expired Dell XPS 8930 Desktop 9th Gen Core i7-9700 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 2TB HDD GTX 1660Ti $1699 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Great price on a high end computer. We have a bunch of dells at work and they've been great - work right out of the box for people with no computer skills and this is 43% off their RRP (2999)

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    which part is high end?

    the 9700 non-k?
    the 1660ti?
    the 16GB ram?
    the 512 SSD?

    its mid range at best…

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      xps casing


      wait the listing changed. now its 8gb ram lol

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      I'd rate a CPU that goes for around $550 new as high-end but maybe that's just me.

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        This, by the overwhelming number of computers out there this is high end.

        Most wouldn't have anywhere near these specs.

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          On Passmark it ranks 16th out of around 3000 different CPU's.

          If being in the top 0.005% for CPU's isn't high end I don't know what is…

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          hmmmm I would compare this PC to the current gen specs.

          Obviously there are way more computers worse than this spec but this doesnt make it high end.

          If i buy a toyota camry 2019 edition… its better than the majority of cars out there in the road… it doesnt make the car high end.

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            @Jaduqimon: 1660ti computers are high end.

            They'd smash 99.9% of stuff out there.

            Lets not pretend 2080ti systems are normal.

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              @scuderiarmani: Cool thanks for confirming my 2019 Toyota Camry is also high end car then.

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                @Jaduqimon: If you don't think 1660ti,512gb ssd, $500 cpus are higher end than 99.99% of computers out there you are delirious.

                Your comparison is irrelevant. New doesn't mean high end.

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                  @scuderiarmani: Lol 1660ti high end
                  512ssd high end? I bet it's not even nvme.

                  High end to me will play games at 4k 60fps.

                  Mid range plays 1440p at 60fps
                  Low mid range plays 1080p at 144ps
                  Low plays 1080p at 60fps…

                  I think this PC falls into low mid range…


                    @Jaduqimon: Your scale is looking only from a gaming standpoint.


                      @thirdeyechai: for productivity, the 1660ti is even worse. u need quadro cards.

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                        for productivity, the 1660ti is even worse. u need quadro cards.

                        You need to do some reading.

                        Quadro cards are nothing but slower-clocked GeForce GTX cards with different drivers and firmware, with a 200-600% markup in price.

                        An $800 dollar GTX 1080 absolutely destroys a $3,000 dollar Quadro P5000 in gaming and productivity workloads, even though the underlying architecture, core config, memory type and memory bus width are the same.

                        Some Quadro models have the dubious benefit of having more VRAM than their GeForce equivalents but every single Quadro card will perform worse than their GeForce equivalents. This is especially noticeable in real-time rendering engines or rendering plugins like V-Ray or Octane.

                        The only reason workstation GPUs like Quadros and Radeon Pros are still around is because major software developers for CAD/Rendering/Video Editing/Mathematical software such as Autodesk only officially certify workstation GPUs for their products (despite the fact they will run absolutely fine on gaming cards) and thus deny support to users if they're not running certified hardware with them.

                        In reality, it's likely Autodesk and OEMs like Nvidia/AMD have some agreement worked out whereby Autodesk guarantees GPU manufacturers a certain amount of sales/market share every year in workstation cards because Autodesk is a monopoly in the AEC industry and thus dictates to corporations what hardware they're required to use, and in return Nvidia/AMD give Autodesk a cut of those enormously inflated profit margins on what are otherwise, completely overpriced mediocre GPUs.

                        Even that is doing little to discourage the entire AEC industry to move to gaming cards these days as the cost differences are simply mind-blowing, especially when you're talking about small-to-medium enterprises that don't have more dollars than sense.


                          @Amar89: yes…. thats my point…

                          if you count gaming then you wouldn't put Quadros into the pool… but when you count productivity, you need to put in the quadros and hence now there are almost 1.5x amount of cards in the pool that are better than the 1660ti. So my point was if you count productivity, the 1660ti is even lower in the echelon.


