This was posted 2 years 6 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2000 Bonus Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Purchase of $50 Netflix, Uber, Ultimate for Him, Gourmet Traveller Gift Cards @ Coles


2000 Bonus Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Gift Card Purchase

  • Bcf
  • Drummond Golf
  • Barbeques Galore
  • Supercheap Auto
  • Rebel Sports

BONUS POINTS can only be collected once per flybuys household. flybuys privacy policy applies. Standard flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at

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Gourmet Traveller Gift Card
Gourmet Traveller Gift Card

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    Thanks OP!

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    2000 Bonus Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Purchase of $50 Netflix

    Aren't you better off getting the current Vodafone offer with a free $20 netflix?

    $15 gets you $20 netflix (and $30 vodafone credit)

    • Was that $10 weeks ago at Woolworths?

      Where is this current $15 deal?

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      Both the $10 and $15 deals for $20 Netflix gift card have ended. Hopefully people stocked up then at 50% off, rather than a non-cash 20%. My account is showing $160 in credit

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        Yeah I'm at almost $400 Netflix. I used to do this $50 every time it came up for flybuys, but will hold off this time.

    • Not current. Cheapest is via VPN.

      Can't see a better offer for Uber & others.

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    Finally. It's been a long time between drinks gift cards!

  • Is there a limit as to how many gift cards we can buy?

    Cant seem to find the relevant info. Thanks.

    • One per flybuys account (not sure whether you could buy one Netflix and one Uber for example and get 4000 points)

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        Coles is always 1 per offer per account, so if you buy the Netflix AND Uber, you still only get 2000 points.

  • How do you use a Netflix gift card if you are paying monthly? Does it just put your account into credit and not charge your credit card for a couple of months?

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      You answered your own question :)

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        Username DOESNOT check out

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        What about if you are paying for it in a different currency / country?

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          Yeah does AU Netflix GC work for monthly Turkish lira payments?

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          If I purchase a gift card in one country, can I use it in another country?
          Yes. You can use a gift card purchased in a different country as long as the gift card is for the same currency as your Netflix bill.

          So is that mean it does not work?

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          No. And it's the best way to flag what you're doing.

          Can't believe people ask this.

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      Every Netflix gift card gets added as an individual credit within your account, which get charged before other payment methods.

      For example: If you put in 2 $50 gift cards and are on the $17.99 plan you'll get charged:

      $17.99, $17.99, $14.02 (partial month), $17.99, $17.99, $14.02 (partial month) then back to your normal payment method. You still get the same number of days, it just moves your billing cycle around.

  • Do you need to activate any offer on your flybuys account?

    • No, it's a catalogue special.

    • Nope, as long as you scan your flybuys at checkout

  • good. need Uber gift card

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      Great. Needed to know that you need an Uber gift card.

      • Great. Needed to know that you needed to know that Robin2012 needed an Uber gift card.

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    Pity you can’t redeem the ultimate gift cards online.

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      Because they're EFTPOS cards …

      • when you say eftpos cards, does that mean you can just use them anywhere?

        • Feel free to try it out and let us know.

        • Any store that accepts them.

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            @JIMB0: It's like an eftpos card but only for the retailers (in-store) listed on the gift card.
            I've had some staffers at SCA & BCF, for example, confused at how to redeem these, informing them how to do it.

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              @ruzamada: Just tell them you're paying with EFTPOS.

    • Well, that's a bugger. Can't use them for online shopping…

  • Uber gift cards can be used for UberEats right?

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    If I bought an Uber gift card and redeemed it to my account, will the credit expire.

    I think I will be using it later in the year

  • Perfect timing, had just about used up the last Uber gift card. 25% off effectively (using coles egift card). Uber was already a lot cheaper than cabs but with an extra 25% off it widens the gap even more. Nearly makes Uber eats reasonable value too.

    • How did you get to 25%?

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        You serious? 2000 points is $10 so that's 20% off, and buying with an egift card means it costs $47.50 instead of $50.00. Net cost $37.50 for $50 value.

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          How have you been using Coles egiftcards to purchase gift cards? Pretty sure it wouldn't let me last time I tried to buy a Google play card :/

        • Sorry I misunderstood your original comment. Thanks for explaining.

        • Actually, 2000 flybuys points are only worth $9.50 in cash value (it saves you from using $10 in discounted eGift Cards).

          So the discount would be ($2.50 + $9.50) / $50 = 24%.

          • @coldlamb: True. However those points also convert to 1000 velocity points when promo is running, which I value at least $10.

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    I'm presuming this doesn't add towards the minimum weekly spend for the bonus flybuys points deal unfortunately.

  • sooo my curent netflix is billed through iTunes….. so I can't redeem a gift card without cancelling - is that correct?

  • Does anyone know if you can purchase this with the suncorp 5% off E-Gift card ?

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      I've had issues buying gift cards with gift cards before at Coles :(

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    Thanks op

  • I bought this but it hasnt shown up on flybys

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      The points should be in your account by evening the day after buying it.

  • Hi guys, where can I get this from? Lots of Cole's stores are saying that they don't stock Uber cards. I live near to the CBD in Melbourne. Thanks.

    • Best thing to do would be to call up nearby stores and see which ones have stock.

  • Do the Gift Card catalogue deal still apply at Coles Express like Coles Central Wynyard Express?

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