase they charged me $49 for a renewal when i originally signed up at $29, not a single form of communication to say the price change, so that would go down well with ACCC and Fairtrading etc

      • same thing exactly happened to me!

        got charged $49, spoke to eBay Live Chat and got a full refund. they looked into my purchase history and I saw that I only made 1 purchase and that was on the day I signed up for the free trial.

        just be nice to the person you're talking to. no doubt they get abused by angry customers everyday so if you're friendly they'll try and help you by giving you a "one-time exception"

        if that doesn't work, end chat and repeat the proceed until you get a new ebay customer support representative

  • Awesome worked for me, thanks.

  • My subscription have just being renewed but where do I see the gift card? I have gone through these steps of cancellation and was promised a gift card for staying.

    • was emailed to me a few days after they took payment

  • I forgot to do this… the subscription rolled over and they sent me a 20 dollar gc anyways.

  • I have a gripe with this promo. I checked my membership last week and it was due to renewal I think yesterday and I got notification to receive the $20 giftcard. Then today I got an email saying the membership payment was declined and my ebayplus membership has been cancelled. I got onto chat and they told me to check my funding source but they couldn't tell me how the original membership was paid. They said I could resubscribe. I queried the $20 giftcard and they said that I would be entitled to the giftcard one year after membership renewal (ie Jul 2020). So what I can gather is that if your payment fails, they cancel your membership instantly and no entitlement to the $20 giftcard as you won't have one year continuous membership. And I received no notification of the membership coming up for renewal (apart from this post). So to me sounds like a bit of a loophole that ebay has for not giving you your giftcard. Happy to hear your thoughts on the way forward. BTW, sorry for the rant.

    • Same thing happened to me yesterday.
      The process is stupid and flawed.
      My auto renew was declined as well, and I can't even sign up on the same day and be eligible.
      I just told them I won't bother with eBay Plus then.

  • Thanks OP. Worked for me.

  • Cheers OP. My $20.00 code arrived yesterday

  • How does one know if they received the voucher? My $49.95 has certainly been deducted.

    • Yeah same. Where do you see the voucher? Nothing in my email

      • Got my $20 voucher this afternoon

        • Haven't got anything on my end yet.. hmm

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