Sydney to Beijing, China from $369 Return on Sichuan Airlines @ Beat That Flight


Airline: Sichuan Airlines
From: Sydney
To: Beijing, China (PEK)
Dates: Many from Aug to Nov

All examples $369 Return

15 Oct to 20 Oct -
01 Nov to 10 Nov -
01 Nov to 11 Nov -
29 Oct to 14 Nov -

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    How is Sichuan Airline compared to Qantas

    • +3 votes

      I use Skytrax for comparison. Qantas is rated a 4-star airline by them, Sichuan is a 3-star. No doubting Qantas is likely better, but this is a lot cheaper. Each to their own!


        Thank you!

        • +2 votes

          I've flown with them a number of times, been the only white person on the plane and I think I get treated better. Don't expect much western entertainment but the food was good and service outstanding.

    • +1 vote

      I flied with both, last time with Qantas was a few years ago, las time with SiChuan was months ago. It depends - airport service of SiChuan is not as good as Qantas (even at ShuangLiu - their host airport), most of food options are Chinese. Entertainment system a bit outdated. Seats sometimes not as new / comfortable as Qantas (personal feeling). However the cabin service is excellent - very polite and patient. The crew always do all they can to help passengers with kids. Gentle and graduate steps changing environment and services for sleep and wake up.


    this is a flight with food that will set ur ass on fire!


    Pity this ain't Brisbane to Beijing or Shenyang .


    Qantas can never do this price from Sydney to Beijing return. And I can’t see any difference in economy class between Sichuan airline and Qantas. But transit in Chongqing is annoying, you will have to pick up your baggage and do the CIQ in T3 and then go to T2 for the second sector. If you travel in business class, the seat is not 180 degree flat bed.

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