                            @Jaduqimon: @dabell

                            yes…. thats my point…

                            That didn't sound like your point at all, since you said that Quadro cards are carte blanche better at "productivity" (whatever that vague context means) than GeForce cards and even if it was, you're still wrong. The GTX 1660 Ti is far superior to the equivalent Quadro model (the P2000). Passmark ranks the GTX 1660 Ti at 32nd place and the Quadro P2000 at 94th.

                            hence now there are almost 1.5x amount of cards in the pool that are better than the 1660ti.

                            So what? That's not an apples to apples comparison and no one in their right mind would buy a Quadro card for $2,000 dollars more than the equivalent GeForce card.

                            The GTX 1660 Ti is on par with a GTX 1070 in most titles and that makes it high-end.

                            Heck it scores even higher on synthetic benchmarks than a GTX 1070 (see here, here and here).


                              @Amar89: why are you comparing apples to apples? the whole point is to identify where the 1660ti stands in the GPU echelon. Price is irrelevant. and it is mid range. From the benchmark u linked… it looks pretty mid range to me on its position on this chart…https://www.anandtech.com/bench/GPU18/2319 if you take away cards that are not even being sold anymore at retail stores… it is actually low end….AND THOSE charts dont even include the Nvidia supers and the 5700xt/5700.

                              of course theres diminishing returns when u get to high end gear. 2080TI costs 10x as much as a RX 570. but its not 10x more powerful. who in their right mind would buy a 2080ti???

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                    @Jaduqimon: Why don't you check Steam for average specs? Elitist.

                    You have absolutely no idea.

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            @Jaduqimon: I'd argue a Toyota Camry is still on the lower end in terms of price and performance of new consumer-grade cars.

            I'd suggest a better example would be a 2019 Jaguar F-Type. Yes it's not a 2019 Ferrari 812 SUPERFAST or a 2019 Mercedes GT AMG but at $140'000 id still say its a high-end car.


              @Oxenfree123: your argument is exactly what i was going for…

              For NEW consumer grade cars its low end. Low-mid at best.

              But the person above argued that the above system is better than "99.9% of PCs out there"

              So i made the statement that a 2019 Camry would be considered high end if we used his measurement standard.

              And yeh this will be my last reply. Whoever thinks 1660ti/the above pc is high end is either trolling or doesn't know about PC hardware that much.


      K it’s just overclock, unless you put in extra fans in case wouldn’t recommend it

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      16gb ram is mid range? wtf


    404 error?

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    this is probably better considering the cpu u will be using


      If you after good graphics card, why not ask dell to remove it to buy cheaper and buy 2080 or 70 after


    Dell desktop prices have become a joke, used to be gtx1070 with same specs around $1800s, but since rtx came out they put another $1000+ on top of rrp, now your looking at rtx2060 for $1899


      Bought this a month ago for 1745. I have some concerns over the cooling as the CPU can get up to nearly 95c under load. Otherwise pretty happy with it.


    Weird. Here's the original link


    I also saw the max discount is $300 so it's actually $1700, not $1600 for this unit


    Lol this or a 2080 deal from techfast for less money.


    $1900 for the same Dell system with rtx2060

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    Using cheapest parts in PCPartPicker to match/compare to the Dell Spec.

    Sure you can rejig and price better on parts and other bits and scale up to 2060's etc. But for same ish prices.. Dell Warranty's got some worth.


    We use the CPU for graphic work, so the i7 and 16gb ram more important than the graphics card. You can't typically get a pre-built computer with those specs without a decent graphics card though.


      Probably want to look at upgrading\changing software if you are reliant on CPU for graphic work.
      Used to feel your pain years ago with Adobe, but they stepped up their game in recent years.


    So is this good unit for 4k video edit, 10-15 mins duration?

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    Bought the equivalent machine on a dell deal 2 xmas's ago - current specs at the time - still going strong, recommend these machines for sure.


    Is the RTX2060 system worth the extra $200?


    Can't comment on that sorry.. don't game myself


    I bought the 8930 with the GTX 2060 for $1899 and I am very happy with it. Worked perfectly out of the box with no fuss, runs Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon 4 at 1440p max settings at 60fps.

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